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My fellow Inward Quester's.......

Many of you know me and know I give advice, from my perspective, anywhere I can in order to help people. I know any piece of advice that I give works, otherwise I wouldn't say anything. So the reason for this post is for me to "put my money where my mouth is" so to speak, and to show you that it does work rather than just saying " Trust me! It works!....I read it in a book or saw it on YouTube." This post is going to be updated with weekly increments showing everyone my progress from the steps I follow below. Here's what lead to me writing this........

On Friday May 30/14 (2 days ago) I received a phone call from my boss stating that she was closing the office on July 1st/14 (1 month away) because our company had lost a major contract and, without it, the office couldn't possibly stay open. She offered to transfer me 1700 Km away to the next available position in the company, but I'm burnt out from being in this Industry for the past 15 yrs and lately just dreaded going to work every day. I was starting to feel like Christ nailed to the cross, only I was nailed to this job. I said "thank you," to my boss but passed on her offer and said I'm staying where I am. Therefore, on July 1st I will be unemployed with no income and at 47 yrs old I want to change my career to something completely new.

Why did this happen? A couple of weeks ago I was "faster EFT" tapping because my dread was starting to get the better of me at my job. I was neutralizing anything that surfaced. Thinking of the Vice-president screaming at me...tap! tap! tap! Thinking of the endless days, nights, and weekends of working....tap! tap! tap! Then, 2 weeks later, out of the blue I get the phone call saying she's closing the office....interesting!? I know for a fact that when your world appears to crash like this it's actually removing the old to make way for the new. "But watch out!!" One thing that will slow down the new arrival is "panic."

"Stay Calm!" It was put into perspective for me when I had a vision flash at me this morning of a memory from my childhood that I long forgot about. I was just a young boy on a school trip at some lake. All the kids were swimming and having a good time. I heard one of the kids in the water screaming "help me!" Nobody was near him and he looked like he was drowning. I jumped in and swam out to him. The procedure is to get the person to roll on their back and take a deep break of air because that will make you buoyant. The lake was calm and it was an easy procedure but as soon as I got close to him he grabbed on to me in sheer panic and was pushing me under the water in order to push himself up out of the water for air, it's a natural instinct. That boy almost drowned the both of us because of his panic....if he had stayed calm and taken a deep breath of air and filled his lungs, he could have easily floated back to shore on his own. When I saw that vision this morning I knew exactly what it meant; "If I panic, not only will it delay the arrival of what's trying to make its way to me, but also by panicking you are turning a calm scenario into an out of control scenario in which nothing more but "out-of-control" can show up."

Here's the steps I am taking:

1) Live in the End - Even though I have no idea what I am going to do or how I'm going to get there, I am going to imagine myself in the end fully employed and happy with my job and hearing a voice saying "We would like to offer you the job." Seeing and feeling these vividly with my imagination.

2) Faster EFT - If anything looks hopeless tap it out. If I foresee that I won't be able to make rent and I'm filling up with negative feelings, I'll tap it out. If any form of panic arises, I'll tap it out.

3) Exercise and stay hydrated - Walking and Cycling is what I have planned. Exercise not only makes you feel good but it also lifts your vibration.

4) Repeat - Repeat, repeat, repeat all the time.

My only question here is anyone reading this, imagine "Eldavo" fully employed, happy and excited at his new career. Again, I will post my updates below so you can see the progression of what unfolds in a real scenario.

WEEK 1 - Well this has been a very interesting week of events since I started!? I have never had a traffic violation in my life but this week I received a $292 fine for not stopping the truck I was driving at a weighing station, but the company paid for it. The city I live in was "locked down" because some nut shot 5 police officers and was on the loose for 2 days (never seen that before!). My co-worker is receiving calls out of the blue of job offers from other companies doing the same thing we do now, and I have received none. I have this feeling inside of me that something BIG is going to happen. Several other things happened, but these were the major things this week.

WEEK 2.5 - Today is my first day off from working 14 - 16 work days for the past week and a half. I haven't thought of my circumstances at all really. I feel quite calm about everything. What has manifested (besides an insane work schedule) is that I have received some phone calls with possible career moves that could have me opening my own business with a partner, and another working on my own. I have a meeting with that guy tomorrow. Although these are career offers in the industry I'm in now, the same industry I want to get away from. These are people that called me out of the blue when they heard the news that our office was closing. Another thing I took notice of is that my girlfriend and I having unintentionally started talking about getting more serious with our relationship, when our relationship was never based on that. Also, I have not been able to practice my techniques and exercise, and found myself de-hydrated several times. Alot of people asked me with sympathy "What are you going to do? You must be very upset?" My response was "I'm actually thrilled and excited!!" Some people didn't like that answer and thought I was being irresponsible! But I'm not letting them * out of the vortex.

