It is often said (by Abraham Hicks, for example) that there is enough of everything and that the universe has the ability to manifest every imaginable desire.

While that thought definitely feels good to me and I want to accept and believe it, I really wonder how this is possible because right now, I can't quite believe it.

What makes me doubt, is the following (very unlikely) scenario: Every person on earth has the desire to quit their jobs and they want to spend the rest of their life laying at the beach and live a very luxurious life without working at all. If the statements "There is enough of everything", "You don't have to give back" and "You are already deserving of everything" are true for everyone, then how would the universe deliver all the things that those people need (assumed that everyone is in alignment with this desire)?

Where would the food, the clothes, the staff, etc. come from? Don't some people have to do something for the "lazy" people to provide their stuff (e.g. they have to work)?

I know this is, as I said, a very unlikely scenario and is possibly never going to happen, but still, I'd love to know the answer.

To further illustrate my question and to explain why it is so hard for me to accept the fact that everyone on earth theoretically doesn't have to do anything is this (also, unlikely and crazy, but possible) idea:

Let's say that I have the burning desire to have a person who is going to accompany me now from today till the rest of his life, every day, all day. The person would live my life and wouldn't have a life of one's own. So, by thinking of this desire, I already created it vibrationally. If I would align myself with it, I would get right, right? But what if there is not a single person on this planet who wants to fulfill this desire for me? If everyone isn't obligated to do anything? Where would this person come from if everyone's only job is to be in the vortex and to experience the things that are there and no one desires to accompany myself for the rest of my life?

I know those questions are a bit special, but until I know more about this, I can't accept the fact that I can take whatever I want without giving back. It is the only thing about the universe that just doesn't make sense to me yet. If I don't have to do anything at all, then everyone else has the same right. But where do my things come from? My food, clothes, the people that I want to work for me, etc.

Why can I have as much staff and stuff that I want while I, theoretically, don't have to do anything else than thinking good feeling thoughts?

EDIT 02/13/2015:

I guess I have to ask my question in a different way:

What if everyone would just stop doing what they currently do (because according to many teachers, no one is theoretically obligated to do anything other than feeling good) and everyone is in alignment with their desires, where would all the things come from? Not because they don't like their jobs or because they think working is bad.

Of course, there are many people how love their jobs and would never quit and if people are taking inspired action, they will fulfill many desires that others have. It is not my desire at all to live the examples that I gave. I just wanted to take some extreme situations to define my question a little better.

Or another way to ask the question is: If I have the desire for some material things, don't I, in the same time, that I ask source for this, obligate someone to produce it for me? Doesn't that then mean again, that people are obligated to fulfill the desires of others? So the sentence "You don't have to do give back" is ultimately not really true?

Not because "having to work" is bad or because I want to live that life that I described, just out of curiosity and to make sense of it all. As Abraham state it, we are all free to do whatever we want to do. But if desires obligate others to do something they don't want, then we don't have free will to do whatever we want, don't we? Unless, of course what we do thrills us and is inspired. But this is not what I mean. I know that I can't create for others, so if someone does something for me they don't want, it is not my fault. When they decide they don't want to do it anymore, they'll stop. But what if there's no one who wants to fulfill my desires because they want to do something else instead and are in alignment with it? How is my desire then fulfilled?

If the answer to my question simply is: My desire of something awakens the desire to fulfill it in someone else, than I know how this works and it is fine. Then the statements "You don't have to give back" and "Your only real work is to feel good" "You have free will to do whatever you what" are just not true.

Hope it's clearer now.

asked 12 Feb '16, 14:29

spacemetalfantasy's gravatar image


edited 13 Feb '16, 05:51

I felt moved to give this response - I hope some of it is useful to you.

I think this stuff is really hard to understand with our brains, because once we've been living in physical bodies for a couple of decades, we've really absorbed as true the idea that there is separation. We genuinely believe "I am a separate individual and that person over there digging ditches is also a separate individual". It makes it really difficult (maybe impossible) to use logic to understand things like the claims of Abraham that there is more than enough for everyone and that you can never deprive anyone of their fair share. From our brain-based human "reality" perspective, that just sounds totally untrue. Right?

