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Surprised! I mean have you come across this question any time from anybody at any point of time with somebody when you are talking to them. What do you feel when somebody tells you 'why are you telling me this?'. I have come across this situation when my friends asked me this question.. when I told them something which is not part of the conversation that we are taking about? When the conversation goes somewhere it might seems to be a correct question when someone/body is asking 'Why you are telling me this?'. But this is not that situation which you might be thinking. You may be surprise to know why people ask that question because it might not into experience of someone. People will not ask you that question when you interrupt them in something when they are telling to you instead they asking you that question when you tell them 'THE UTMOST TRUTH' which is applicable to all and when they connect the deeper insight of the actual thing you are talking about, then immediately they come across this question. This is something like you are introducing yourself to the new kind of people around you though you know them from years.

Let me know your experience. Thank you.

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Let me see if I understand your question. I imagine the following situation: somebody is telling you something and it inspires you to some answer of your own which seems to you to be the "utmost truth", but then the person doesn't even understand what you are talking about?

There's a very simple answer to that: we all live in parallel realities! Therefore, none of us really understand thought by the means of the worlds that arrive to our brain from outer sources.

It means that when a person is speaking to you, you don't understand the real meaning of that, but the interpretation your brain gives to it. Your answer is understood by the other person in the same way. Therefore, two people talking to each other may be talking about different issues and not even realize that!

Example: this answer may be completely out of synch with which you really asked, for I am answering to my own interpretation of it. Get it?

Then you ask: Why are you telling me this? :)


answered 27 Jan '17, 10:39

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