A food, lifestyle and diet question.

Has anyone heard of or experimented with intermitted fasting? It is about going for many hours (8-12), or even days consuming nothing but water and maybe some teas.

The idea is that it is a daily detoxification cycle, but more to do with older theory that our human bodies are designed to go long periods without food, such as in the cave man days.

Eating one huge, big meal in the day, with a variety of foods, allows plenty nutrients and energy into your system, and without any other mixtures of foods coming into your body in the day, you can digest your meal properly and absorb the nutrients better.

Likewise you are constantly hydrated.

My boss at work says he tried this for a period of 6- months and was dazzling with energy, lost weight and a perfect completion. At the same time there was no need to eliminate any foods, as this one meal a day allows you to eat anything, providing you are full when you leave the table.

Feeling very inspired to try this out. I am more of a 8 small meal a day person (roughly) and tested it out by having only 2 big meals a day, with 10 hours in between. I felt pretty good!

asked 21 Jun '14, 07:53

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@nikulas I've heard overnight fasts are good for beginners. Eating a very early dinner and extremely late breakfast. That's a huge chunk of time! Breatharianism is the highest level! Have you heard of it? It's so interesting!

(21 Jun '14, 17:04) Bluebell

@nikulas- you may want to further edit- the word "intermittent" with "fasting" creates a slight oxymoron- but "intermitted"- as far as I know- is not a word at all...♥

(05 Sep '14, 15:58) Jaianniah
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Fasting in anyway works great and does a couple of things. It adds to your "Will", you ability to control the physical. By using your will over the desire to eat, you grow spirituality as well as the added health benefits. 2 books I recommend to read about fasting and your spiritual growth: "The Sacred art of Fasting" & "TFN - Three Principles to Life". They are both packed with so much information that makes so much sense.


answered 22 Jun '14, 20:52

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What are the decent points of information in those books? Spill the beans bro

(23 Jun '14, 08:38) Nikulas

Dr Mercola is a big fan of intermittent fasting - particularly for overweight people as it avoids that whole thing of your metabolism adjusting to the lower calories on a diet and thus re-gaining weight rapidly when you return to "normal" eating. You're obviously considering it for health benefits rather than weight loss though.



answered 23 Jun '14, 02:34

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Huh. I got the impression that for an obese person, the solution is all in adjusting the metabolism to one where you are constantly eating many small meals- eg: fast metabolism (which is what I have now). To put on weight or muscle, adjust the metabolism to where you can eat considerably more but less frequently, and also be able to go long periods without food.

Thankyou for the article and the comments!!

(23 Jun '14, 08:37) Nikulas

@N In the 1980s the thinking was that if you dieted for long periods your body got used to the lower calorific level (when calorie counting was the thing) of food and then adjusted your metabolism accordingly. The thinking has changed - I just haven't kept up with it ... just goes to show that dietary advice shouldn't be written in stone but Dr Mercola makes some good points and I have known a couple eat this way for several months with really good weight loss results and no ill effects.

(11 Aug '14, 09:09) Catherine

I'm doing intermittent fasting, but I eat for a specific time period, from 9 am to 12 noon. I'm not hungry at all outside this time period, if I stay away from processed foods, genetically modified foods, foods with a heavy chemical and pesticide load, and wheat products. Eating only organic food really fills me up. If I inadvertently eat something with any of the above ingredients, though, I get uncontrollable cravings to eat more. Not hunger, but an addictive craving.

Yes, it makes me feel better. My skin has also cleared up considerably, and my cellulite is gone. I could possibly go without eating for a day or 2 with NO feelings of hunger, but eating lunch at work is such an ingrained habit.

I am also a big fan of Dr. Mercola, and I came upon the wheat elimination idea from Dr. Davis, author of "Wheat Belly."


answered 19 Aug '14, 19:15

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Beach Baby

Never tried intermittent fasting with just water, but I have done juice fasts for 1 - 3 week periods. Results were quite remarkable.

With the intermittent fasting I feel it would confuse my body into thinking it's in starvation mode. In my opinion I don't think that's a good thing?


answered 25 Jun '14, 21:16

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starvation mode- thats EXACTLY the purpose of the diet. You temporarily go into phases of starvation mode, you enter a different physicological realm of being for certain strengths, such as body fat sources, cleansing the body, using up any excess energy....Making room for the new by getting rid of the old, so to speak.

(11 Aug '14, 08:40) Nikulas
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