Do You think anyone can harness some of the powers of the 5 elements?

I have read about people being able to control the weather with their powers and being able to bring about fog and mist. I think it is a gift that you are born with and must be keep very private and safe and used only when absolutely necessary and when they will not be seen.

I read about the indian tribes who do the rain dances to bring on rain and I think they have a lot of hidden long forgotten secret powers that probably died with the older heads.

If the answer is yes, and you can do some of it, please don't tell; just say you know of someone who might have the ability to control water or can make it rain or control fog, because there may be danger out there of someone who might want to harness your powers for their own maybe destructive forces; so be safe and play it safe for your own self good. Just tell me whether or not you think it is possible, and if you do know someone please don't use names, just say you read it or heard of it or someone a while back or a long time ago.

I hope everyone is in a happy, healthy, and properous state of being!

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Real nice job Vesuvius, I appreciate your talent. Thank You :)

(11 Jan '10, 03:37) Roy

Thank you for your corrections of spelling for I can't find my dictionaries.

(11 Jan '10, 06:04) flowingwater

the characters in Avatar can!

(13 Sep '10, 16:43) Back2Basics

Yes, that was a good movie. I think on fiction or reality gifts should be used for good and help not harm others. That was a nice movie and it made you think.

(11 May '11, 11:35) flowingwater

@flowingwater - we all harness the five elements of power through our bodies ... some of us are conscious of it :)

(29 Jan '12, 04:35) blubird two
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Here's something simple, strike a match you have control of fire, pour some water in a glass you have control of water, Blow a balloon up you control air, dig a hole you control earth, think and you control the ether.


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Like the 1st level of control. ;)

(11 Jul '10, 11:47) Asklepios

I absolutely love your answer RPuls! thank you

(28 Feb '11, 11:29) daniele

Edward Lorentz was a mathematician who studied the weather. In 1960, using a computer made out of vacuum tubes that filled the better part of a small room, Lorentz succeeded in creating a weather simulation, using just 12 condition variables. At that time, computers didn't have nearly enough power to analyze real weather, yet this computer was able to simulate weather with remarkable realism.

One day, Lorentz decided to run one of his weather patterns over again, because he wanted to examine the latter part of his data more closely. Since he didn't want to run the entire weather sequence over again, he decided to start the sequence in the middle, rather than from the beginning. To give the machine the initial conditions of the new starting point, he typed in the numbers directly from the printout of the last run, and went to get a cup of coffee.

When Lorentz returned, he discovered that the new run had diverged from the original; the weather no longer looked the same as the original printout. In fact, it looked completely different. On investigation, he discovered that the computer had stored a number in the original conditions to six decimal places (.506127), but he had only keyed in the first three (.506), because that's what had appeared on the original printout.

So a small error in the fourth decimal place of a number had caused large-scale changes in the simulated weather patterns. When Lorentz understood this, he realized that long-term weather forecasting is ultimately doomed.

This phenomenon is called the Butterfly Effect (sensitive dependence on initial conditions). It is the idea behind the popular notion that a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a tornado to occur halfway around the world ten days later: small differences in initial conditions can become amplified into large-scale changes. The butterfly effect is one of the fundamental ideas underpinning chaos theory.

If you could use a small amount of power to effect large-scale changes in the weather, you would be powerful indeed. The problem is, there's no way to know exactly where and when to flap your wings to produce the tornado, and even if you did, there are a thousand little occurrences that can happen that will change the outcome.

If you are interested in learning more about Chaos Theory, find a copy of the book, "Chaos: Making a New Science" by James Gleick. It tells the story of Lorentz, and how the science of chaos became a mainstream idea. Chaos plays an important role in a myriad of physical phenomena, including important aspects of brain and heart function.

Studying chaos theory profoundly changed the way I understand and perceive the world.


