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I am posting this process as a community wiki as a couple of you requested more details.

The process is one of Abraham's and is in fact called "The Book of Positive Aspects". Abraham suggests using it to raise our vibration and focus on those positive aspects of people and things we feel good about. I have in fact used it successfully to raise my vibration when someone is irking me or I don't feel too good about them. By focusing on only their positive aspects, what was irking me about them seemed to literally disappear and they began showing up in my reality in a mostly positive way.

  1. Purchase a notebook and write on the cover My Book of Positive Aspects - Set aside around 20 mins a day for this.

  2. At the top of the first page write the name of the thing or person you want to focus on.

  3. Next, ask yourself these questions - What do I like about you? *Why do I love you so much?* What are your positive aspects? - If writing about someone that is irking you right now, the 2nd question may be hard to answer immediately; however, as you begin to focus on the positive in the person your vibration will begin to change and you will reach a place of love.

  4. Begin writing down the thoughts that come to you in response to the questions - do not force them. Write as long as the thoughts come easily and then read and enjoy your own words. With someone who is annoying you the process may take a little longer and the thoughts may not come as easily but everyone has positve aspects and if we look hard enough we will see them.

By focusing on the positve we begin raising our vibration to one of appreciation which is a powerful vibration. The more positive aspects we search for, the more we will find and our relationships with these people will change for the better. The more consistently we practice this, the more dominant the vibration will become and our reality will reflect this.

There are many benefits to this process - you'll feel good doing it, your point of attraction will improve, your relationships will improve and more great things and people will begin showing up in your life.

If something about the person or thing begins to irk me again, I am able to move to a different perspective fairly quickly by pulling out my book so it is a greattt!! tool to keep.

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John Sheridan ♦

Great, Michaela!!! +1

(21 May '10, 12:26) BridgetJones09

Thanks for making the time, Michaela.. God Bless.

(21 May '10, 13:55) AVBhat 1

You're very welcome :-)

(21 May '10, 23:55) Michaela

Thanks for adding the tags John:-)

(22 May '10, 12:10) Michaela

Thank you very much Michaela I'll start using this right now. It's funny how this site seems to provide me with just the processes I need as I work on different aspects of my life:-)

(22 May '10, 20:21) I Think Therefore I Am

You're welcome - hope it helps :-)

(24 May '10, 13:20) Michaela

Thanks Michaela, this is great.

(26 May '10, 12:46) MUHD
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Thanks for posting this, is something that I think many people will find helpful.

One thing I would like to add is that you can build up Positive Aspects lists incrementally in exactly the same way as you build up Focus Blocks...and this is actually what I do myself to make The Focus Blocks Method even more powerful.

When I randomly choose the next thing to work on, I also have good-feeling Positive Aspects lists shuffled in between the Focus Blocks. (Something to remember about Positive Aspects lists is to use them also for things you already feel good about so that it makes you feel even better!)

Every time a Positive Aspects list comes up during the Focus Blocks selection process, I commit to writing at least one more Positive Aspect regarding that subject just as I would for a Focus Block.

Doing this adds a whole new dimension of power, fun and upliftment to molding vibration.

Try it and see. :)


answered 21 May '10, 12:30

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That really makes sense Stingray. Funnily enough when I was writing it, I was thinking how well it would work with the Focus blocks and you made an important point about using it even for those topics or people we already feel good about.

(21 May '10, 13:07) Michaela

Thanks for the tip Stingray I'll use this process for some of the Focus Blocks I've just completed and I actually have started feeling very positive about.

(22 May '10, 20:22) I Think Therefore I Am

@sTINGRAY- and @Micheala- should we use this method of positive aspects for the things/ppl we already love to increase same things in our life or this method is for things/ppl irritating us?

(27 Feb '12, 01:20) Zee

@zee-PA can be used for can use PA to help get you in the vortex easily by writing positive aspects of things you already love which is pretty effortless to do.Or improving your vibration deliberatly of a subject that bothers you by finding PA of it.

(28 Feb '12, 14:20) Satori

@Satori-Thanks a lot.

(28 Feb '12, 23:34) Zee
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You can use the "Positive aspects" notebook to clear away old troubles as well, when they come back to you from time-to-time. Example: my feelings were hurt all of these years due to a mean teacher I had for the fifth grade as a child, and the hurtful things she would say and do to us children. Uncomfortable memories would come up to this day.

In fact, on Facebook, a number of us from "the old neighborhood" were chatting about how mean this lady was and the bad effects it had on our childhoods. Dwelling upon it was only making it worse!

I put this subject in my positive aspects notebook, and before I knew it, I had filled a whole page with positive aspects of the 5th grade, including some humorous scenes with the teacher, and at least some things about her that were good. "She took us on the most interesting class trips" for example. Before I knew it, the bad feelings had melted away, and were replaced with a sort of amusement and appreciation.

This can be a very powerful exercise and I highly recommend it for just about anything that is bothering you, even old troubles!


answered 21 May '10, 12:55

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LeeAnn 1

Isn't it amazing how our perspective can change when we focus on the positive in people? Thanks LeeAnn.

(21 May '10, 13:09) Michaela

You are so right, Michaela, and by focusing on the positive in others, we help ourselves....a nice system!

(21 May '10, 15:32) LeeAnn 1

Nice story you have shared with us about your childhood teacher this will help others a lot thanks for sharing and I am glad you did received so positive and amusements in the fifth grade LeeAnn.

(24 May '10, 04:12) flowingwater
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this is nice to know. i havent tried it tho but i have a question. do u write out more of these positive aspects each time u feel bad about the person or thing or each time they annoy u or do u simply read what you have written before?


answered 25 May '10, 11:13

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Usually I just refer back to what I've written when I need to raise my vibration about a particular place or thing. However,if any new positive aspect comes to mind, it can only be beneficial to add it.

(25 May '10, 11:31) Michaela

thank you so much. but i still have another question, i hope you dont mind. So do you keep doing this forever or do u finally get to that point u desire where you no longer feel this way about the person or thing. Thanks

(25 May '10, 11:46) Sunshine

Eventually, (and usually quickly) you will stop having negative feelings about the person, place or experience altogether. You will feel a much better perspective. This isn't an exercise you would need to repeat a lot of times, at least for me that is how it has been!

(25 May '10, 20:22) LeeAnn 1

Periodically we will occasionally slip. However, the more you work on the positive aspects or focus blocks, the less the negative thoughts seem to intercept and on those rare occasions when they start popping in just return to the positive aspects or focus blocks. As LeeAnn said the results are fairly quick and your perspective about the person or thing will improve - if you are persistent with the exercises.

(25 May '10, 22:28) Michaela
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