WEEK 3.5 - I am officially unemployed but there has been a turn of events! After speaking and listening to several people I had come to the conclusion to stay in the industry and become a consultant. I spoke with suppliers and associates, whom I already have an established business relationship with, about my plan and their involvement, and how we would all make money. They were very receptive to the idea. I never thought of doing that before, "out on my own." I would be doing what I have always done, only I don`t have a boss lingering over my head making the job, at times, unbearable. It feels really good every time I think of it. 2 days ago I started calling and contacting clients explaining my situation and that I would like to continue doing business with them. In 2 days I have $14K on the books!!

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@eldavo good luck! I agree with you that your job closing is a door opening for you and that it is a blessing is disguise. I am exciting to hear about your progress.

I have recently have just started using EFT and I have been reading alot about faster EFT, but I haven't been able to find the right information on how to perform this on myself. I was wondering if you had any suggestions? Maybe a link or a YouTube video that easily and clearly demonstrates faster EFT??

(02 Jun '14, 07:50) Jess

Yes Jess, here faster EFT explained and demonstrated.

(02 Jun '14, 21:21) Eldavo

@eldavo thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for :)

(03 Jun '14, 21:56) Jess

imagine "Eldavo" fully employed, happy: why again excited at his new career.

Your excitement will lead you to fully employment and happy life, then again it is not required you to plan for unemployment and get involved in exciting new careers.

Eldavo Live in the End according to you is imagination. It will definitely will help you. The only need is powerful and perfect imagination.

I wish no evil comes in your effort.

Cheerful :)

(08 Jun '14, 06:00) PERFECT GOOD

If possible check it out "Dynamic thought" first lesson.

(08 Jun '14, 07:38) PERFECT GOOD

so on week 3.5 you have finally live in the beginning and something new started for you. you took time to see what you could do so it was not faster and get rid of it? also the repeat repeat thing stopped since it is all new. Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is. which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? If then you are not able to do as small a thing as that, why are you anxious-

(04 Jul '14, 19:37) white tiger

about the rest? Do not forget to drink water.

(04 Jul '14, 19:57) white tiger

@white tiger Living in the end starts with a re-birth, which is called the beginning, which will then move to the middle and then move on to the end. The result I seek, then start again. The repeat repeat is actually starting to pickup momentum. Also, over the past 2 weeks I have not drank water in this quantity in a long time.

(06 Jul '14, 15:49) Eldavo
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Best wishes to you with this public manifesting demonstration.

Just a suggestion... and feel free to completely ignore this for the purposes of your experiment since you clearly know what you are doing :) ...just adding it here for completeness of information for anybody reading this in future:

Often reactivating the vibration of what one doesn't have yet can keep one trapped in the vibration of "I don't have it yet". It can unwittingly contribute to the Absence side of Presence vs Absence.

The most effective method I know of to by-pass this problem is to take one's attention off the subject as much as possible and focus instead on deliberate daily Vortex alignment.

Then whatever gets in the way of that deliberate daily alignment is what your Inner Being is inspiring you to clean up and deal with...everything else is optional.

Given that, a powerful deliberate manifesting process would be:

  1. Touch the Vortex deliberately once a day using whatever method works for you and even if it feels tough (initially) to do it, even if you feel like you are having to force yourself to do it. If anything stands in the way of that daily alignment, clean it up.

  2. Keep attention throughout the day on things that make you feel good. Expect the first few days of doing this to be difficult if "feeling good" has not been a priority previously. This gets easier and easier everyday as one makes daily deliberate alignments more habitual. Eventually the balance shifts and it becomes difficult to not feel good :)

  3. Only think about the actual subject of your deliberate manifestation if it makes you feel good otherwise it is unnecessary to do so especially if it feels like it is contributing to the Absence vibration of what you are after. What you want has already been vibrationally created in the moment of you wanting it so there's no further vibrational work required here towards getting it.

  4. Let go of thinking "How" something is going to manifest. I have found again and again that it often comes in the most unexpected and unusual ways. And that's because I usually already have strong built-up resistance about the expected way it should come...otherwise I would already have it :) So it comes through a different and unexpected (to me) "path of least resistance".

  5. Always remember that, if you keep following this process, then whatever happens to you is for your benefit even if it doesn't seem like it at the time. Even if one door appears to be closing, another is simultaneously opening. Though often it won't be until much later (after you've got what you want) that you see that what seemed like a "bad thing" at the time was actually a "good thing".

alt text

The simplest summary of all of this approach is (courtesy of Abraham):

Vortex First, Any Way You Can, Then Everything Else.


answered 02 Jun '14, 03:47

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edited 02 Jun '14, 03:48

Notes taken Stingray! I won't fall into the "I don't have it yet" trap for sure. I'm strictly envisioning myself as vividly as I can "in the end" happy and excited and smiling about my new career (what ever it is)

(02 Jun '14, 20:16) Eldavo

Yes we all could help you, as you so said in the last paragraph.

All of us imagining you happily employed, making a good livelihood.

