After I wrote a post about being persistent in effort, @Stingray commented that he finds "it easier to turn it all around and dispense with the "hard work" belief instead :)". I loved his answer, but have always wondered this: Just how can he do that with everything??? Is it magic or what? Then I thought about state of mind.

I am usually to the point of pleading with the Universe when I think of manifesting. (LOL) But I never seem to hit that sweet spot of thought that allows me to just let it go. I have manifested some great events and things, though- I remember five years or so ago when @Stingray posted his manifesting box experiment. I immediately put Wade's name in the box, and at that moment, let the wish release into the Universe, and believed it would come to pass.

Of course, it did. :)

alt text

(I apologize for the size of this pic, but it took so long just to figure out to upload this pic...)

I have not been able to duplicate that state of mind as well since. I need to figure this out, so I can easily manifest. I have read all the IQ info, but I still flounder. Help, @Stingray?

Thanks and blessings,

Jaianniah ♫♫♫

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IQ Moderator ♦♦

If you truly want to manifest "things you actually prefer" then you have to understand that you are no different than @Stingray or anyone else for that matter. We are all on the same vibrational scale when it comes from a source energy (or god) point of view.

alt text

You really are in the same place. You just have to allow yourself to know that. People who know that they can manifest easily may very well be seeing that vibrant blue sky through the sunglasses, while other people may be kinking their own garden hose consciously or unconsciously, and the end result is a drab boring black and white landscape.

Start creating a new story for yourself. No matter how fake or make believe it feels like. Telling a new story that you prefer will eventually turn into the new story that you prefer.

For example: Saying this...

"I am usually to the point of pleading with the Universe when I think of manifesting. (LOL) But I never seem to hit that sweet spot of thought that allows me to just let it go." not telling the story you want. The universe only hears the pleading and grants that wish. The universe says... I will grant you the wish of pleading and never hitting that sweet spot of allowing thoughts I prefer to let go. So technically, you are manifesting that situation effortlessly and without fail.

On the other hand, saying this...

"I have manifested some great events and things, though- I remember five years or so ago when @Stingray posted his manifesting box experiment. I immediately put Wade's name in the box, and at that moment, let the wish release into the Universe, and believed it would come to pass. Of course, it did. :)" a prime example of manifesting what you prefer effortlessly. Here is proof that you can master manifesting things that you prefer so why are you here asking all of us this question again? :)

You need to get into the feeling state of your manifesting box manifestation of @Wade and use that feeling state in every situation in your life. All you need is one thing that vibrates the frequency of good feelings and use that again, and again, and again, AND AGAIN, just like you would with a rusty old hammer that has been hanging in the garage for twenty years plus. You need a job done (manifestation you prefer) go get that trusty rusty hammer out of the garage (manifesting box manifestation feeling/vibration/frequency) and just effortlessly tap the nail in.

I've noticed your biggest issue in the years I have been on Inward Quest is negative self talk. I'm not going to even attempt to tell you to stop doing that because it is 100% your choice to do so. But negative self talk and living in your past is your greatest obstacle in manifesting what you prefer, and it will not change unless you decide it does.

The thing that I find interesting is how you ask the question above and yet throughout the comments in the answers you are rooting yourself in deep like a tree with negative self talk. Which will create negative manifestations you don't prefer.

For example:

"Typing seems to cause me to misspell often; I have dysphasia (dyslexia of the body, which has hindered me in Karate). But also, I am getting old."

"when I was alone for weeks at a stretch while my husband was with another woman, at a new job, in another state"

"I am almost unteachable sometimes"

"My past abuse was pretty bad, but that does not mean I have to let it limit me anymore."

Again, I am not telling you what to say or not say, or think or not think. I am just trying to put as much evidence in front of you as to why you are not manifesting what you prefer effortlessly.

The last quote above is a good example of negative with a hint of positive. Even thinking about your past abuse (which has absolutely nothing to do with the you of right now) is activating that negative vibration no matter what you say at the end.

