Im after a reading from a psychic.

Because there are so many types of psychics that offer a whole variety of services I thought Id ask what things I ought to look out for as signifers of a quality, professional psychic?

I want to see one out of curiosity.

Im not after any "healings" or a psychic that gives me airy fairy, generalised sort of advise that anyone can say to anyone about anything. Im after one who can list me specific trajectories my life is heading in, so I can course correct if need be.

Im weary of getting ripped off financially or seeing someone that is just a scammer. I m know ones exist so is there anything I can judge or look out for that prove a psychics veracity?

Im aware I ought to listen to my own gut about which psychic feels best for me. But logistically anything else that I should or should not say or offer to ensure they are giving me the best reading possible.

Do I need to test the psychic out, and, should I?

Or is seeing a psychic a bit of a blind gamble?

asked 01 Mar '18, 22:13

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I found a quality psychic. They are on this very forum, their name is Nikulas. Hear me out, no one knows Nikulas better! Nikulas should not give their authority of choices to the word psychic, Nikulas can ask for advice, but Nikulas is powerful and masterful. Seeing a psychic can lead to interesting conversation, but Nikulas holds power and uses it wisely. Just remember all is divine! You cannot make a wrong step.

(26 Apr '18, 01:08) Igot7
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To me, seeing a psychic is a bit of a blind gamble.

I was also like you in the past, I paid a bit of money for bazi readings to know more about myself and future. But I had found their readings to be pretty generic and not that useful. Though they were able to pinpoint my personality to quite an accurate extent, but it wasn't so clear-cut for things that happened in my life in the past and future.

I also had the opportunity to meet someone who was psychic few years back when I was not doing well in my life as my uncle introduced him to me and he didn't charge any money. The same thing - he was able to pinpoint my personality and my frustrations. But the things he said about my future that would happen within 2-3 years - none of it has happened yet. So I had the opportunity to meet him again at a gathering and I asked him why and he merely replied "Things can change".

The funny part is my cousins also consult him for advice but somehow what he predicts for them mostly happens, but it doesn't for me. Or that he will also tend to give a very generic answer - that things can happen in many different ways.


answered 02 Mar '18, 12:01

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Man that sucks to hear...I had a friend see one a few years back and the psychic just gave him very generic metaphors that were supposed to be relevant to his life. Stuff like "I see a lawnmower full of grass clippings" and other things were somehow his reading. I've seen one or two in the past and they didn't even give me a reading but just spiritual woo-woo advise such as "make sure the only meat you eat is fish." I believe in psychic ability, just want to find an honest genuine one!

(02 Mar '18, 19:55) Nikulas

@Nikulas I don't think it sucks.. actually the real psychics will probably tell you nothing is set in stone for the future and things can be changed. It's just like when Bashar predicts the future, he only states that theres a probability of it happening. Also, the thing about knowing the future is once you know the future, then wouldn't you try to change it as much as you can.. and most of the time you would change it. Then wouldn't the reading be inaccurate?

(03 Mar '18, 00:43) kakaboo

What I mean was, if a psychic predicts A is going to happen if you don't do X. So if you do X and A doesn't happen at all. But how would you know that A will really happen if you didn't do X? Theres no way to know anymore.. so is the reading accurate or not ? Also maybe this question has more information for you:

(03 Mar '18, 00:45) kakaboo

@kakaboo- Yes I see what your saying about the gap of cause-effect phenomena that a person might experience by seeing a psychic. As the days go past I am trying to align what my agenda is for seeing a psychic now and it's not all that clear to me. Knowing my personality, I can see the psychic saying something about my life and me reading into it too heavily and being obsessed about something irrelevant. Having said that let's have a gamble!

(05 Mar '18, 19:36) Nikulas
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Observe the psychic's belief system.

Everybody's psychic, and someone who does it all day has as decent chance of being more or less worth the usual psychic fees, if you're in the market for some ESP.

Where psychics go wrong is interpretation. If the psychic has a fear-based belief system, they are going to see enemies and evil spirits everywhere, and the setting will tend to pass those fears on to you. Anecdotally, it seems to be a downright tactic for certain psychics to sow distrust between you and your loved ones- the resulting insecurity seems make for repeat visits and good business. They still might have very good psychic perception.

The idea is that I have found the human factor, the ability to ask intelligent questions, and the ability to interpret information in helpful ways and create harmony, and especially a genuine benevolance and trustworthyness to be far more important than actual psychic ability. That will also help you use your own psychic ability better.

You can evaluate all of those the same way you would for a plumber or a hairdresser- get friends opinions, read online reviews, and watch for red flags, purposeful or accidental- that would be any kind of fearful behavior, passive or active.


answered 05 Mar '18, 11:03

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Yes I think looking for someone who is more interested in human-human connection would be better than someone who prizes themselves as a greater than human special psychic wizard who can tell you anything. I had a brief encounter with one the other day who immediately (without any consent of mine whatsoever) began telling me xyz spirit and voices are coming through from you. Coupled with the ridiculous price, it was a massive red flag festival I detected. Thanks for your answer.

(05 Mar '18, 19:40) Nikulas

@Nikulas The red flag festival! That's a beautiful image... where all the world's rejects gather together, holding up their assorted red flags. I'd like to make a children's book out of that.

(06 Mar '18, 13:15) cmc
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