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No, I was talking about people being able to control the weather by harnessing one of the 5 elements. I know that scientist has been working on that for years for I read about it in a paper that was dated 1952 that they would be able to control the weather by 1960. I stumbel onto that. But I was also talking about individiual people using one of the 5 elements and being able to have control of making it fog or rain. To be able to call down lighting and all. I remember reading about a man of making it rain and not by machines with gifts from within. But thanks for your wealth of information.

(11 Jan '10, 06:16) flowingwater

Somethings you search about, you could find in the book "Isaia effect" by Gregg Braden. But only somethings,,,, explanation of some interferences between energies; and a presentation of a such experience: 7. Chapter, subtitled "Prayer of David", but it isn't just a common prayer.

I think some true shamans are more near to this aptitude.

About the Water and much more, see the movie "Structured Water: Future of Medicine? 1/8" 8 parts at:

and Rupert Scheldrake: "The Morphogenetic Universe" 6 parts at:

It appears that the key is to start with the control of water. The technics can be finded in the books of Masaru Emoto: "The Miracle of Water" and others, or sites:


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Thanks for the reference and your answer. I will check it out Gleam! Yes I am sure the true shamans or sages are capable of this.

(17 May '10, 02:45) flowingwater

@flowingwater :) See the new links on my answer.

(05 Feb '11, 23:37) Gleam

Hi Gleam - Thanks for posting these - the first link doesn't work

(05 Feb '11, 23:50) Michaela

@Michaela:) Youtube answered the link doesn't was YET processed. The link is correct. See it later, maybe tomorrow. But don't miss. Try searching on your own youtube account by Title.

(06 Feb '11, 03:15) Gleam

Yes, Gleam I see your new links for your answer and thanks so much I am going to check these out.

(06 Feb '11, 06:52) flowingwater
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There are no things that are "supernatural" for "natural" are the only that exist. We cannot perform miracles beacuse we do not have "natural" understanding yet (we do not understand universal principles well enough, for example Law of Attraction is one of them), not "supernatural" knowledge. That is why there are no miracles for a man that understands and applies all the universal principles; with his knowledge he understands and creates phenomenas that seem like miracles to us.

Our world consists of four elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. We also consist of those elements. This is not to understand directly because what we understand as a fire is not the elemental Fire. The fire we see is only a manifestation of elemental Fire. It is rather to understand as a quality: expansive, destructive, expressing willpower etc.

An Adept is someone who controls those elements and therefore all the things you described are possible for him. However an Adept obeys the rule of silence, keeping all his knowledge and abilities hidden, using them only for the sake of nature and people, for spiritual growth.

This is why you will never hear of any "miracles".


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An Adept is someone who has learn how to control what he or she already has within them from the hidden knowledge they have found or someone has taught them. Yes, the knowledge and abilities hidden using them only for the sake of nature and people for spiritual growth for if such knowledge was to fall into the wrong hands there would be mortal catastrophe all over the world of humans, animals land and sea. This must be cared for, hidden and guarded well from all prying eyes and ears. For some humans would be very careless with the knowledge and not understand the serious importance of it!!!.

(06 Feb '11, 06:16) flowingwater

Their are miracles happen all over the world and within people lives everyday but if you don't believe in miracles than you will not see or understand a miracle when it happens and if you believe in miracles than no explanation is necessary for you will know it when you see it and understand it is a miracle you may not know of all the how but you will know that it came from God and Jesus Christ and their Holy Angels. People surviving a serious car crash is a miracle but it is all up to the individual perception of what happen. If you don't believe their will always be another explanation.

(06 Feb '11, 06:25) flowingwater

Not hearing does not not mean their is NO miracles Asklepios. I tried to read your meaning within a meaning of your answer. I do believe on another level you do understand with a greater understanding! Thanks for your comment Asklepios.