I think part of the issue is that in our expanded selves' (our non-physical selves, whatever you prefer to call it) reality, we don't perceive or experience there to be a total separation between individuals. We may see at as all one thing exploring, or some other metaphor I can't grasp with my human brain. But I think it might be kind of like we're all playing a game together, and when you play a game you need to separate into teams so you can experience certain ups and downs and adventures, but the game isn't "real", the separation isn't "real". But these things are so hard, maybe impossible (unless you're doing ayahuasca or something like that, heh) for us to really intellectually understand... that then we end up trying to work out the details of how on earth "I" can be "rich" without depriving "someone else", and it just doesn't add up for us. I totally get that, it's something I am working through right now myself. I'm not at the end of the process, so I totally hear and understand your confusion about it. But I sometimes get glimpses while meditating of the oneness of everyone. So I'm starting to be prepared to believe that it doesn't have to make sense to my brain right now for it still to be real.

Abraham and Jerry used to tell a story that when they started hearing Abraham's teachings, Jerry would demand to know how on earth there could be "enough for everyone", and no deprivation, when someone "still has to drill for the oil and dig the potatoes", ie do the jobs nobody wants to do if they have another choice. And Abraham would airily answer that once everyone really wasn't willing to do those jobs anymore, they would vibrate out of our culture. This used to make little sense to me, intellectually.

BUT. Is it not true that our own culture is going through several shifts? Are we not moving away from a petroleum-based economy to a renewable-based one? Are many, many people not leaving traditional employment to make money in the "gig economy"? Which is not to say that there are no growing pains in these things. But I do increasingly think that we're living through the type of shift Abraham has been talking about. Occasionally I read articles by economists who believe that we are moving toward a "post-scarcity" culture, where there is literally more than enough of everything for anyone who wants/needs it. I don't think these ideas are impossible. I think our culture is just moving through a growth spurt, away from ideas about work, money and poverty that are old and outdated and toward new ones most of us can't conceive of yet.


answered 16 Feb '16, 17:07

corduroypower's gravatar image


Wow, @corduroypower - your answer really got to the root where my question came from. Thank you so much, I felt so relieved when I read your words. And I came to the same conclusion in the last 24 hours - we really are one consciousness and linked together all the time, so every desire is always balanced with its complement. That's what I understood so far and to me, things finally start to make sense. Lots of love to you.

(17 Feb '16, 06:33) spacemetalfantasy

I think the problem with those thought experiments you mentioned is that they are always going to be limited in their perspective. Mostly because the human mind tends to reflect his own desire as it is now (and desires definitely change over time!) and project them onto others.

To give you a slightly different perspective, I can give you an example of my own life.

Once it was my desire to "lay at the beach and live a very luxurious life without working at all" and I was thinking similar thoughts. But now after achieving alignment with previous desires my desires changed to the complete opposite of this idea.

Right now, I never want to stop "working" (aka having fun) to just lay at the beach and bore myself to death. In fact, I would rather enjoy myself to death and croak at the peak of my physical experience working on something.

The by-product of me having fun actually is that I'm more productive than at those times when I was thinking that I would rather do nothing and lay at the beach.

Alignment brings inspiration and inspiration leads to highly productive action.

The only reason many people think of wanting to do nothing as the ultimate life goal is that they just feel that working is some kind of punishment. They feel, powerless, overwhelmed and stressed out. Then, of course, it's logical to rather want to do nothing. Everyone would prefer doing nothing to being whipped.

Now the question arises why we have the joyful desire to be producitve (or to better put, why we have the desire to be involved in the creation process rather than just creating everything instantly out of thin air) ones we are in alignment with ourselves. The answer is simply that the Universe orchestrates things perfectly in this process of creation on earth. Without the process of creating/working, it would be boring to create everything out of thin air.