Why not just forget that that first part and say... "I have no limits anymore. I am completely limitless, I am completely free, I am one being with the universe (or god) and it/he is one with me. I can do anything, be anywhere, and live the perfect life that I choose to live because I am a master manifesting machine and it is so effortless and fun that I just can't stop laughing because I am filled with so much joy, appreciation and gratitude."

Well something along those lines. Whatever wording works best for you:)

I actually got into a better feeling place by just writing that small uplifting quote.

Maybe just forgetting about everything for a few minutes a day and writing something similar above just to simply get in a good feeling place could be helpful for you. Maybe even writing a bunch of quotes like that (not matter how fake or unrealistic they seem to you) and going to read them when you need a boost in your mood could be very beneficial. Get into a good feeling place, and then focus on manifesting through your thoughts and actions.

You are always manifesting or you wouldn't even exist as a human being. You are the one creating this stage play called earth. The question is, what type of manifestation do you prefer to create? Tell a new story starting right now and leave the justification of the past where it the past.


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@Cory - Excellent answer. You put a strong but kind spotlight on the elephant in the room, and that's wonderful. Oh and your uplifting quote just bumped me up the vibrational scale by several notches too! Now I feel like shaking off the morning cobwebs and skipping around in the garden lol!!! Thanks! :)

(05 May '15, 13:32) Grace

@Grace Your welcome. It's interesting how typing or writing a few uplifting words can really change the way you feel. Positive self talk was one of the key things in my transformation and it still helps me tremendously to this day.

(05 May '15, 14:06) Cory

@Cory - Yes, key for me too. It's lovely to note now that if I hear a negative thought about myself go by, it sounds absurd.

(05 May '15, 14:33) Grace

It's indeed a very good answer, @Cory.

(05 May '15, 14:43) cod2
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Well Jia, for me the one thing that really worked for me was kind of a list of things. First of all we need to look at this like a computer program. This program is life in general. Start simply with showing you how it works. alt text The beliefs are your "out of bounds". NOTHING can go outside of your beliefs (although some can ill explain that in a min). Your thoughts are mostly related to our beliefs and fuel your desire to act upon things. When our thoughts are negative it feeds negative/limiting thoughts into our manifestations. IE I think I can not do something (because my belief is I'm not good enough) and then when I try to do it the manifestations come out imbalanced (or not the way I wanted them to). Our actions on thoughts and beliefs alike create the manifestation into our reality. (IMPORTANT) The degrees of our beliefs are what gives us the percentage of ability to manifest from our actions. IE. I MOSTLY believe that people are bad. Mostly allows 75% of an investment of yourself into a belief, therefore when I put my energy into interacting with people, I only have a 25% probability of that experience(manifestation) yo go OUTSIDE of my normal "out of bounds" reality belief barrier. What causes resistance in beliefs? Bad psychology, EXPECTATIONS, and lack of feeding in positive thoughts. I know this is only scratching the surface to explain this chart, but I hope this gives clarity. To see the mechanics, is to understand what step you are missing. LOVE YOU.


answered 01 May '15, 16:42

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TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE- Nice! So, if I look at my beliefs, that will tell me my state of mind? Is that what you are saying? Thanks so much for answering! I appreciate it a lot. BTW, it's Jai not "Jia". Jai rhymes with "Thai". Love you, too! ♥♥♥

(01 May '15, 22:41) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah yes, it is about seeing what investments in your beliefs you have. The state of mind is not expecting, just enjoying. Only do what you love with complete indifference for how it turns out. Sorry for spelling lol, u know me, one of the worst spellers ever LOL.

(02 May '15, 10:35) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thank you, @TReb Bor yit-NE- My father was a terrible speller; his legacy was to make me an annoyingly good speller- usually. Typing seems to cause me to misspell often; I have dysphasia (dyslexia of the body, which has hindered me in Karate). But also, I am getting old. Sigh. No worries about spelling my "name"- nobody can spell it but me and @Wade Casaldi. LOVE YOU. Jai ♥♥♥

(02 May '15, 12:31) Jaianniah

@jiannah awwww. I love u, very much and Wade too, so glad to be back here n really happy 2 see u.

