I am 32 and when I was 19 I was diagnosed as bipolar type 1 with psychosis. It was after the first time I let down my guard and talked about possibilities of other existence. I felt I had died and needed to get help transcending to heaven. Now Bashar talks about the existence of many realities, I think in one I did die and could not remember the death because before it happened I was pushed into a new reality. There are three main death points in my life where I jumped reality to survive. This was the second one.

Only I did not have Bashar to understand different realities. In the after effects of the jump my psychic abilities woke up. For a short time I did hear and see what others could not. I became very afraid and jumped to a reality that had a solution of medication because my mind needed the spell that medication cast to make me feel like others could help me.

I am now much older and wiser. I have studied many philosophies and learned I was not ill in the way I thought. I was confused about what reality was.

Many years ago I prayed to God and angels to heal me. To help me accept being healed and to make it so apparent I was healed a doctor would help me off medication. My doctor refuses based on my history. Life is not bad. I finally manifested an iPad Pro and money is coming more easily.

I want to try, with the help of a doctor, decreasing my medication very slowly, but part of me is still afraid so I remain in the reality where my doctor refuses.

I do still visit other possible realities in my mind. My imagination is rich and can create many vivid possibilities. At times I wonder if I am in the process of going from limbo to heaven and I will yet my fear keeps me from making the jump.

I am afraid to completely open up to a doctor because I do not want more medication. I am afraid that if I admit how many possible realities my mind imagines and that I let myself navigate the world in those realities sometimes while not letting it effect my actions.

I have entertained in my mind that I am God or a para-god. Not sure what para-god means. I have entertained that the world is an illusion and perhaps everyone is in on the secret but me. I have entertained that I am dead and do not realize it and that I need to realize this to get to the next level. I have entertained that I am the only one and I made this all up.

So many realities existing on so many levels, but none are the true reality. Some could argue that I am indeed God as we all are, but at the same time, I am not. I seek ever changing knowledge so that I can heal myself. Some doctors would call me insane for entertaining different realities. Yet study of philosophy proves I am normal.

These are regular human states. They do not prove illness. Humans have wrestled with these questions throughout existence.

How do I do it? Heal my fears so much that I jump into a reality where I am not considered disabled and knee deep in stigma. A reality where if I feel I want to attempt decreasing medication and possibly going off it, that this choice is respected.

Something tells me that the existence of being in a reality that tells me I need medication indicates I have not transcended the fears that hit me at 19. Yet, how to I transcend the fear so greatly I jump reality from limbo to heaven?

Here I tell these secrets in semi-privacy. You do not see my face.

I am sorry for my ego inflimation before I stopped posting. The most spiritual masters can turn back into children with the triggers of the world. Am I changed enough to react differently? I took a long growth/study period before posting on a spiritual forum again.

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cyclic as tides, night and day, full and new moon we live in nature. yet can imagine and manifest weal and woe. here for a reason not readily understood to search how come. for it was our decision

(10 May '18, 20:14) fred

The key is to become functional.

Part of many realities is that we get to chose them- and so does everybody else.

You are all-powerful- and yeah, you're God. The medical profession classifying those experiences as non-normal is part of their own baggage and has nothing to do with you. However, the incentive for them to deal with those experiences in that rather barbaric way is based on the very real need for some kind of basic consensus to start from. It's hard to collect nuts for the winter if you're busy contemplating them. Smart societies know that having one or two crazy people contemplate anything they like is a great way to have social progress- unfortunately, we are still somewhat half-witted in this respect, and I ask you your forgiveness for that in the name of all of society.

So the solution to your dilemma is to become a shapeshifter. You can have all the nonstandard experiences that you like- as long as you have the ability to interact with people on their level when you need to.

The key word here is "appropriate". It's perfectly appropriate to mingle with angels if you also have a sign on your door that says "Do Not Disturb, Meditating, Will Gladly Get Back To You For Daily Business Later". If you insist on talking angels with the postman- ah, then we have a problem. Word gets out, and fear based beliefs in our society kick in and endanger you.

It is perfectly fine and completely appropriate to contemplate yourself as God, if, at certain key times, you say "I am progressing in my hobby, which is the study of ancient religious scripture and it's applications to the daily world." If you say you're God when the cops come to check in on the spaced-out guy in the park- well, then we have a problem. You need to harmonize with society so you can use society's power to your (and everyone's) advantage, rather than getting into its mechanisms for dealing with perceived danger.

So much for being harmonious with society- you need to make sure you don't cause anyone any trouble, and you need to make sure that everyone you know will happily vouch for your sanity (or at least not claim your insanity). I personally don't like this very much either- as a shaman I have lots and lots of experiences that are out of the ordinary, and it can be a bit annoying to have to be so careful when talking about it openly- but that's just the level of evolution we are at right now. Oh, well, bummer. Back to enjoying the iPad pro.

Now, of course, I'm begging the question here- not causing anyone any trouble of course means that you are actually able to be deliberate about the states you are experiencing.

I'm not particularly experienced with bipolar- I'm getting intuitively here that it is a great gift, that it has certain limitations in functionality, and that you are supposed to get into the habit of harmony in order to relinquish any negative effect- which would include other people telling you what to put in your body.

I am getting here that the only thing you really need to do is in all your experiences, insist that you wish to make good use of your gifts only to create harmony within yourself and the world. So when you may travel to more troublesome places, keep remembering your chief intention is to harmonize, and both your inner and outer dreams will become more harmonious as well- and way will manifest where you don't need society's harmony pills any more.


answered 11 May '18, 09:41

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it is crucial not to set yourself up, special gifts serve in special settings. learn when the scale of balance begins to tip and to understand the comfort range where you flourish

(14 May '18, 14:05) fred
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