I find that when I wake up in the morning to some meditation/inspirational words/music that it helps me wake up happier and more able to get on with the day. More recently I've been trying to focus on my dreams - writing them down or just remembering them in the morning - as a way to get feedback and make changes to my thinking that will hopefully reflect in my waking life.

When I do this though, sometimes my dreams aren't pleasant and I have started my day focusing on something unpleasant. Other people have suggested on this site to try to get "into the vortex" first thing in the morning, which I find difficult to do as I usually feel the worst in the morning.

What is the best practice to wake up to in the morning? How important is dream interpretation to manifesting a better life? I feel that I can't do both focusing on my dreams and waking up with inspirational thoughts and feeling positive. Perhaps focus on dreams should be done for a period of time until you get an answer but shouldn't be a daily activity?

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@inner beauty The best routine practice should start the night before as you settle yourself to sleep with a brief effort to get into a good feeling place before sleeping. Then, on awakening, do your routine practice, meditation, appreciation (see answers below). You could ask the question about dream interpretion as a separate question - I'd be really interested to read about what people thought of that.

(19 Sep '14, 03:29) Catherine

@inner beauty Dreams can be invaluable when trying to resolve a perplexing issue in your waking life such as your stalker problem. I may be able to help with interpretation. If you are having any clear or reccuring dreams that may be related, please describe them in as much detail as possible here.

(27 Dec '16, 06:59) i4cim2b

Dear @i4cim2b - that is very generous of you. I'm not having any recurring dreams at the moment although I've certainly had in the past. I will think about it and ask you for sure if I realise that I'm having one. At the moment don't seem to be dreaming too much.

(27 Dec '16, 15:17) Inner Beauty
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IMO a good routine in the morning would be based around the ideas of

  • Deciding on a dominant intent for the day
  • Delegating problems and tasks to the Universe for 24 hours
  • Optional for advanced people: Applying a clearing technique
  • Looking for positive aspects
  • Appreciation
  • Meditation

Deciding on a dominant intent for the day

This is the most important part of all. Without this step, everything else is almost worthless. Because it determines your dominant focus for that day. This is like sitting in a car and knowing exactly where to go. You can have an amazing steering wheel, a high-class engine, air conditioning, anti-lock breaking system and so forth. But all of those components of the car are worthless if you don't exactly know where to go.

You must decide that for one day, nothing is more important than to feel good. And tomorrow, you do it again. Next day, you formulate it again, the next day again...

Today, no matter where I'm going and no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to see that which I am wanting to see. -Abraham

Delegating problems and tasks to the Universe for 24 hours

Here you write down everything (including your last night's dreams) that is on your mind and how you feel about it. You give yourself permission to complain about everything that comes to mind. Thus it is out of your mind and you have the option to not think about it for one day. See: Abraham's Place Mat Process

Optional for advanced people: Applying a clearing technique

An advanced person for me is one who

  • already feels good predominantly throughout his/her days
  • has accumulated the skills to apply a clearing technique (i.e. Focus Blocks, EFT, Sedona Method...) quickly and easily.

This is optional because if you don't feel good predominantly, it is easy to get caught up in trying to solve problems all day. So just ignore this component if you haven't established "feeling good" already. Here you could mold some of your dreams or problems of your everyday life.

But it is not necessary. Feeling good predominantly will handle all of those things automatically.

Looking for positive aspects

Abraham's Book of Positive Aspects is a preperation for the next step: Appreciation


Appreciation is the ultimate tool. Everything you do in between is for the purpose of getting yourself in a position where you can appreciate all the things in your life that you already have. In my experience it is best to make it the first thing after waking up and also after applying the other components.


Last but not least, meditation is one of the most powerful tools and it is tried and tested throughout centuries. It resets your emotional guidance so you feel exactly whenever something feels off. Remember deciding to feel good is the most important step? Meditation will help to know when something doesn't feel good, so your intent can immediately kick in and focus on something that feels good instead.

I hope this helps a little bit.


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@releaser99 - "Delegating problems and tasks to the Universe for 24 hours" - What I've been finding quite workable is to push this time period out to a week and then review the Universe's progress on a weekly basis...like you would an employee :) For the Do-This-Week tasks/problems, I apply the Bashar excitement approach where possible.

(17 Sep '14, 11:38) Stingray

@Stingray Thank you. Sounds like a good idea if one feels comfortable with it. I actually started out with 2 hours because it felt uncomfortable to let go of control for longer. Then realizing the world doesn't collapse, I worked my way up quickly to 24 hours.

(17 Sep '14, 16:39) releaser99

Thanks so much @releaser99! This morning I decided that my dominant intent would be to be happy, but I think the Abraham's place mat/delegation to the Universe was extremely helpful! I have done this previously on occasion as part of getting through a to do list, but never first thing in the morning, and I can say that at least for today, it helped me enormously!