We could eat all meals of our lives instantly, without chewing and tasting. But wouldn't you rather eat one meal at a time and enjoy every bit of it and process it slowly over time by extracting every taste, aroma and good feeling out of it?

The Universe orchestrates desires to keep everything in its perfect order. It could do it without the creation/production/working PROCESS but than we wouldn't need this physical experience here on earth.

From a physical perspective, we humans tend to think that on logical level we know it all. But we don't.

The desires to drink, eat or have sex are just a few of many desires that keep the ball rolling. There are general desires like these and there are more specific desires such as wanting to be a ballet dancer or a butcher, wanting to travel the world etc. And we really have no clue why we have those desires even if we come up with seemingly logical reasons.

So, the Universe orchestrates everything perfectly in this process of creation even if we choose to not take part in it in a good feeling way. Alignment of every desire is guarenteed forever.

The real question is:

Are you interested in participating actively in this perfect, giant orchestra by feeling miserable or by feeling wonderful, exhilerated and ecstatic?


answered 12 Feb '16, 20:16

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"Alignment brings inspiration and inspiration leads to highly productive action"

I disagree. It can at times, but many times, feeling inspiration does not guruntee one to take action. Taking action is how life works, not feeling good.

If you gave this advise to JK Rowling, she never would have wrote Harry Potter. In countless interviews, she would never wait around for inspiration to write- she just did it and got it done.

(13 Feb '16, 01:05) Nikulas

@releaser99 thank you for your answer. I have edited my question to ask more specifically. The Universe orchestrates desires to keep everything in its perfect order. It could do it without the creation/production/working PROCESS but than we wouldn't need this physical experience here on earth." How does the universe manifest those things without the help of humans? This is exactly my question.

(13 Feb '16, 04:26) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy "How does the universe manifest those things without the help of humans?" - It doesn't need to process it because it already exists in the Vortex Pie. Physical experience is just an illusion of motion. So for example, building a house doesn't create it.

(13 Feb '16, 07:27) releaser99

@releaser99, wow this is really interesting stuff. I've never looked at it before. Does this mean, that I don't depend on other people, like in the example with the house, to build it? I'm not sure if I understand that mechanism yet, but it's sounds very fascinating. Thank you. :)

(15 Feb '16, 13:27) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy There seems to be something about "depending on other people" that makes you feel "obligated" in a negative way :). You don't feel you obligate people to answer your questions on IQ, do you? :). Keep in mind that you never depend on anyone to be, do or have whatever you want. The only thing that matters is your thought alignment with your vision. Everything that follows is an orchestration with things and people that match your state of being.

(15 Feb '16, 23:08) releaser99

If you choose to see other people's part in the orchestra as an "obligation" for you or for them, you'll attract people that'll feel obligated and forced to be with you. But if you choose to see other people's part as an enriching co-creational experience, then you'll attract people that feel joyfully drawn to co-create with you.

(15 Feb '16, 23:09) releaser99

Trying to avoid and pushing against other people's part in the orchestra to avoid feelings of "obligation" will make it very hard for you to give a solo concert :). Because what you don't like and what you try to avoid at all cost will be drawn into your life.

(15 Feb '16, 23:12) releaser99

@releaser99 - Lovely feeling, this IQ synchronicity. I didn't know I needed to hear these last three comments of yours, I just dropped by to see what you were sharing, but this is just what I needed, just when I needed it. My heart has lightened, my head has cleared, I'm feeling peaceful and well again - I remember now. Thank you. :)

(16 Feb '16, 01:42) Grace

@releaser99, yes, you're so right, that really troubles me :) I guess I have problems with accepting that I can "use" other people for my manifestations to occur. That I can "take without giving". But maybe I just need to accept that, or, I'll get a really good explanation why things work that way :)

(16 Feb '16, 04:04) spacemetalfantasy

@Grace @spacemetalfantasy It's always a pleasure to be "used" by you here in the IQ-orchestra :). I like that sound :).

