I believe thoughts create reality; that my thoughts are based on my beliefs; that ultimately my reality is created by my beliefs. If so, all I have to do to change something that I want to change in my reality is to believe something different. Although I have been successful in changing some of my beliefs with the techniques I learned from Abraham's books, they were all beliefs related to my judgement on past events or to other people or to circumstances around me.

I realize now that I have never been able to change much what I think about myself and my judgement of my achievements, and that may be due to the response I get from other people. I think an example would clarify the situation:

Let's say a person wants to develop a skill (here comes the piano story again!:) The person is perfectionist and is never satisfied with her results. That is because her teachers would always correct her and would make her feel she doesn't have talent and that she will never develop into a pianist. At first she fights this line of thought, but is finally forced to see that "reality" and accept it.

Now, if we create our own reality, then the reality of this person is been created by her own thoughts and beliefs. I mean, I know I have created this reality from the first time I ever walked into a teacher's room : I attracted those teachers!

It means that deep inside I really never believed I could, even when I thought I believed I could. I accept it's my own doing.

Now, I would like to change that belief. I realize I have been telling the same story all along - a story of failure. I understand that in order to change my reality I would have to tell a different story: I would have to tell a story of success, instead of telling a story of failure.

The problem is that telling that story feels like lying. I cannot tell myself I am a good pianist because I don't believe that. I cannot tell other people something I don't believe because it feels like lying to them.

I realize I would need somebody to tell me a different story, but then again, I'll only attract people that would tell me that different story if I were able to change the story I tell to myself first.

How can I tell a different story when I feel my story is the "true" story? What's the difference between telling a different story and lying?

How can I change this story of failure into one of success and believe that new story is not a lie?

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"The problem is that telling that story feels like lying."

hmm . . . perhaps the old story you've been telling yourself for years is the lie .

(08 Feb '17, 13:18) ele

Seems to me you have many negative and false beliefs about yourself.

Just because you told yourself that story so many times in the past does not make it true.

(08 Feb '17, 13:30) ele

@ele, You know, I've got to the same conclusion! ;) I decided to change my point of view, and from that new point of view I came to new thoughts and beliefs that just don't feel like lies to me. Now I do know how to tell a different story. Thank you.

(08 Feb '17, 14:46) VitoriaRegia

The only difference I believe is simply how you feel about it,,,if it feels wrong,I dont do it,our words and how we use them are key...love and light...

(27 Feb '17, 19:06) Roy
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What's the difference between telling a different story and lying?

"Lying" is "telling a different story" with self-judgement/self-punishment (shame/guilt).

"Telling a different story" is "lying" without self-judgement/self-punishment.

How can I change this story of failure into one of success and believe that new story is not a lie?

Let go of the underlying belief(s) that reinforces guilt and shame when trying to tell a different story. Basically, it feels safer to you to tell how physical reality is right now instead of telling how vibrational reality is right now. Ask yourself:

"What am I terrified of? What specific, horrible event could happen in the future if I were to easily tell a different story?"


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@releaser99, thank you for your answer, it really touched on a subject that is very difficult for me to handle: what I am afraid of is to inspire feelings of jealousy in others, which has happened in the past and hurt me a lot. I never thought that my wanting to be better than my past selves would make people believe I wanted to be better than them, and that they felt like that made me feel guilty. I am maybe just keeping myself stuck in the same place for fear...

(30 Jan '17, 17:01) VitoriaRegia

@releaser99 cont. - However, I know that we cannot create reality to others; that I am not responsible for what they feel, and that I cannot hold myself back because other people are not aligned. It really helped, thank you.

(30 Jan '17, 17:03) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia - You are most welcome. I'm glad it helped.

(30 Jan '17, 17:21) releaser99
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I recently heard an Abraham tape answering your questions:

Never face reality unless you want to stay right there forever

Towards the end of the video, they basically say, that when you are aligned with your "lies", then you are not lying but telling your new, preferred story.

Maybe right now, telling yourself that you're an awesome pianist is too much of a vibrational jump, but you can definitely go there gradually.

Start with general sentences like:

"I may no be a perfect pianist right now, but that doesn't mean I will never be one."

"Many terrific pianist once were where I am now."

"If I tap into the infinite intelligence of my vortex, I have access to my true talent, and that's exactly how all of these grand musicians once did it. All they did was going into the receptive mode (probably not on purpose :) and let go of all doubts and concerns. The magic of the vortex can take me there as well if I allow."

"I remember softly, that if I really believe in something, it has to happen. Law of Attraction makes sure of that. And the site Inward Quest offers plenty of information on how to change my beliefs to do exactly that."

"The only reason why I am not where I am is because I have resistance to my desire. All the other components have already been gathered. I just have to tell another story and start to trust in the process."

Another great Abraham tape that speaks of the "doneness" of a desire:

It's done! Just catch up with it!

Hope this helps.


answered 30 Jan '17, 15:27

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@spacemetalfantasy, thank you for the videos, they helped a lot. Sure enough, I have to take the first step and get the courage to tell my story the way I want it to be. It's not really a matter of a professional career to me, so I don't really have to tell stories to other people... I just have to tell the story to myself and believe it, so that I can shake off this feeling of failure which is so uncomfortable to me.

(30 Jan '17, 17:12) VitoriaRegia

@spacemetalfantasy, (cont.) - Aside from that, the matter of learning how to tell a different story is of the utmost importance to any person wanting to create their own reality - so I think this question and the answers are going to help a lot of our friends here on IQ :)

(30 Jan '17, 17:19) VitoriaRegia

Lies leave the underlying negative beliefs intact, which leads to unpleasant cognitive dissonance within the present moment, which encourages you to behave erratically.

Telling a different story is a natural consequence of clearing negative beliefs you hold about yourself, and only creates a cognitive dissonance between who you are now and who you remember yourself to be, which encourages you to focus on the present moment and behave consistently.

Put differently, to tell a different story, you recognize your own authority to define your story, and demonstrates your proficiency in first acknowledging then uprooting through awareness any beliefs that contradict it, while a lie reinforces the negative belief through the frivolous attempt to cover it up without first acknowledging it, leading to resistance.

In Abe speak, to tell a different story is to focus on what you are wanting. To tell a lie is to focus on the lack of what you are wanting. When you notice a lingering bad feeling, you pause, and ask: Where did that come from? Then you acknowledge the emotion and the belief, and go right back to telling your new story.

In Huna terms, the difference between a lie and a different story is the lack of resistance in your body, because when you uncover a complex by doing something different, you resolve it and keep nourishing your new dream until it replaced the old one. This is only possible if all resistance to the new dream is resolved. You will, however, only be able to remove spiritual resistance if your statement is in line with the inspiration you receive from your higher mind, and is, hence effective.

In my terms, it's only a lie if you don't believe it to your core, and you will only be able to believe it to your core if it's loving, and hence, true.

Note that this process is best done by yourself or as an exercise with like-minded people, until you feel inspired to share it.


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