(18 Sep '14, 14:55) Inner Beauty

Only thing I guess is that at some point what's on the Universe list needs to get on to your own list, otherwise it might turn into procrastination about it OR does the universe always respond in some obvious way that makes the task easier or no longer important or necessary?

(18 Sep '14, 14:55) Inner Beauty

@releaser99 Very good point! I actually started off with surrendering everything for about 5 minutes, then 10 minutes etc.

It's also worth noting that you can surrender EVERYTHING. Even if one of the things on your mind is increasing the brightness of your computer monitor just a bit. You COULD just do it in a second... but surrendering it first and doing it when you feel inspired to (which may be right after you finish the process) is much more gratifying :)

(18 Sep '14, 21:24) WeRadiateBeauty

@Inner Beauty "Only thing I guess is that at some point what's on the Universe list needs to get on to your own list". I find that if I delegate it to the Universe very often it gets done without me having to do anything or I will feel very (positively) inspired to do something about it. However, if it doesn't get done within a few days of delegating it, of course you can put it on your own to do list before it becomes too urgent.

(22 Sep '14, 05:20) releaser99

@WeRadiateBeauty "surrendering everything for about 5 minutes, then 10 minutes" Yes, I've been finding that it's a very good idea to take those "big words" like surrender or meditation and form small bites of them. So what I mean is, instead of giving up everything and dedicating your life to a mediation practice 24/7 in the himalayas, just practice it for a few minutes (or even seconds) here and there in your normal life.

(22 Sep '14, 05:21) releaser99

Same goes with the idea of surrender. Start incrementally and go from there. "Intentional Resting" is nice tool for this purpose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNLvaBX5w7A

(22 Sep '14, 05:21) releaser99
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EDIT 2017

Upon application of, "Know Thyself", I have found that I just do not think so well in the morning- especially as I have gotten older. So I have had to change my routine to accommodate the changes in my life...My marriage to Wade, the fact that it takes me a while to just be able to think in the morning, and so on!

I need time to wake up, and since the destruction of my back, I am never really sure which part of the three-hour stretches that I sleep I would actually call "morning".

But I now find that when I wake up, and am feeling more or less alert enough, lying back, and listing what I am grateful for is the very first, and most important thing for me to do. This flows naturally into a sort of meditative/prayer state. I do find asking for the strength, wisdom, and courage to get through my day is tremendously important for me.

Years ago, I spent hours each morning, especially in between the loads of laundry, baby feedings, etc, writing. As I mentioned three years ago, the "Morning Pages" were always what "warmed up my brain" for my "Quiet Time". But now, I just try to be sure to get to my center, to make a list, if necessary, of what I need to get done. But most of my days I am now pretty much "futon-ridden", and the days of endless chores of a physical nature are behind me. Now, I am looking to figure out ways that I can help the world, even from my bed. I like praying for those in need, but what is even better is imagining the struggles other people are enduring, and trying to pass them energy through the Mind of God (call it what you want).

As I mentioned in another post, my latest goal is to try with All My Heart to be a creator of Peace. There is too much busyness and nosiness going on in the world (I present Facebook as an example). There are definitely not enough people of Peace. So that is my new goal. I try harder each day to be more peaceful. It is a lofty goal what with my blood sugar going up and down like a seesaw, and my ever-present back pain. With that in mind, I try. If I screw it up, I try hard to make amends, and start my day over then and there.

Enough said. It has been a great journey so far, and now, being in the same home with My Bestest Friend is pretty much Heaven!

alt text


Morning Pages.

This is an idea begun by Julia Cameron. I first read about doing it in her book, The Artist's Way.

She describes the Morning Pages like this: '\

Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages- they are not high art. They are not even "writing." They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind- and they are for your eyes only. Morning Pages provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize and synchronize the day at hand. Do not over-think Morning Pages: just put three pages of anything on the page...and then do three more pages tomorrow.

You can leearn more here:

link text

I have done them, and they really work to improve your creativity, and also your zest for life. I am not sure how or why they work; I do not have to know at all in order to do them and to say that they do work. Please look into this, because doing this can really improve the quality of your life. They require very little will power, and you do not need any special equipment. You need not worry about the weather, either (lol!). And once you begin, you will find them so intriguing that you will keep on doing them with little effort. Treat yourself to a new notebook and pen, and begin the rest of your life.

Good luck!

Jai ♥♥♥


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waking up before sunrise
taking in the grey dawn
perhaps with coffee or tea
listening to your breathing


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I wouldn't worry about your dreams and I would not allow then to dictate your mood at all. Meditation is the best practice in the morning because it clears the clutter in the mind and allows more positive and creative thoughts to come through. Start out with a few minutes at a time and focus on your breath, then work yourself up slowly to about 30 minutes. Then you can set your intention for your day ahead after the mind is clear. You can also do this before bed time.


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