I think this is a grand idea for a manifesting experiment!


answered 01 Jun '14, 22:36

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Wade Casaldi

Thank you Wade

(02 Jun '14, 20:17) Eldavo

If I can very humbly add to Sintgray's advice and specifically to his point 4, one of the most powerful tricks I've learned is to focus solely on the very end result, which in most cases is happiness plus a few personal desires.

What I mean is that you can't be sure that a "successful career" is the best way for you to reach happiness... if you leave it to the universe, it will come up with the very best path.

I'll be thinking of you! M


answered 02 Jun '14, 06:41

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Very good point maugi! The universe may very well give me the winning lottery numbers instead of a new career.

(02 Jun '14, 20:22) Eldavo

I have found myself in a similar situation, but my ordeal started last October. My problem is that I have been working IT contract work and it has worked for me in the past, but since last September the jobs seem to have dried up.

So I have been out of work since September 2013, have absolutely no money left, I'm living on charity and going to the food bank to survive. My family has always been incredibly dysfunctional and they have never really wanted to help, but I do have a few friends who have been giving me some support.

The advice I got here has helped me through all of this, but now it's getting worse because I have been informed where I'm currently staying will no longer be available for me after August 1st. With no money to move or put things into storage I will truly be homeless by then if I cannot manifest a job soon.

I have been imagining myself fully employed and happy with a new job. That has kept me positive. I have not been employing EFT though...perhaps I should...especially now because it has been very difficult not to panic. I'm still holding my own though. What I have been doing every night is walking. I find walking to be a great exercise and it gives me plenty of time to think and plan what I should be doing.

While I walk I am constantly going through affirmations telling myself that I WILL accomplish what I need to do to survive. I imagine myself in various jobs and how I will be when I can afford my own food again. I am constantly thinking out loud what I will do with my new job, and plan my financial agenda to get back on my feet. In short, I try to continually visualize and affirm how I will enjoy my new job and finances.

However, perhaps what I'm doing wrong is focusing too much on an outcome. Perhaps I just need to be more "general" and not focus too much on the type of work I have been doing in the past few years. Perhaps I just need to focus on living the life I desire and not what I "think" I should be doing. Isn't that just the same as trying to predict "how" one will achieve their goal?

I any case, my walks are the most enjoyable part of my day. I feel really good when I plan my finances, future work, and how I can also return to school in the future once I'm working again. I get energized when I "plan"...but maybe that "planning" is what is causing my problem? Maybe I'm just too focused on an outcome and need to think of something else.


answered 02 Jun '14, 13:00

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Pacal Votan

edited 02 Jun '14, 23:24

Thank you Pacal. When you are imagining yourself and using affirmations it sounds to me you are being vague to yourself. I'm imagining that "I actually have it" to the point where I have to shake my head and say "Whoa! that was deep, it felt like I was actually there in the future."

(02 Jun '14, 20:37) Eldavo

What kind of IT contract work?

(02 Jun '14, 21:58) maugi

Eldavo: You're probably right. I was asking about my methodology in another post a few months ago, but I am wondering if affirmations, planning, and visualizing what my life will look like after a new job is doing nothing more than thinking about the future, and not behaving like I have already reached my goal.

(02 Jun '14, 23:16) Pacal Votan

Maugi: I have been working as a business analyst and project manager in recent years. Most of the work has been dealing with geographic information systems (GIS), but I have worked on other non-GIS projects as well. I think the market is in a lull right now for that expertise...hopefully it will pick up soon.

(02 Jun '14, 23:18) Pacal Votan
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Apart from all that has already been mentioned I wish to say that you dwell in the domain that you are constantly vibrating whether consciously or not. Vibrations can be modified and routine living in the "now" vortex is quite possible, there are many ways of achieving it and here's an easy and simple way, use the natural power of the whirlpool rings

alt text

all you need to do is place the individual pattern of your actual vibrations, a photo for example, on the central amplifier (the 12 concentric circles) and allow it to do all the work for you.

On the same line of thought you can use this device

alt text

to manifest whatever you wish.


answered 03 Jun '14, 03:37

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Interesting. I can't find any info on this... would you have any pointers? Thanks

(03 Jun '14, 06:07) maugi

@maugi take a look at the question (and answers) to "does anyone know where I can find radionic graphs for mental-programming similar to the servranx graphs but written in english?" :)

(03 Jun '14, 11:38) jaz

As long as you go with the truth you should not deceive your self or get deceived by other. Do not get your hope to high if they need your help they will ask for you if not seek somewhere else. Do not imagine to much either know the truth to not deceive your self. find the living one within and be that light what ever other on the outside do,say and judge of you. go in and out and find pasture.

the truth is even better then this:

yet I give you this video as something visual that can explain it to you.

whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God."

john 14.2-4

john 17.21-26

Let there be light, Be the light that you can be, Experience and enjoy.


answered 02 Jun '14, 08:35

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white tiger

edited 02 Jun '14, 12:31


Thank you White Tigher

(02 Jun '14, 20:58) Eldavo
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