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An issue that Im facing currently while using this website is, but firstly a little background about me

I have joined this website a few days ago in order to seek greater understanding of Law of attraction I was able to successfully create an account

However, I’m not able to post questions on Inward IQ meta website due to not being able to log in and seeing a message that the account is not recognised

Hence I’m interested in knowing whether this website has a contact email address or some form of contact platform where we can address our queries apart from IQ Meta

because it’s not allowing to post a message as it doesn’t recognise me as a member when I login despite I having an account of inward quest and having it validated using my email address

So Im curious to know where should I be seeking assistance about this issue

Therefore I’m looking for some form of contact preferably an email address to the administrator/ moderator of this website

Kind regards Zaky Johnson

asked 02 Nov '19, 09:29

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@Zaky, you may contact

(02 Nov '19, 10:30) IQ Moderator ♦♦

For disclosure purposes, this user @Zaky previously posted to Inward Quest under the account of @Rob_Palmers

(15 Nov '19, 01:58) IQ Moderator ♦♦

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