I'm so tired of having bad luck all of the time. Just this month, I've had a medical issue, car troubles, pipe broke and flooded bathroom and kitchen, other plumbing problems, four of my cats had to go the vet another I had to put to sleep, decreased pay, probably can't pay mortgage because of all these expenses, and it's only 11 January 2014!!

This is only one month's worth of bad luck I've had. Too many other things to mention in the last 10 years. Any time I've tried positive thinking, something bad happens. In my everyday life, I rescue stray and feral cats and provide a safe and loving home.

I give to charities. I have great neighbors. I believe in God and try to do the right things in life. I'm a pleasant person who is trying to start her own business, but nothing ever goes right in my life.

I have this constant dread that weighs a ton in my body that I can't shake. For just once, I would love to have something go right in my life without having to fight for it tooth and nail. How do I get rid of this dread and doom in my life?

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First thing you need to do is drop your past.

The past is a prison, with a constantly open door where you can leave wherever you want.

For a second go back to your past, what comes up? Good things or bad things?

It's all your mental training whether you wish to take hold of all the miracles and good experiences in your life or, you can hold all of those bad nasty things that happened.

If you build a brick wall, and you screw up placing 2 bricks while brick laying, why not look at the other 998 bricks that went right?


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This "bad luck" is of your own making and will end the moment you resolve the feelings of a "constant dread", of "having to fight tooth and nail", etc ... definition of dread = to be in terror of, to anticipate with alarm ... in other words you're sabotaging yourself, you're sending out a "constant dread" vibration, thus you receive constants dreads ... thinking about negative things automatically brings them into your reality and vice versa

alt text



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What if you embodied the knowing that: life IS always, ONLY neutral? It is the human mind that adds or subtracts value from circumstances. I chew on that everyday and I notice my tendency to argue with life. Arguing with life now feels to me like chewing on glass. This is not an answer, but a conversation, a relationship with your awareness to flush out all sorts of contradictory premises I have.


answered 12 Jan '14, 11:12

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I too used to think like this, trying to save money but then every month something would just pop up to "steal" the money, you could almost set your clock by it. Then I noticed something that I do all the time. I focused and spent too much time what was wrong with my vibration to cause that problem, then again the next month by clockwork another issue would pop up! What worked for me was to focus on what works right in my life rather than what is going wrong.

"""I've had a medical issue, car troubles, pipe broke and flooded bathroom and kitchen, other plumbing problems, four of my cats had to go the vet another I had to put to sleep, decreased pay, probably can't pay mortgage because of all these expenses, and it's only 11 January 2014!!"""

Here focus on the fact that you do have the means to pay for it. Pipe broke and you are frustrated ? Think of the fact that you have a great roof over your head and your cats. Focus not on the fact that one of them had to be put to sleep rather celebrate the beautiful years they spent with you.


answered 15 Jan '14, 03:48

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"then I noticed" a simple statement. but yet so life changing!

(16 Jan '14, 00:27) ursixx

if believing you are here
by happenstance, likely never,
to see decision making
as your responsibility
will be a start


answered 12 Jan '14, 06:42

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I so understand why you are asking this question. Life seems to take us down a waterfall, straight down so unexpectedly. Some on this forum seem to think that it is all our doing; all about the way we are thinking/feeling and our perspective. Perhaps so, but knowing this does not take the sting and pain out of the situation, especially when facing hunger, homelessness, and worrying about paying bills. I don't believe that we are total masters of our fate. Life would then be something else other than life on this human sphere. I had an incident just last week that I could do nothing about but accept it. After it would not pass by me, I became a little despondent. Over the past few years, I have been affirming, tapping, keeping my vibrations high, praying, reading/studying (Fillmore, Shinn, Haanel, Wattle), meditating (Reginald Ray, Adyashanti,blessing myself, family, friends, the world). Then this "bad" incident happened. I said, "Let this cup pass from me." I tapped and prayed. I thought only good things, but nothing would move it. So, I simply had to deal with it as I am doing now. I am afraid, a little unsettled by it, but life goes on and I have to see and know that I can deal with it. It may sound trite, but it is comforting to me and I hope it will be to you too: beyond and behind all the bad luck is this wonderful thing called life and with life there is hope that things will get better and most often they do, but even if they don't, you can keep on trying to make things better. Just keep looking for the opportunities that show up, and doing all the wonderful things you do. Keep your mortgage paid, even if you have to borrow money from friends, family, neighbors, and even look for a part-time job. Keep us informed as to how you are faring. Best!


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Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. @Herculean

(16 Jan '14, 00:23) ursixx

It only takes the tiniest shift in your thinking you to change things on the outside. So don't feel this situation is fixed and cannot be improved. I would recommend reading all the questions on IQ on Focus Blocks and begin to implement them asap.

You could start by re-writing your question to reflect all the wonderful changes that are coming. You don't have to post it, just get a piece of paper and write something like "It's glorious that we have begun a new year. Wow. I am so blessed to have work that I love, rescuing beautiful cats and kittens and giving them the love and care they deserve. I am full of excitement because this is the year that I am launching my new business. I believe in God and I know that I can always turn to my faith if I have a bad day. I'm so thankful that I am in a position to be able to give to charities and I am have so many things in my life to be grateful If I sat and wrote down all the good things I have it would take so long. I know that this year will be wonderful I am excited to try to the Focus Blocks that have worked for so many on IQ and I am really looking forward to all the wonderful, exciting manifestations that I have to look forward to. It's only early January! Just imagine how many great things await me this year. let's get started!!!!!"

Can you feel the difference between my example statement and your question. The difference in the energy behind the two statements? It's only words, thoughts - and those words and thoughts can be changed very quickly and once those change the feelings change and then your world will change, as if by magic.

Focus blocks are a really good place to start to make that shift. Good luck :) :)


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Yes: You have posted a very WONDERFUL answer--I agree with you 100 % .

Everyone's is filled with blessings (to be grateful) and setbacks (to learn lessons from and press on to maturity).

I have observed people who are grateful and positive are more creative, bounce back more quickly from adversity, have a stronger immune system, and have stronger social relationships than others.

Hence you only benefit when you become grateful and positive!


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