(16 Feb '16, 07:55) releaser99

@releaser99 Glad I can "use" you regularly, it's always fun and interesting to interact with you :)

(17 Feb '16, 07:05) spacemetalfantasy
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There's a few flaws with your thinking. Imagine all the millionaires and billionaires in the world right now e.g. Elon Musk, Richard Branson why don't they all just quit and lay on the beach all day.

Although that sounds like a fun thing to do, this is only from a perspective of someone slogging through life, 'trying' to make things work which will make you very tired, wanting to lay on the beach all day.

From someone who is in alignment and having fun doing "work" this sounds like the most boring thing, me included.


answered 13 Feb '16, 04:34

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@freedomdude, the examples that I gave are completely made up and are not really meaningful. All I actually want to know is, how are the things created (see my edit of the question.) and on what conditions do they depend?

(15 Feb '16, 13:29) spacemetalfantasy

Leaving the Law of Attraction aside, if you believe in something like God, an all powerful being, a creator, or whatever you chose to name it, I don't see why there cannot be enough of everything.

Maybe you DO have to give back, but your definition of "giving back" may be a bit wiry, because you seem to think that "giving back" can only be giving back to humans and in terms of work.

You could actually also be giving back, for instance, to Mother Nature instead of humans. Mother Nature could be the one giving you food such as wild animals, plants, etc, instead of humans. She could also be the one giving the things you need apart from food.

Who knows, humans might eventually evolve to a state where they do not require food anymore. The only reason why humans need to work now is because they need food and shelter in order to survive. If these two are eliminated, then there is no reason why people can't just sit around all day long doing nothing.

EDIT: Forgot to add too, in today's increasingly digital age, it is not hard to see how one can manifest freely or do not need to exchange something substantial in return. For instance, people who create e-books or games - They might only spend a few months creating these items, but go on to sell them for like ten years or more. These ten years they would be practically "Doing nothing" and "manifesting out of thin air" as you mentioned, especially if there is not much cost involved in updating the e-book or games.


answered 15 Feb '16, 18:22

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edited 15 Feb '16, 22:51

@kakaboo - thank you for your insights. Good example with the e-books. Yes, I slowly begin to understand how things work. Have a nice day.

(17 Feb '16, 07:02) spacemetalfantasy
  • Coming from an anti- law of attraction person, here is my answer:

Your skeptical questioning is evidence of a healthy mind.

Largely because, what has been described in your question and what Abraham preaches is (my fact) utter BS, and I think you are just clued in enough to see through all of it.

Just because something is popular, or has a following, or has lots of books/videos/teachers/seminars about it, does not make it truthful or valid. I fell pray to this years ago, evident on the amount of posts I have posted on here from years ago.

The sad thing was I believed in this stuff enough to apply myself as fully as I could. Yet deep in my psyche, I knew something was off. I was not able to come to a conclusive place that the law of attraction could be used as a tool of helping me out.

Here's the reason I stayed in it for so long: one somebody tells you all you have to do it feel good for a situation to resolve itself or get what you want in life, that advise is very appealing to the ego. It is a calculated, brain gymnastics way of letting you off the hook of facing issues directly in your life. Eg: Instead of doing an action you know will produce a result, feel good first and then take action. ISSUE: You will end up waiting around forever.

And sad to say, people with depression are usually attracted to this material because it asks to do little psychological effort to improve your situation. Have you noticed most of this law of attraction stuff is very easy work to do? People are wired to go towards easy things and avoid things that require effort.

You can get practically anything you want in life if you have this: a willingness to work for it, self discipline, and then actually working for it. Inevitably, yes, you will probably feel good pursuing your goals and taking action to achieve them. However, a big secret of successful people is that they sometimes do things that need to be done to get them to their goals, whether they FEEL like doing it or not.

And this is one prime contention I have with the law of attraction; it defines feelings and gives feelings more authority and conviction than they deserve.

Don't get me wrong, feelings are an important aspect of your life...But you do not have to be at the mercy of them in order to get things done or create results.