(05 May '15, 07:23) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE- Very Happy to see you, too! :)♥

(05 May '15, 12:17) Jaianniah
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I think that when the experiment was originally performed you had a "what have I to lose" attitude.

But now you have a "I want that back" attitude. So when you originally attempted that it was a fun carefree playful "I'll give this a try" attitude.

Now that it's serious "this has to work I need it to, and besides it worked before" attitude, this type of attitude that lacks the fun inquisitive "let's see what happens, what could be the harm" feelings there now would be a fear of it not working.

The fact of feeling "I really need this to work" is a lack of faith.

If we pray to God and feel like "I really hope God will answer this prayer" then have we faith? I believe that is the faith like children, they don't feel like "I really need this or I hope this works." They are happy, playful and excited at the potential future. Instead of fearing the unknown they boldly go into that exploring to find great and wonderful things.

I know honey it is hard to have that kind of confidence and faith when life is hard, we both experience that.


answered 02 May '15, 05:24

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Wade Casaldi

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Help, @Stingray?


This isn't an answer to your question but an illustration of why you really shouldn't be asking me for help with your issues.

I've written many comments and answers to your questions in the past and they have ultimately resulted in you apparently trying to get me banned from Inward Quest. Unfortunately, I'm still here :)

I am beginning to feel persecuted by this person. No matter what I write, this person has a corrective comment to make, and I am getting tired of it. What can I do? How do I get him off my back?

Thanks, Jai

From Can you do anything about someone who criticises everything I write on IQ?

So being the official Inward Quest "persecutor" - "so many to persecute, so little time" :) - it's kind of mystifying that you think I'm going to say anything different to you now than what I've said many, many times to you before. If anything, I'm annoyingly consistent :)

The basic issue is that until you decide to stop telling your same old "story" about how bad your life is or has been, it just cannot change because your determined focus on your "story" keeps the influence of your "story" alive. There's no-one making your life miserable except you.

That decision to change is yours, not mine, and until you do actually change (instead of just talking about changing), anything I write to you is going to be interpreted by you as more "corrective comments" and that might result in more official complaints against me.

I really wouldn't want to put my daily persecution activities on this site at risk victims would be sooooo disappointed :)


answered 02 May '15, 09:48

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Bravo!! @stingray

(02 May '15, 11:23) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Stingray- Have you seen what has been on my biography page for a long time? Here it is: "Lord, please make my words sweet, lest I have to eat them..." ►►► So now I have my fork and knife of verbiage, and I am ready to chew on my words. Of course, I would like to go on and on about the persecution thing; but, to put it plainly, I was not getting it, I was wrong, and I am sorry. My only defense is that I truly did not want you off Iq. I just wanted you to stop trying to "convert me." more►►►

(02 May '15, 15:56) Jaianniah

@Stingray- I used to think of the whole Manifesting thing as if it were some kind of "cult idea". But I started investigating it a while ago, when I took a break from IQ, and I got knocked on my butt. What was especially humbling is how many times Christ talked about the ideas behind manifesting. (And I call myself a Christian, and Divinity Major at a reputable college, and I refused to see this???) Good thing I have that knife and fork. ►►► more ►►►

(02 May '15, 16:00) Jaianniah

@Stingray- and @Wade Casaldi- If I was not in the extremely patient company of Wade, I would not have even gotten exposed to these Great Ideas. But I must have pulled this (IQ, and even Wade) to myself at some point. Perhaps it was my lonely and desperate prayers, too numerous to mention, when I was alone for weeks at a stretch while my husband was with another woman, at a new job, in another state. You were also right about me living my story instead of my life. ►►►more ►►►

(02 May '15, 16:09) Jaianniah

@Stingray and at @Wade Casaldi, and @All- Please forgive me for hurting you through ignorance and even prejudice. I am almost unteachable sometimes (which is a lack of humility, I know). The signs are getting better for me, but for now, I just wish to apologize. This site is too important to me to have you and I at odds. It would be much better for all to move on. Bless you for your tolerance. Thank you for being a great Teacher of Great Truths. Munching placidly, Jaianniah ♥♥♥

