Hi! friends, I have been trying to chew food to liquid before I swallow it. I have been trying this since 3 years. But I'm unable to make it. In three years I succeeded to chew it completely not even few time. By default the food get swallowed. Swallowing it within few bites, is a wrong practice that has been practiced for over a very long period.

After reading the book "The Science of Being Well" I'm trying to correct my intakes. Which is been a very difficult experience for me. I trying to eat whenever I feel hungry. But nobody agrees to that terms. Everybody says we have to eat three times a day and that too stomach full. However I tried to manage to eat whenever I feel hungry to some extent.

In one time one intake if I chew the food completely that one intake will satisfy my hungry. Rest of the food I feel like to leave it. That's been a not acceptable practice in my home. So, the rest of the intakes I feel to swallow it, to complete the food fast. Because I have been eating which I don't like it because my hunger satisfied.

I feel there are so many who chew food to liquid. Please suggest that improve my practice to taste the food completely by chewing it to liquid.

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The book is "The Science of Being Well": http://www.psitek.net/pages/PsiTek-the-science-of-being-well-Contents.html

The writings in the book strongly recommend to follow some principles while eating. All of way I feel LOA books are really difficult to follow to enjoy possibilities.

(01 May '14, 02:30) PERFECT GOOD

"Chewing food to liquid" please put this into your consciousness. More acceptance helps to accomplish the happiness.

(26 May '14, 13:06) PERFECT GOOD

People near if they didn't believe what you believe, then it become very difficult to achieve it.

Almost we start doubting own beliefs. This is the corner point, we have stick to our belief and make other believe it.

Otherwise doubts never die in yourself, they enjoy by making you always suffer.

Hence request you all accept "chewing food to liquid is possible". The acceptance will definitely helpful to meet the energies of accomplishment.

Thank you.

(26 May '14, 13:15) PERFECT GOOD
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What you are referring to here is an eating method called Fletcherizing made famous (to modern Western Society) by Horace Fletcher though obviously chewing for humans, since it's a natural process, is as old as when humanity first had teeth :)

The idea with this approach is, as you rightly point out, that you chew your food until it is completely liquid before swallowing it. A more practical approach (in my view) is that you chew your food until the taste and texture is gone before you swallow it.

I've been rather a fan of this method of eating for some years now though I haven't always kept it going consistently either. There are enormous benefits to the body (physical and non-physical) if you are able to make this way of eating a habit.

food, glorious, food

Consider that there are two main purposes for food...

1. Food has a physical purpose

This is as mainstream medicine suggests in that the physical body needs various nutrients in order to function. And the physical body is remarkably adept, more than mainstream medicine currently acknowledges, at extracting whatever it needs from whatever you give it.

I remember Abraham once remarking that eating cardboard boxes would provide enough bodily nutrition if you had no beliefs opposing that idea. They, in conversation with Jerry Hicks, have also talked another time of a man who lived exclusively from drinking beer and his body was apparently able to function normally.

If you are able to get into a good-feeling place before eating then your body will naturally nudge you towards foods that it can extract nutrients from. You will be giving the body exactly what it needs when it needs it.

Consider, however, what most people do these days...they get themselves into a bad-feeling place and then grab something to eat, mostly to comfort that bad feeling. Whoops :) No wonder so many have a bad relationship with food.

How does this physical purpose of food fit in with chewing?

It's because your stomach doesn't have teeth :)

When you chew your food extremely well, it starts the digestive process within your mouth itself which then speeds up the process of nutrient extraction within the stomach when the food reaches there.

And that chewing also helps to provide the additional benefit of a feeling of satisfaction and fullness so one finds it difficult and unnecessary to overeat. Bashar has mentioned on a few occasions that a lighter diet is very helpful to bodily health.

2. Food has a non-physical purpose

Now this is the important bit that gets overlooked by so many...

The taste of what you eat provides you with a Non-Physical satisfaction.

If it didn't, we would literally all be eating flavorless cardboard boxes and be happy with doing so.

But instead we have a vast culinary industry devoted to making food as tasty and palatable as possible...and that's because there's a part of us that needs the food that way.

So what's the best way then to extract maximum taste from food?

Yes, it's chewing it as much as possible :)

When you skip or neglect the chewing process of taste extraction, you are depriving your Non-Physical body of the joy of eating food...and joy is why we're all here anyway.


So how to master chewing?

Chewing is really a physical habit like any other physical habit so all the usual physical habit ideas apply.

But that's not as easy as it sounds with food. Over quite a few years, sometimes I'm able to keep that habit going and other times I'm back to swallowing large chunks like most everyone else does.

The way to make the chewing habit stick repeatedly and consistently is to always eat in silence, in a calm or good-feeling state, with your complete attention on the food you are eating. You will then be able to focus on every bite and you'll be amazed how much flavor and pleasure there is in every mouthful.

That's the ideal situation.

The tricky part is that modern society doesn't allow us that uninterrupted ideal situation, unless you manage to mostly cut yourself off from it and those within it.

Food is so often treated as a socializing tool to enhance relationships with others, or a chore if we have a busy schedule. We rarely get a chance to focus exclusively (meditatively) on the food we are putting into our bodies. And it doesn't help that we are required to carry out the eating process multiple times in a day :)

That's the bit I also have problems with and why my own chewing habit comes and goes over months/years. But, at least, the awareness of the importance of chewing keeps it coming back into my life when something happens to make me realize I've lost the habit again.

