What is the instructions are require for the beginner to control the nature elements? Tell me everything about to controlling them........ And last I want to know about chakras, their mudras, chants everything I want to know to be the one with the nature elements..............I am looking for full support from you guys...... I am tired of my machine life...... I have to do something that people recognise me......... In this world of hatred, people living their life is too easy and simple but in reality it's not that simple....... I think you guys know better than me......... My real name is Aaryan......................I ask these question because I believe in you guys show me true goal of my life.......I also read many of you guys comments in this site.... Those were complicated for me to understand.... But I am trying understand those thoughts and your feelings. At last tell me the your first time training so I can easily think your situation and start to reach my goal...... Thank you.

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@Razor, you've tried to bypass the 1,000 character minimum limit by padding out your question with full stops (periods). The limit exists to prevent abuse of the question-asking feature of Inward Quest. Every question can have more genuine detail added (even just with examples). We'll allow this question on this occasion since you are new to Inward Quest and you've made some attempt to add extra information to the question. If it happens again, we will delete/close your question. Thanks

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Interesting question. By nature elements do you mean the Fae Realm? I used to be good friends with the Fae before my medication was increased for no reason. It became harder to connect with them after that so I just let that chapter of my life close. They did help me grow an impressive garden. I think the nature realm needs less humans 'controling' it and more friends helping it.

I suggest gardening, if you can find a place to do so. Many cities have communinity gardens. You can learn a lot about manifestation in the process of growing a garden. Do you know that most plants grow better if you talk to them? You don't even have to talk out loud, you can telepathically interface with them. I am a bit better at doing this with plants than animals. I am currently working on creating a telepathic interface with my cat Jemma. Who is sleeping right now.

Nature elements do not like being controled, but they enjoy friendship. Fae like being treated respectfully as well.

https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2014/02/15/quick-tips-for-interacting-with-faeries/ https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/more-tips-for-connecting-with-the-faeries/

Here is a quote from the second link:

"Respect, Not Control": faeries are not your little helpers or slaves. They will help you if they feel like helping you, if they deem you worthy and/or if they anticipate some kind of fair exchange. If you continue to ask for help without taking the time and effort to sense what they would like in return, then they will likely deem you unworthy of further investment. This likelihood increases if you not only fail to exchange something desirable but instead insult them by denying their existence, mocking them, or otherwise poking their sensitive spots.


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