I know that resistance and beliefs and emotional 'muck' can make it hard for intuition to be heard but in my experience it is always still there as a hint of the next step to take. Will following these cues to a T always lead into the optimal experiences, knowledge, insights, methods necessary to completely dissolve what gets in the way of a life of health, abundance, joy, happiness and creativity? I guess what I'm trying to get at is: is intuition ALWAYS enough or is there more to the story?

For instance, will intuition lead into clearing methods to clear limiting beliefs or is that a rational choice we make in order that our intuition can be more clearly heard? Or still, if one indeed decides to only follow intuition, will that in itself generally clear things without the necessity of clearing methods? I will give an example: throughout one's life, one was called out (and emotionally reacted) for a certain personality trait like being too naive. So throughout his life, was intuition always leading him in directions that made him more aware of that so as to strengthen its opposite or the trait that he truly wanted to nourish instead?

So, do we need clearing methods at all if we mostly follow our intuition?

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Good question!

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Yes, most likely you do.

Following your intuition will raise your overall energy. This means you will experience everything with more intensity- your joy will be more extatic, but latent unease will become pain and dispair.

This is a good thing, because it will tell you which negative beliefs you need to let go of.

In order to minimize the time spent dealing with negative beliefs, I recommend Bashar's method.

You follow your intuition- he phrases it as "You follow your highest excitement, to the best of your ability, with no expectation of a particular outcome." This will raise your energy. Then, when your latent emotional aches and pains grow stronger because you have more energy, you focus on a particular feeling, and ask yourself: What would I need to believe in order to feel this?

Then you repeat the process until you get the sense that you exposed a fundamental belief. If you did, then that's it- this is the end of the process. No further clearing is needed, because once you exposed a negative belief, the very fact that it is a negative belief and not something true causes it to dissipate.

If you get a sense that a belief cannot be cleared with this method, that itself is a belief and can be treated with that method. For example, there is no such thing as a "deep belief"- It's just a belief and just as easy to change as any other, if you change the "belief that some beliefs are hard to change" first.

Then you repeat this process for each and anything that might come up, and keep raising your energy.

At some point, there no longer will be negative beliefs to let go of- just ideas you no longer need. But the process stays the same forever.

Short answer: Yes, but the clearing methods can be extremely short.


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