Sorry if this question is repetitive but I have to ask this question because some good people on this site got me really curious.

I saw a post where several people were saying that the Z Point Process' Erase the tape was a lot more effective than Faster EFT's Superpower tap.

What I want to know is what is it about the Z Point Process that makes it more effective? Is it more thorough or is it just easier to use, or what?

I started looking into the Z-Point Process and it seems very similar to NLP in terms of using a cue word or an anchor. The creator of the Z Point Process seems to have a similar view as Robert Smith (creator of Faster EFT) that are problems are a result of our subconscious mind. In fact the creator Z Point Process stated that 95% of our being and our decisions are made on an unconscious level.

The creator of the Z Point Process also stated that an experiment was done on children 0 to 6 years old in which they hooked them up to this computer that demonstrated that children at that are almost in a trance/hypnotic state all the time. At that age they will accept anything that they are told as fact for instance if a child of that age was told that they were ugly, they would accept it as fact and would unconsciously be affected by that even when he/she is 35.

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@The Phenom, please place a link in your question to the post you are referring to.

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Wow, that is really interesting about how kids are in a trance state until they are 6. Makes sense tho..

(10 Nov '14, 20:29) Jess
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What makes one process more effective than any other process is the individual users belief in the process they are using for whatever purpose. Nothing more, nothing less. All such processes are what Bashar refers to as "permission slips". In effect you give yourself permission to allow yourself to be "fixed" by using this or that process. All are valid. None are necessary. (until you start believing they are). You can make up one of your own if you like. It will be just as effective as any other if you believe it is what works for you!

According to Bashar, the mere recognition (exposing) of a limiting belief is all that is necessary to remove its influence. If you want to expose your own limiting beliefs, just listen to what you say whenever you speak. It is harder to do than you might think. (Try recording yourself for a few days.You might be shocked by what you learn!) We are constantly revealing both our positive and negative beliefs in just about every conversation we have, every letter we write, and even in the questions we ask.


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@i4cim2b - Learning to monitor your own words is very good advice. I can still sometimes catch myself saying things that don't serve me at all, and I pivot on them immediately. It's a very enlightening and rewarding practice.

(15 Nov '14, 23:39) Grace

Hey guys I really appreciate that advice. I have been watching my words very carefully for the last couple of years especially. I just turned 29 and I didn't realize that my life was infested with negative beliefs until I was 25. From 25 until now I have come a long way. I used EFT and several others for about a year but Faster EFT really really helped me get rid of a lot of negative beliefs. But I also have come to start understanding that beliefs only have the power that we give them.

(16 Nov '14, 15:13) The Phenom
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