(02 May '15, 16:13) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - If "eating your words" or apologizing makes you feel better, then fine. But it's all fairly irrelevant to me. Behave how you want and I'll behave how I want :) The point I was making is that unless you find a way to feel consistently better then anything I write is going to sound like "blah, blah, blah" to you because you won't be vibrationally receptive to it - so you're still better off asking someone else for advice :) See

(03 May '15, 08:54) Stingray

@Stingray- Okay, stay tuned. Loved the link; very true. I write both out of and hovering near the Vortex (LOL), and many points between.The reasons for this are deeper than they appear; you probably know what they are if you have read anything of what I have posted over the years. My past abuse was pretty bad, but that does not mean I have to let it limit me anymore. I guess I will have to prove myself. No more whiny posts. I hope. :)Meantime, bless your patience. And thanks. So much. Jai

(03 May '15, 10:11) Jaianniah

Did @Jaianniah try to get Stingray banned? Or did @Stingray attract all of it? Who should @Stingray blame? @Jaianniah or himself?

(04 May '15, 00:40) cod2

@cod2 - Interesting that you would decide to view my message to @Jaianniah through your activated filter of "blame" when I actually intended it to be rather humorous :) Who should @cod2 "blame" for finding himself resonating with "blame"? :)

(05 May '15, 05:17) Stingray

Alternatively, it's entirely possible that you are unconsciously emitting the vibe of blame (even though you are putting smilies here and there) and others are picking that up.

(05 May '15, 05:30) cod2

I think it would have been easier for @Stingray to just answer @Jaianniah's question without bringing up the 'past' incident with her. I did think, it's just activating the vibration of that incident and now it has to continue in your/our realities because of the attention put on it. With 'negative' scenarios I do think it's sometimes best to let it go until its dormant. But, what do I know, here I am activating it again! You have to love the LOA :) As long as we can all see the humour in it! :)

(05 May '15, 07:01) Yes

@All. I love u guys.

(05 May '15, 07:18) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Jaianniah Idk what happened with u guys, but I do not think that this was meant to attack you. IDK what is in the intent of anyone, but just reading the main post, it was only one view. @All the only way to really manifest ur reality with happiness, is to accept all others as they create theirs. Sovereignty.

(05 May '15, 07:22) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE nice response. :) I always think of Bashar and his 'who cares!' Let's just see the positive and the good in everything and everyone and know that things will always work, for all of us. :)

(05 May '15, 07:35) Yes

Ahhh dear @TReb... did I mention how much we missed you? ;)

(05 May '15, 14:05) Grace

This entire 'answer' should be labelled as spam. It is a well-disguised malice and should not be tolerated despite the popularity of the user.

(09 May '15, 11:23) Nikulas

It might look like spam on the surface @Nikulas but when you know the history behind the situation, it is quite a good answer for both parties.

(13 May '15, 00:17) ursixx
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The good news is you are manifesting effortlessly. :) Everything that surrounds you now you manifested, they're your creations under your complete control.

If you want to experience 'new' creations, a new reality, then you have to feel differently in this eternal moment of now, now, now.

A good way to try to create new ways of looking at your life is to ask yourself how you would feel if you found out that you would NEVER be able to have your desires. No chance, they're not coming.

How would you feel? If you feel, 'Ok, no problem. I'm very happy with my life. Whatever tomorrow brings I will enjoy so it's no skin off my nose.' then you're probably spending a lot of your time in the vortex. If hearing that news would depress you then you're probably spending more time out of the vortex than in.

How to change that? Well, if you knew your desires weren't ever coming. How would you make do with the life you have? Where would you find the joy, the excitement, the calm, the peace in your current life experience? Where are the good things that you would focus on if you knew there was nothing else new that was coming along for you?

Put your focus there on those good things. I'm assuming one of those lovely, positive things would be Wade? If he makes you feel fantastic and positive (slap bang in the vortex on that subject) then just think about him as much as you can and ignore everything else.

