I was reading an essay for my college class which was about gender differences and the role of women in the society from the perspective of several 19th century thinkers and writers. It was a clearly anti-feminist stuff that vexed me and felt utterly "wrong". My first thought about it was that those ideas did not resonate with me; therefore, they are not true. Then I realized that the ideas proposed there might have felt "wrong", because they threatened my ego, making it feel unworthy.

I would like to bring another such example from a couple of years ago. Back then I was new to all this spiritual/metaphysical knowledge and experience; and in addition, I was suffering from suicidal depression. The mere thought of our immortality felt soo "wrong" to me and made me even more depressed. My egoistic self which had me believing that I was completely tired of life, could not bear the thought of eternal existence that implied eternal suffering. Nevertheless, I still believed it to be true, because hundreds of sources claimed it to be that way. But I could not understand why the idea of our immortality was not resonating with me, if it was true. One day, when my ego's self torture had gone through the roof, it suddenly annihilated, freeing me from all its negativity. An immediate realization came that my depressed self was simply threatened by the idea of eternal existence because it had mistaken my ego for my real self and thought that it would exist forever along with its negativity.

So, my question is how can I know something to be true by seeing whether it resonates with me or not without the intervention of the ego.

asked 02 Nov '15, 17:27

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Interesting question @moonlights9 it highlights prevalent deeply ingrained limiting beliefs "there's just one truth", "I can't obtain what I want", "beliefs are not a choice", "seeing is believing"

(04 Nov '15, 02:48) jaz
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how can I know something to be true by seeing whether it resonates with me or not without the intervention of the ego

Any time you feel bad, it means that your Higher Self doesn't agree with your Ego Self and has a different perspective. Once your Ego Self lets go of fear-based beliefs or finds alignment in other ways, true knowing reveals itself natrually. And you can easily tell whether or not something comes from your Ego Self or your Higher Self because the latter genuinely feels good. It feels clear and light. It feels self-evident, easy and joyful.

Nevertheless, I still believed it to be true, because hundreds of sources claimed it to be that way.

Even though something might seem true because logic (i.e. Ego Self) says so, it doesn't necessarily have to feel good. Actually, logic can feel pretty bad at times. If it does feel good, it means your Ego Self is in perfect alignment with your Higher Self on that topic. So you can trust your Ego Self here because its information not only comes from logic but also from the heart. But if it feels bad, then Ego Self's information only comes from (false and seemingly-true) logic. Feeling bad also means that your Higher Self is inviting your Ego Self to seek alignment with its perspective in any way he can so they can work together on joyful experiences.


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Thank you for your answer! It cleared things up for me :)

(03 Nov '15, 01:50) moonlights9

@moonlights9 You are welcome.

(03 Nov '15, 07:44) releaser99

release, good response, when there is resonance with universal good personal good does not create friction

(04 Nov '15, 15:45) fred
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