(06 Feb '11, 06:29) flowingwater
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When a person's mind becomes very still and is in deep awareness ( mindfulness, pure observation) they merge with the silence, the pure essence of their own being. A person begins to merge with the depths of their own Divine nature, the Tao, the Infinite itself. As you penetrate into your own being and are in deep contemplation with your true nature, many mysterious and miraculous things can reveal themselves. It no longer becomes a question of elements and contrived manipulation.

In your own deep silence you can become one with all of Existence, including Nature, of which we are part. There is NO separation between you and Nature. There is no separation between you and ALL of Existence. A truly meditative mind is a mind in pure awareness, in tune with everyone and every thing. You begin to move into the realm of pure potentiality.


answered 05 Feb '11, 17:32

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So, well put Carolyn!!! But I would like to add one more thing, if I may according to my opinion, since I believe in God and Jesus Christ I would add that when you quiet everything and take the time to go very deep inside of your self you do in deed become one with God and your true self of whom you really are and all the knowledge is there for you but certain knowledge is more potent for your understanding at that particular moment in the time of your physical existence on the earth at this moment to reveal itself to you.

(06 Feb '11, 05:38) flowingwater

Yes it is true,people can make rain and storms to. I know,iv seen it.


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Great than they can make it rain when the earth needs it or stop it from storming and hurting up people.They have a wonderful gift to help quietly behind the scenes of life going undetected. Thanks for your answer will!

(17 May '10, 02:50) flowingwater

The Earth has its own consciouness too! It has to change and grow its own way too!

(22 Nov '10, 17:17) Hj 1

Well, I may not have understand completely your meaning of the Earth has its own consciousness it has to change and grow it own way too. All I know for sure is that Mother Earth is hurting really badly from the way some of mankind has been treating her. Going down deep and destroying what must be preserved for the life support of mankind we co-exist with Mother Earth for we are made from her what we put in us must come from Mother Earth so that it will not harm us. If we destroy Mother Earth we destroy our selves for we are part of her; God made us out of clay of the Earth.

(06 Feb '11, 07:00) flowingwater
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Yes. (I wanted to just say yes but apparently I have to say more :P)

I will also state you don't have to be born with it. It can be developed. (and the weather is really a rather dull usage of the so called "elements" but nonetheless...)


answered 30 Apr '10, 07:55

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Terrible storms have been stopped and could be stopped maybe using this wonderful gift. Maybe it has and could save many lives. I don't think it would be useless those Indians who use to do Indian dances to make it rain and if it did rain it was helpful too the crops growing. Thanks for answer Liam! – flowingwater 0 secs ago

(17 May '10, 02:42) flowingwater

I know someone that can control the element of air and create a strong wind where there was none before, also it is all just a state of mind, belief makes it stronger, i have seen air created indoors too and have felt it. so iknow for sure that it can be controled to a degree , and also created.


answered 29 Jan '11, 01:48

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Well, air bender be careful of what you say you have seen but thanks for your comment I appreciate! Yes belief is so important and Jesus Christ said that we can do all things that he has done and even greater than he!!!! That confused me for so many years. But I came to the understanding that we as humans are created in the image of God and that we are heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven therefore as his children than we would have some of his powers if we only are made aware of it and how to awaken what is hidden very deep inside most of us and more closer to the surface in a few of us.

(06 Feb '11, 06:04) flowingwater

I know there used to be scientist working on the control of the elements, in fact that was what alchemy was all about. The more we can control the elements the greater the benefit it would be to the human race. Example: We see the deserts and how people have no water or food, with the proper machines we could change deserts into jungles.

Since everything is energy and frequency I believe it could be done, Tesla had an earth quake machine, this could bring down any bridge or building or even an entire town and all it did was vibrate. This vibration was in tune to the vibration of the buildings though, much like when a high C note is played that shatters a crystal glass. This is similar to when an army has to go over a bridge they must break step instead of march or the bridge falls apart from the constant in tune stomping of their feet. This same thing was done thousands of years ago at the walls of Jericho, Joshua and his army marched around the walls stomping their feet until the walls fell down and crumbled to dust.