Find those sweet points in your life as it stands now today. Bathe in the good stuff, FEEL it, revel in those good things, seek them out, draw them out and then you will be a match for more and more good-feeling manifestations. :)


answered 03 May '15, 10:23

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@Yes- I have been seeking the "sweet points" ever since I came to PA to be with @Wade Casaldi. He and I spent practically all of 2011 laughing like loons, watching movies- a Vortex year, in a way. Sure, things were not perfect, but it showed me how life could be with a normal, non-abusive man! Mystery Science Theater notwithstanding, Wade is a joy, and I have learned much from him. The next lessons: Patience and Self-Control. Thanks for your post. I appreciate it a lot. ♥

(03 May '15, 11:35) Jaianniah

@yes - "... How would you make do with the life you have?" This reminds me of how much I have admired my parents and grandparents for enjoying life so fully while having relatively so little. If I knew nothing more would ever come to me, I think I'd live my life more like they did, when conversation and good company were the only entertainments and a good table to sit at to enjoy it all was mostly all you need to have...

(05 May '15, 13:14) Grace

... I think I finally understand now how to be happy where I am while manifesting something better. It's the wanting that screws everything up! Duh! Thanks! (Who knew? My elders were right all along!)

(05 May '15, 13:15) Grace
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Dear Jai, For all intents and purposes, I would agree with the response offered by @Cory. I would like to suggest some additional points for you to consider, some of which may seem redundant. My purpose, however, is to try to answer your question as simply as I can. This is not to suggest that you are in any way incapable of understanding lengthy or complex explanations. There are plenty of those available for those who want to believe that the nature of our reality, our existence, and all that is, must be so complex that it is beyond any hope of comprehension. It is not. It is actually quite simple, quite "effortless". This is something we all rediscover when we transition to our natural "soul" state of being and are no longer hindered by the 'complex' nature of the human brain, its five sensory inputs and the limitations of language (voice output).

Recognize the fact that you are manifesting every 'thing', every interaction, and every event that occurs each day of your life. Even your physical body is one of your most magnificent manifestations (In sickness and in health). All of these manifestations come about with little or no recognizable effort, and no special "state of mind" is required. It is simply a matter of your thoughts, especially the persistent ones (beliefs), reacting with the conscious energy of all that is. Release a drop of food coloring (thought) into a glass of water (energy) and notice how it "colors your world" (your perceptions). Manifesting, in and of itself, is effortless in any state of mind and occurs at a subconscious, or supra conscious level of awareness or state of being. (Whichever term you prefer).

If you want to manifest your 'conscious' desire, you will first have to 'transfer' it to the subconscious mind. This act of transference has been described in many ways, some of which you may be familiar with (Give it up to God. Put it out to the universe. Leave it in the hands of the lord. Send it into the vortex and forget about it. Pretend it is already there (so you can forget about wanting it). All these expressions are describing the process that is getting your conscious thoughts to the level of awareness where the thought/energy reaction (manifestation) can occur.

In my own experiences with manifesting, I have found (correctly or not) that manifesting occurs more quickly when what I desire is a blending of both what I am wanting with what I needing. These two are primary for a manifestation to occur. Wanting something by itself just for the sake of having it (for example: a private jet, yacht or million dollar home) is less likely to manifest because it is not something I really feel I need. I have always been able to manifest things, relations, and events that I wanted and at the same time really needed. (Note: Simpler objects manifest much more quickly that complex ones!)

