Many people enjoy going to fortune tell by "masters" and get some predictions regarding their future lives. Then when these predictions come true, they think how scary and accurate the "masters" were...

But might not these results have came about because of the Law of Attraction? For example if the "master" says that you would be able to find a great job as a manager in the future, your thoughts would immediately change in that direction and you would keep thinking about it until it really becomes real in your life.

On the other hand, if the "master" said you were going to contract a disease very soon, you would be worried and keep thinking about it, and even if you would not have attracted the disease in the first place, just because the "master" said it makes you worry about it whole day long, and as a result attract the disease into your life.

So, what do you think?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes, there is definitely an element of suggestion going on and I completely agree with what you're saying.

I would say, however, that there is also another factor to consider.

Those who are genuine fortune-tellers are also gifted vibrational readers.

Since what you manifest in physical reality has to exist in non-physical reality first, it is possible that, during that period of those thoughts condensing into physical reality, those "thought forms" can be sensed by others.

When these genuine fortune-tellers sense these "thought forms", they can then tell you what is going to manifest before it physically does...but it's still you doing it to you...they are just acting as messengers to your own vibrational output.

Indeed, your dreams (which are also indicators of pre-manifested thought-forms) do the same thing. If your dreams generally feel bad, you're probably not going to like what is on the verge of manifesting. If your dreams generally feel good, things are going great and are going to get better.

In days gone by, I used to buy into the idea of us living pre-destined lives and us just being puppets that were walking along paths that were assigned to us by some arbitrary God-like being. So when I used to visit psychic "fortune-tellers* (genuine ones, not the fairground-style ones), I would hang on their every word wanting to discover what was in store for me.

Then two incidents finally brought it home to me dramatically that it was me doing it to me...and that everything was actually under my control. In other words, the puppeteer was me :)

The first incident was when a psychic told me a project I was working on was not going to go well and would fail. I was so angry after that psychic reading (because I really wanted that project to succeed) that I worked day and night (literally) to prove her wrong...and I eventually did.

The project was a success in the end but it was very hard work to make it so. Later, I realized that she was picking up on the thought-forms I already had in place regarding that project but my determination to make it succeed (and prove her wrong) changed my fortune. If I had let things unfold as they were going to, she would have been absolutely right. She was just verbalizing a vibrational snapshot of how I was at the time of the reading.

The second incident is one that I've previously spoken about on this website and was the one that finally started me on this path of realizing at a deep level that everything that happens to us in life is self-created.


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Hi Stingray, I'm reading this post of yours because I am currently facing a situation where the I Ching, which I trust very much as a divination tool, is telling me something negative about an issue. But I really want this issue to work out positively and I really don't want to accept this reading. Your post makes me feel hopeful that I can "prove it wrong" so to speak, by sheer willpower? You said you succeeded only because you had to put in a lot of hard work. Is it because doing so is "not going with the flow" as "predicted" by the fortune-teller, or in my case, the I Ching?

(28 Feb '11, 16:02) Pat W

@Pat - Yes, you can absolutely change any predicted fortune that may be coming your way. And, yes, in that case of mine the "hard work" was necessary because a successful outcome was not my dominant vibration at the time. The example I gave happened before I understood anything much about reality creation...I was very much into the usual I am not worthy / I am suffering from bad karma kind of mentality that many have so "hard work" was my path of least resistance. These days, if I was in that situation, I would just start a new Focus Block :)

(28 Feb '11, 18:34) Stingray

Focus Blocks! Haha! Great! Thanks Stingray, I feel so "revived" again. :)

(01 Mar '11, 00:31) Pat W

@Stingray- your story about how to beat the psychic is (pardon me) god damn inspiring, that's possibly one of the most inspirational things since watching Will Smith beat the odds in Pursuit of Happiness!!!

(21 Feb '12, 06:59) Nikulas
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This makes a lot of sense, and shows someone that is not aware he creates his future would be lead by this fortuneteller into creating what the fortuneteller "saw."

Now this also makes sense why we shouldn't use a fortuneteller, because we create our future. The other thing that makes a lot of sense is why many people can go to a fortuneteller and say she was so accurate this that and the other thing did happen! Then there are others that say what a crack pot nothing she said came true, she didn't impress me at all, seemed a little wacko is you asked me.

