I've had a rather interesting experience online a few months ago. In summary, I felt compelled to reach out via email to someone about a particular topic in what I thought was friendly and compassionate way only to be insulted and stabbed in the back.

They essentially did not believe a word I wrote to them. Afterwards I tried to understand as this person may be suffering from neurosis and paranoia yet we practice some of the same techniques, like divination & channeling but this person does it for income online. I value my freedom and when this person wrote "we can be friends but no strings attached" my radar went a buzzing. I got myself out of this in less than a week.

Can it be this person's clients are also on a low level? How can one say to be "spiritual" and refuse concern from others?

(Yet they share their life so freely on a public blog & YouTube). I've had refusals before... but not on this level. I know someone on a "low" level can be repulsed/repelled by anyone "above" them... It's as though I was rejected as a person.

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This is a tricky topic. I am wondering the best approach to the answer. I think you can tell whether another person's vibration matches with yours, but not if it is high or low. With me for example, At times I sound wise and enlightened. Other times doubtful or egotistical. I decide to write in the flow and I try not to judge what I am writing. I know that words will always fail to reveal the full energy intended in the response. Judge not others because when you judge another it is really a judgement of the self. It is best to reflect on what annoys you about this person for the things that trigger you in word or deed are nuggets of gold for healing.

It is good that you knew not to stay with a person you did not resonate with. Also you know not to take advice that does not resonate with you. Even if it is the post I am writing now. If it does not resonate, ignore it. If it makes you angry, why? What I was suggesting was a technique used to process suppressed emotions.

Learn from your reactions to others, but you will be unable to fully understand the other. From studying those others often label as 'high vibration' you notice how they treat others especially when they being hit with negativity by another. Yet, only judge the self and do that only to heal. Do not judge the self for judging others, but know that your judgements are perceptions.

Than again, If a stove is hot you remove your hand. You naturally think ouch that was hot! And you learn to be careful around the stove to protect from burn. You see every idea of advice I give can be misunderstood and misused. No words stand on their own.

What I am trying to say is in this case I think there is a wrong focus involved. In this case the answer is not found outside of you, but in inward reflection.


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I see your point... but not everything reflects "self"... there are other forces, other conditions.

(13 Aug '18, 21:02) ingridstjerne257

Perhaps. The other night I went through all the things 'I did not know.' I wrote as the flow directed me because if I got caught up thinking things through... I attempted to understand existence to figure out what exactly is going on here. There is not much I can honestly say I do know for sure. So much of what I believe is secondhand knowledge... not just secondhand, but used recycled and remade. Honestly, I am just as lost as everyone else. I just like to write and for a moment pretend.

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A better answer just arrived in my mind. Even if not everything reflects self, everything you see is seen through your eyes. You define it yourself and therefore you have the power to mold reality to your liking or unliking. I think it was Bashar who said: everything is neutral. You define it as good or bad. I believe that is where the power resides. Everything passes through the filter of self. So best focus on where the power in the situation resides.

(14 Aug '18, 00:40) Igot7

Well, that's quite a lot there. I would say influence reality not mold it. I don't know this Bashar... I go with whichever Guides come directly to me.

(16 Aug '18, 20:46) ingridstjerne257
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I have come across a surprising number of people in the spirituality community who are still very much ruled by their ego. We all have our issues, of course, and I am definitely still ruled by my ego sometimes, so I try not to judge. But I think there are people that fall into the power-hunger traps in the spiritual community, especially those who are drawn to being in the public eye. So it's important to feel people out by how their energy feels to you on an intuitive level, and not just look at their actions.

But most importantly, how did this experience affect you and how can you learn from it? Forget about the other person - we all have our challenges and battles and they are clearly going through their own. But people can't push buttons that we don't have, so if I were in this situation I'd take a look at those buttons, and at what fears and resistances they are covering.


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I appreciate your answer, and I know about that as well. For me, next time if it does happen again, I would want to know at the start if they want to proceed and if they say yes then it's ok. If they say no right away then it's ok, too. Just don't wanna waste time on either end.

(16 Aug '18, 20:43) ingridstjerne257
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