The best advice I can offer to effectively accomplish the all important task of getting your conscious desires to the necessary subconscious state of being is simply this: DO NOT DWELL ON IT! Put it out there every now and then and get on with your day. When you dwell on it, you inevitably risk crossing the fine line between wanting something and giving too much attention to not having it, which will lead to more of not having it!


answered 08 May '15, 04:18

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edited 08 May '15, 04:24

@i4cim2b- Thank you so much for your response; I like what you had to say. At the root of all my troubles is my thinking. Long before any action, I have found that I have to "set" my thinking. The intent of my will is very important to changing thinking; I have discovered that it is easier to think "correctly" if I imagine it coming from my soul rather than my mind; it is almost as if the soul can lead my thinking, and checks any misdirection from my mind. All of this came about >>>more>>

(08 May '15, 10:39) Jaianniah

@i4cim2b- in the days since I made my pain post, I saw my problem with thinking right away. I had to "see the glass half full instead of half empty"; in other words, I began to think, what can I do instead of dwelling on what I cannot. Once I made that shift in my soul, things just fell into line. You all (@Stingray, @Yes, @Cory, @Grace) have been telling me this >>>more>>>

(08 May '15, 10:54) Jaianniah

@i4cim2b- but I just could not seem to do it. (I have a very hard head! LOL!) But I figured out that my soul had to be part of this process. It came easily once I set the intent there. Thank you so much for posting! ♥♥♥ Jai

(08 May '15, 11:03) Jaianniah

"... I imagine it coming from my soul rather than my mind; it is almost as if the soul can lead my thinking, and checks any misdirection from my mind." Yes! And you recognize that guidance from your Soul (Inner Being, Higher Self, Who You Really Are) by how you feel. If your experience of life is diminished in any way, it is because the thoughts that you are thinking are not in vibrational alignment with this highest aspect of yourself - your Soul...

(08 May '15, 14:08) Grace

...It's why we are always reaching for one better thought - a thought that feels better - because we are responding to our own inner guidance. @Stingray's repeated advice to look for ways to feel good isn't a silly platitude, but actually the core of creation of life experiences that you want to enjoy. It's huge. And you got it!!! :D

(08 May '15, 14:08) Grace
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perhaps life is not about
instant manifestations
for our separateness,
together we are in this


answered 14 May '15, 15:41

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Effortless manifesting comes from a place of wholeness, but most people practicing deliberate creation may have a hard time reaching and maintaining a level of complete wholeness, so the alternative would be to reach a state of mind where the manifestation has already been achieved, in the past tense if you will. Just asking the question above indicates a vibrational gap between you and what you want, but it also points you in the right direction because keep in mind that you are always moving towards what you want, it just depends on you and you only, and how you allow yourself to close the gap between you and what you want, how to do this?, by changing your perspective and looking at things from a broader point of view, by moving more into an ''allowing'' place because manifestation is an effortless and natural process. A good example is planting a seed, watering it regularly, and knowing it will grow full bearing delicious fruit. [manifestations] All things work in the natural order and effortless manifestation is no different, it doesn't matter how big or small a desire is, it's all a form of energy, we and only we decide what's big or small, important or un-important, through our perceptions and beliefs [vibrations] and it's mirrored back into our physical reality. When a desire feels natural or even ''ordinary'' to you, it's going to manifest in your physical reality much easier, the less and less you care about it, you're offering less and less resistance to it, it's just a natural thing you'll expect to happen, so you feel relaxed about it. Of course over time you could get sick and tired of putting so much energy into your desires that you finally decide to relax and [allow] them to manifest in their own timing, this is what happened to me, I reached a state of boredom when I thought of my desires, they'd already ran their course at an energetic level so I simply put them behind me, not giving up mind you, because you cannot stop a desire from manifesting, sooner or later it'll sneak into your physical reality when you least expect it, again, more than likely this will occur when you've grown tired of putting so much effort [energy] into manifesting your desires. In my experience putting my desires behind me allows faster, easier, and smoother manifestations because I trust the life stream to deliver everything in the perfect time so I'm more relaxed about it all, it feels like no big deal to me so the Universe can bring these wanted realities in unexpected and surprising ways. As paradox as it seems, the less you care about your desire and even manifestation for that matter, you are allowing your desire to pull you towards IT because there is no resistance keeping it from you.


answered 17 May '15, 13:39

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"Hold tenderly that which you cherish, for it is precious. Do not let the fear of dropping it cause you to hold too tightly, chances are it is holding you too."


answered 17 May '15, 18:18

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