And I hate to end this on a bad note, but I guess your are intelligent enough to hear me out because this last point is a practical point for all: If a person is not willing to experience even the tiniest bit of negative emotion, or discomfort...they are in an incredibly weak position. They are not going to be able to get anything done, and they will not have the adult skill of being able to help themselves.


answered 13 Feb '16, 01:03

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@Nikulas I respect your view on the whole LOA thing but don't you think it has enormous benefits too? If you think about it, the majority of people have imposed some kind of artificial limitation on themselves which doesn't let them act accordingly; they think "I can't do it., It isn't possible., Why would I apply to that job, they will surely pick someone else." etc. LOA and other spiritual teachings can help people believe in themselves, in their power, they can realize that ultimately..

(13 Feb '16, 07:46) Marin

everything is OK. It gives a sort of peace to the mind. The message I get from the teachings is literally: "Just *ucking do it! There's nothing to be afraid of" Personally, it helped me so I can help myself get out of depression and negativity I was in. I am now more free, happy, love myself, more bold, more selfaware, more confident, I dont doubt my actions so much anymore and so I act more. I do what I want when I want, in the moral boundaries of course and for the good of all.

(13 Feb '16, 07:48) Marin

Those, and many more I didn't mention, are the crucial benefits, even though "you get whatever you wish for"-concept, may not be true.

(13 Feb '16, 07:49) Marin


I respect the self empowerment aspect....actually, I don't, and here is why:

It is self belief in an untrue falacy. I would prefer to have someone have strong conviction in themselves period, without a need to place their power in some other force or credit to a religion.

This is known as an external locus of control- believing you dont have the power without credit to LOA. having this trait is common to people pleasers.

(13 Feb '16, 07:52) Nikulas

(cont). Self empowerment is good but it needs to come truely from a healthy self perception, healthy self intimacy and non negotiable self respect. Being empowered because of understands of LOA is the same as having a gym junkie not eating well but snorting amphetamines; it'll give him energy and get things done, but its coming from the wrong place and because the conviction is not from within himself, its not durable.

(13 Feb '16, 07:55) Nikulas

Here is everything about LOA and the fact of it. And by fact, I mean my opinion.

LOA is a product that sells for money. it is not a 'thing' it is a sold mindset. It is the same as the pickup artistry movement- it is a product.

(13 Feb '16, 07:57) Nikulas

"It is self belief in an untrue falacy. I would prefer to have someone have strong conviction in themselves period, without a need to place their power in some other force or credit to a religion." religions exist since the beginning of time, it's natural for people to give credit to something "external"(and maybe untrue). Even whole modern countries are forged on beliefs of religions. People find shelter in it.

(13 Feb '16, 09:01) Marin

I don't see a problem in that. It's just a matter of preference; someone is catholic, someone jewish, someone a LOA person, someone a science person, someone all of it together. I know a physicist, world-renowed scientist, who is a catholic with all his heart. He finds strenght in his religion and that is alright. Is christianity or any other religion a manmade construct that sells for money too? Yes, some people would argue.

(13 Feb '16, 09:03) Marin

But then again, people's beliefs(in all of their diversity) give meaning to their lives. LOA is like any other religion, but instead of believing in an external god, you believe in god in yourself.

(13 Feb '16, 09:05) Marin

As for the selfempowerment part, you can think of LOA and other spiritual stuff like they are merely tools; like any other psychiatrist and psychologist would be, but instead of having someone else ask you questions(and maybe give you "medications" so you become and addict for the rest of your life) and you give answers to them, you can ask yourself quetions and find a way out of limitations yourself.

(13 Feb '16, 09:16) Marin

Ok. Well Ive shown you my point of view, and again to reiterate, I dont like LOA because it gets people placing power in something outside of themselves (whether its labelled a universal law or whatever). I see what your opinion is. Unless you have other questions, I think we're done.

(13 Feb '16, 19:27) Nikulas
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