I've always wondered if dreams could be another reality that we live, then I started reading the Seth books, and this was also mentioned.

So my question is if in our dreams we are dreaming of someone, are they also living that same moment?

What about dreams that mirror your day to day life, where would that fit in?

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In all this Universe, there is room to produce a unique you. We interpret our world and selves, and others, according to our level of consciousness. Today you think your experience means one thing, tomorrow upon reflection, it might mean more or seeming something else all together. If humanity is One, let's say, One Divine Mind, One great organism, then someone may be living an aspect of your dream, but it could be completely beneath their consciousness and simply part of the collective unconscious. I'm eager to know what others think.


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Thank you Noel!

(30 Nov '12, 19:23) sdburns

What we term physical reality is just a particular (perhaps even arbitrary) set of vibrational frequencies that we have agreed upon to provide us with a consistent experience. See What is the basis for the 'vibrational mix' that makes up humanity's current physical reality?

When viewed from that perspective, any dream reality is just as "real" as the physical one, it's just that we have created special body-based vibrational sensors for this physical reality (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) to give us a more realistic illusion, so the dream realities seem more vague and indistinct in comparison to this one.

But, yes, whatever (or whoever) you create in your dream reality does exist at some frequency level.

But, for most people, unless something is observable by one (or many) of our physical reality sensors (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell), we don't give any credence or value to it...we say it doesn't exist.

But try and convince, for example, a dog that's being deafened by an inaudible (to most humans) dog whistle that the deafening sound doesn't exist just because humans can't hear it :)

Ultimately, your reality is whatever you perceive it to be.


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Thank you Stingray!

(30 Nov '12, 19:22) sdburns

it may be that our dreams
are seeds for what will be
and if universal
it may well be sharred

for one to live the same
moment most likely not,
to experience similar
conceptualizations, yes


answered 31 May '12, 05:55

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Thank you Fred!

(30 Nov '12, 19:23) sdburns

There are dreams, visions and premonitions.

If you learn the meaning of these 3 types then you can find an answer to your question.

Dreams are always, emotions playing and acting in symbols in the stage of the night. What we feel in the day time, we might see in images at night. These dreams are bizarre and most of the times meaningless. Sometimes they show us our fears.

Visions, show us exactly in detail, color and precision what will happen in the next day. These dreams have meaning and they are not bizarre. I have experienced this only 3 times in my life yet.

Premonitions are warnings, they have direct connection with divine. A premonition is a friendly guidance from the unseen. Premonitions happen to most faithful and kind people who work with sincere efforts.


answered 06 Dec '12, 03:09

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