Now if I had a sound machine that could project concentrated waves of sound at a building in sequence and was patient enough, I believe we could do the same thing with just projected sound waves. But that is controlling earth what if we change the frequency to a finer element such as water, even finer to air, and finer to fire and finest to ether? I believe since all of these are frequency we really can with some sort of scalar wave generator. We will reach that point if we haven't already reached that point because we are a progressive species and our knowledge keeps growing infinitely to the day when we will need a new universe and we create a big bang to start a new universe.


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Wade Casaldi

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That is so true I have not thought of the vibration on the bridge and the stepping in tune of the marching! One thing I would disagree with you Wade Casaldi which is about the marching of the men around the walls of Jericho they had to march seven times around the walls and than blow the trumpet and the wall fell down because they did as God told them to do and I might add the results he knew the vibration frequency would have made it fall but I choose to believe it fell not because of what he knew would happen if they did it like he had instructed but because of their faith and his power!!!

(06 Feb '11, 05:44) flowingwater

I've never seen anyone control earth, air, fire or water...and i dont mean pouring a glass of water or lighting a match lol. I mean controling it with their mind and making it bend. I agree that it can be somthing you are born with, but why cant we harness it too? Think of all the things some people can do? What exactly are we capable of?? Someone needs to test the elements and their mind and body to see what exactly humans of earth are capable of. You never know! Anyways, i dont want to seem like a nutbag, but imagine if you could bend water or air or the earth, or fire. It has to be possible, what else is there in the universe to master?


answered 10 Jul '10, 22:38

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Emily 20-F-USA

That is the problem of what would be wrong now just what would people try to do with the knowledge if they could do it a few would really help people and Mother Earth, most wouldn't do anything with it much and some would do so much destruction that the Earth would probably be unrepairable. No, I don't think a human being should be put to the test just to see what they are capable of. No one wants to be a guinea pig trapped in like a caged physical or mental like a animal especially if they find out the person did have some powers they would not ever let that person go and be free!!!

(06 Feb '11, 06:47) flowingwater

there is a balence in place.

(08 Dec '11, 03:00) white tiger

Just to play devil's advocate - if there were such powers, and if we know people with such powers, why don't we ask them to help reverse the situations in places currently suffering from natural disasters? E.g. Australia's floods right now? Or perhaps, reverse climate change?


answered 31 Jan '11, 01:05

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Pat W

Just to answer you Pat W how do you not know if these people really did have the power to do some of this things to a certain extent that they are not already doing all they can to help heal the world and Mother Earth and harness the powers of these elements to do greater good for man kind but that they can not reveal them selves and what they do for most would disbelieve, few would try to use them to harness the powers for themselves and do destructive things to the earth and the people who live on the earth, and some hound and frankly make their lives miserable just investigating them.

(06 Feb '11, 05:54) flowingwater

Haha, you got me :)

(06 Feb '11, 08:32) Pat W

Another potential answer to this: Just because someone can "play with fire" and not get burned does *NOT mean someone can battle against a fire controlled by mother nature. Similarly, just because someone can make waves in still water DOES NOT mean they could ever hope to stop a tidal wave. Playing with the elements in a controlled situation, relatively easy. Trying to battle against the planet.. probably suicidal.

(30 Dec '11, 09:47) Snow

I.E: Look at people who can walk, run, or even jump up and down on burning hot coals. That isn't that hard, just requires conditioning and training. That doesn't mean they could jump feet first on top of a fully kindled fire.. Anything can be controlled through one method or another, but you have to realize that there are limits (usually defined by you and how you approach a 'challenge')

(30 Dec '11, 09:49) Snow
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I can control the elements but i'm still a beginner. My strongest is wind, for now. I can make tiny currents in water. Earth is harder to get. Fire is doing well. I discovered this gift at least a year ago. It is a secret though my cousin can do it to. I always knew i was completely different from everyone. i love having this gift,and i will never give it up!


answered 15 Oct '11, 02:16

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ashley 1
111 did you discover your gift?