So, to sum up, I think the chewing habit is an ideal to be aimed at repeatedly rather than something to berate yourself over :)


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@Stingray glad you bit into this question

(01 May '14, 07:55) ursixx

@Stingray Wow! You just backed everything I said from memory with the technical data. Excellent answer!

(01 May '14, 10:37) Wade Casaldi

@Stingray All the factors you have mentioned are covered almost every aspect that actually I wanted for my question.

(02 May '14, 01:08) PERFECT GOOD

I also feel like if I do not have the patience and strength to chew the food completely which is in my mouth. Which is very close to my soul then that all other subjects. If I unable to enjoy it completely then really it's the time to understand. That how many enjoyment every day I really missing.

(02 May '14, 01:17) PERFECT GOOD

@Stingray lately I feel I need to thank for your answer. Or the ego will fully take its control over me.

(02 May '14, 01:34) PERFECT GOOD

yes @Stingray you touch a fundamental point, as you suggest every physical aspect of the visible body is mirrored by an invisible non physical counterpart ... and this can be generalized to the whole of the visible world ... as above so below


feelings and imagination are the keys in this domain

(02 May '14, 05:24) jaz

@Jaz I read the info that has been provided in the link. It's true.

(02 May '14, 10:38) PERFECT GOOD

You're welcome, all

@PERFECT GOOD - "I also feel like if I do not have the patience and strength to chew the food completely which is in my mouth" - Try taking small bites then. It's easier and quicker to chew a smaller amount. If even that's difficult, try taking microbites...though you may risk looking like a rabbit :)


(03 May '14, 03:45) Stingray

Rabbit chewing is like the boss ordered it to chew completely or else it get punished.

(03 May '14, 07:44) PERFECT GOOD

Do not fix your attention on the act of chewing; fix it on the TASTE of the food; and taste and enjoy it until it is reduced to a liquid state and passes down your throat by involuntary swallowing. No matter how long it takes, do not think of the time. Think of the taste. -Wallace D.Wattles

(03 May '14, 07:48) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD thanks for the "Science of Being Well" reference ... watch a wild rabbit and how it carefully chooses by sniffing then tastes and chews it's food ... animals certainly have a lot to teach us about healthy living :) ... try chewing a fresh dandelion leaf the taste is surprisingly delicate and complex and it quickly becomes liquified :)

(03 May '14, 10:54) jaz

@Jaz its really feels good if the taste in liquid state slowly travel through the throat.

(03 May '14, 11:25) PERFECT GOOD

"animals certainly have a lot to teach us about healthy living" I accept it. The greater part is that to recover all wrong actions of human beings. God has created animals to balance the vibrations so that the consciousness remain unaffected.

(03 May '14, 11:37) PERFECT GOOD

To be Vegetarian is the way for more enjoyment in life.

(03 May '14, 11:42) PERFECT GOOD
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....and we "need" to go to church every Sunday! Lol!

Eating meals 3 times a day is like having to go to church every Sunday....it was the way things use to be. Back then YES you did have to eat 3 full meals a day because work was so physical back then. Picture going to the gym and working out 8+ hours everyday...that's what working in the fields use to be like, which required 3 full meals everyday. In this day and age most people don't even walk to work let alone do something physically strenuous when they get there. If you compare the 2 time periods, some people today work about 1/16th of someone in the 1800's at their jobs.....but yet believe 3 full meals a day are required? Nonsense! That's the food industry saying that! No wonder everyone is fat. .

I've heard the term chew your food until it's a liquid, I think it was a way to make people eat less as life started getting easier. Like you mentioned one intake will satisfy your hunger. I can't recommend a way to improve your practice because I wouldn't have the patience to sit that long and chew one mouth full of food.


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"I wouldn't have the patience to sit that long and chew one mouth full of food." This been a real problem you have addressed. It has to be overcome somehow with complete happiness. Thank you Eldavo.

(01 May '14, 03:20) PERFECT GOOD

This relates to how the body handles the energy that nourishes the body. normally the energy is used throughout the body. However when the belly is full the energy is mainly focused in the stomach to digest the food.

Now if you do not drink with your food and swallow big chunks of food, this creates a digestion problem as it is easier to breakdown food that is chewed well than food that is swallowed nearly whole. You would feel sluggish because most the energy is spent digesting the food. So to make the digestion go faster it is better to chew food enough that it is tinny, (Jai said I chew my food like 20 times before swallowing, I never noticed, it is just a natural OCD thing I guess), plus as you said drink plenty of liquids with it.

As for eating when you are hungry, that is right. There was a study done that polled many people. They asked the question, "Why do you eat?" All the thin people had only one answer, "I eat because I'm hungry." But the heavy people had many answers, "I eat because, I'm hungry, sad, happy, bored, etc..."

Me, I eat because I am hungry, a lot of times I forget to eat really, I get busy or distracted and forget to eat. There are times that backfires on me and I have a sugar drop. So it is good to make sure you don't forget to eat.


answered 30 Apr '14, 14:56

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Wade Casaldi

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Sure sir, and request you too not to forget to eat :)

(01 May '14, 03:09) PERFECT GOOD

chew well before swellowing.always keep some empty when eating.i mean never eat full belly.hope you understand.never drink any liquid soon after eating your meal.


answered 30 Apr '14, 15:07

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Sure Zee, Thank you.

(01 May '14, 03:16) PERFECT GOOD
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