Hi there! Im not sure if I'm posting this in the right form. I'm fairly new to LOA and still learning. I've used it successfully before and got my dream job! I was wondering what are clear signs of LOA is working if you're trying to manifest a specific person. (A little back story) I met someone a few years ago through a mutual friend who I had this strong instantaneous connection with and also had the feeling that we've met before even though it was the first time we met. The only other time I felt this sort of feeling was when I met my best friend. I haven't been able to shake that feeling and always wished I would have seen where it took me but I was way shy. Fast-forward to now. He is a singer for a band that has had a "one hit wonder" kind of song. Even though he's become more well known he's still his humble sweet self. I've been trying to manifest the opportunity to meet him again. I do the 17sec LOA method. From the first day I started I felt like signs were jumping out at me. Day 1; I saw he posted a cover of him preforming an older not well known Coldplay song. A couple mins later as I was watching TV that same Coldplay song came on. Day 2; I feel like I've been hearing his first name everywhere. I heard before that a random strong gust of wind could indicate a sign as well. as I was meditating the other day as I started my 17sec loa a STRONG gust of wind came out of no where and as soon as it started it stopped. It was as calm as could be after that. Day 3; as I mentioned previously they have had a "one hit wonder" type of song a few years back. I haven't heard the song in a long time but the past couple days I've been hearing it everywhere. Radio, Tv, stores.

Could this all be a coincidence or signs?

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Hi @Jojo0711 a definition of the loa that I very much appreciate is "I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, what I feel now is what I'm going to attract" ... so what I'm attracting into my life is it coincidence or signs?

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The Law of Attraction is always at work whether you know about it or not, or whether you think you are deliberately applying it or not, just like Gravity. This in turn means that there can never be coincidences but only vibrational matches to your current state of being (dominant thoughts and emotions).

Without going into too much detail, your experiences do seem to indicate that you are on the way to getting what you want. So, if I was you, I would probably carry on using the methods you are already using.


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The most important thing I see in Law of Attraction life model, is the GPS inside everyone of us. The inner guidance, about every thought.

So I would recommend that you ask not us, but yourself, feel for it: what answer feels better to you? Take that above all else, or again, feel for what to do further.

The beautiful thing here is that you don't need the outside opinions, you have the answer on what is serving for you. Everywhere, too, that's the next step :)


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In my personal experience, everything that "manifests" in your physical reality is a reflection of the LOA at work (the dominant vibration of your thoughts appearing in physical form). However, whenever you are dealing with another person, there is their will to deal with as well. If the two of you are meant to connect and meet (where both of you are aware of the other), then the Universe will go to extreme lengths to make that happen. If you are not, no amount of visualization or "willing it to happen" will make it happen.

Or another way of putting it is... the meeting MAY happen (if your thoughts are supercharged) but you have no power over his reaction to you and consequently his desire to continue getting to know you. Do you really want to waste all that energy manifesting something that's a dead end?

It's better to focus on the ESSENCE of what you want in a person and then let the Universe bring you someone who meets all those criteria. That person will probably end up being better than you could ever have imagined. Focusing on one particular person limits you because he may or may not be aligned with what it is YOU want and as a result you may miss an opportunity that is better for you.

I know I went off on a tangent here, but I think it's relevant.

I went through a similar experience with someone. The "signs" (or synchronicities) were happening on a daily basis like an avalanche (my thoughts were strongly focused on this person). Eventually, this person did reappear in my life only to leave shortly afterwards. The LOA brought this person to me but I had no control over this person's desire or choice. They didn't choose me. I learned my lesson. Now I focus on the kind of person I want, not a particular person.


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