(15 Oct '11, 06:05) blubird two

Hello all,

I came over here by an accident just the title sparked my mind and in amazement as i possess some not all.I love rains and i have deep emotions connected to rain.Sometimes long back i visualized rain,it was an evening time,the process took long,i concentrated with my eyes closed and slowly my body began to feel the moist,a chilling feeling and i was shocked in amazement when the first drop of rain fell on my face.I was terribly happy as i felt i posses a unique gift.I don't know whether this is inborn or is the visualization power but somehow i feels i am special.I can also bring wind(not strong wind) on a hot day and also turn a hot sunny day into calm atmosphere.


answered 05 Nov '11, 09:04

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The *disciples woke Jesus. He stood up and told the storm to stop. Immediately the waves and the wind were calm. This was wonderful.

This event astonished the *disciples very much. They asked themselves who Jesus was. Even the wind and the waves obeyed him.

Jesus spoke to the *disciples about their fear of the storm. He had chosen them to be with him. They were to work for God. God would guide and help them. People would oppose them in a way that would be worse than the storm. They would need to trust God. He would lead and protect them for his purposes. If they trusted him, they were safe. Nobody can stop God’s purposes.

"I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father." (John 14:12) HE THAT BELIEVES ON ME or ANYONE WHO HAS FAITH IN ME.

as for gaining those power they will need to do some work on them self. do not think that god is a fool. but yes many people with ego will try to get power or they will try to put you on the cross one way or the other they will curse them self. experience and enjoy.


answered 06 Aug '11, 03:35

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white tiger

Um I can control Water and Fire I really don't know about the other, well air i tired need more practice sorry for saying out loud i just dont know what to with the power


answered 29 Nov '11, 23:24

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The five elements are the building blocks of our world and function in dynamic equilibrium ... all physical things are a combination of these elements including ourselves ... just by being alive we are putting them into action and our creative thought enables us to access and use them as we wish.


answered 01 Dec '11, 06:21

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blubird two

It is possible. All 5 elements may be be gifted to a person. In all life there is energy that pulses though all of our bodies. Many people have told stories of making it rain or being able to see into the future. Of course these seem to be far-fetched farie tails, but we must ask ourselves: did pure imagination create these events or did were these stories true and these ideas of supernatural abilities true and passed down from generations before? Through all of my journeys I can say that a child may be gifted reign over the 5 elements.


answered 08 Dec '11, 02:40

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How do you know which element is your strongest


answered 29 Dec '11, 23:39

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Adam 1

Gooday. Once you understand what miricles are, your question is answered. We create miricles every day, -we make ourselves sick. It is a miricle to make ourselves sick. Understand this from all angles and you will understand all things are possible.


answered 29 Jan '12, 04:21

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I have learnt that a great person had harnessed the 5 elements of earth he had reached enlightenment and new all about the elements and geometrics of life found this by listing to sadaguru another enlightened person who covers a lot of topics sadaguru can be found on youtube he spoke very highly for this person can't remember his name he didn't mention that he could could alter weather but I think he could have what was mentioned was perhaps even greater he could recreate life and was said he had mastered it so much that he would recreate his own body and reincarnate back in to it years later after death apparently this happened and had a lot of followers.i have recently reached enlightenment in November this year haven't gone out of my way to look in to this but have been shown how it works to some degree you would have to have great healing energy on left hand and be able to preform telekinesis with right hand as well as having geometric image of what is being created in mind and a lot of great understanding .hope this is some help to you if I can find his name for you I will add on to comments I think this is more advanced answer to your question


answered 01 Jan '16, 06:36

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I can control fire i do not burn i feel the heat but that it ppl no goe i am and what i am im a shifter that is what me and the ppl lije mr have been named we are thr only hope for mankind to live


answered 04 Aug '11, 15:39

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