It all ties into their belief in the predictions and the predictor.

Their present belief and statement that this is going to happen brings it to pass. This is because we will be what we are being now.


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Wade Casaldi

This is something that I've long been wondering about after seeing a psychic last year, and Stingray's answer makes one hundred percent sense to me.

The psychic in question was eerily accurate when she was describing my current circumstances, my family, etc. She then made a few predictions for me, none of which have come true in the way she said they would.

The one most notable example is a guy that I was crushing on. I used to have the annoying habit of attracting guys effortlessly, but then failing to 'keep' them. I could have an innocent, 'detached' crush on someone, then it would turn out that they'd be really into me as well. As soon as I noticed they were into me, I'd put up loads of internal resistance in the form of fear and insecurity. I've known about LOA for years, so I always knew exactly what was happening, but found it difficult to not do it, which made it even more tragic.

So, back to the story. There was one guy in particular that I was semi-dating, that I had been really into for a while, but the more I was into him (and so noticing my fears more), the more distant he would be. Just before I went to visit the psychic, I had finally decided "to hell with him, I can't be bothered anymore!"

So, what did she tell me? She described this guy in amazing detail without me having told her anything about him, and said that we would end up in a relationship. She went into great detail about the relationship too. Of course, after this, my desires for him lit up again, and where I had previously given up, I became obsessed again. But at the same time, I still had the same resistance, except more, because my desire for him was even greater after having heard the psychic describe our wonderful future.

The rest of the story is predictable. He became increasingly distant again while I became increasingly obsessed. He didn't contact me for months. After a couple of months, I decided to detach myself for once and for all, to hell with what the psychic said. And a week or so after that decision, he made contact with me, and was really apologetic that he hadn't stayed in contact. He was keener on me than ever, while I remained detached. Unfortunately, it was too late for anything more to happen, because he had recently decided to leave the country, and so we only met a couple of times more.

I often suspected something along the lines of Stingray's explanation, but now that I've read it, it definitely makes sense. The future she was seeing was based on seeing my thoughtforms when I was at a stage of allowing my manifestation to come true (detachment). But her telling me about it increased my attachment to it, blocking off the allowing. If I hadn't seen the psychic and subsequently gotten my desires fired up again, we might have been together, and he might not have left the country! I'm not too heartbroken about it, because I've cleaned up my vibrations regarding my love life more now, and I know something even better is just around the corner.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't visit psychics - in my case, the manifestation of a relationship failed because I had a weird mix of extreme scepticism towards her and a burning need for her prediction to come true.


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Thanks for bumping this thread again and letting me notice it lol because it made me realize that I have been on this site for already more than 2 years.. even though superficially I feel that nothing much has changed in my life, by reading my past questions again I find that actually I have changed quite a bit. Much things have happened since I asked this question and I personally had a chance to meet someone who seemed to be able to peek into the future too except that I have always been wary about asking for predictions so I did not ask much regarding it.

(12 Jan '12, 11:44) kakaboo

As for your situation - the psychic might be correct in the end because she did not really give you a time limit.. you might have lost contact with that guy but you never know when he might pop up again some years later once you have actually cleaned up your vibrations.. it's funny isn't it when you think about it :)

(12 Jan '12, 11:45) kakaboo

Well, she actually did give me time limits! And she claimed that she was usually correct when it came to these things. So as you can imagine, I started getting even more desperate when the deadlines were coming up and none of it had happened! Although after getting over my obsession, I'm pretty happy about not ending up with him :)

(12 Jan '12, 12:13) cassiopeia
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Since the person has made the decision to attract the Fortuneteller into their vibration match, then of course she/he (Fortuneteller) will be telling you exactly what you want to hear!

In essence you are the one initiating the conversation to bring about the answers that you seek to find, and to validate!

Most people that go to Fortunetellers are just looking for someone to confide in, and to validate with!

Since indeed, we are all our own Fortunetellers, except indeed, we appear to need someone else to do our Fortunetelling for us, so we get exactly what we ask for!!!


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