Sometimes on IQ when i read a question it seems to tell me more about the person asking it than the answers do about the people giving them.

Do peoples questions give massive clues to where they "actually are" in terms of their vibrational offering/level of faith/consistency of thought.

Or am i being a little presumptuous.


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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦


I'd like to add to your equation the amount for questions to answers ratio? What does that say about the person?

(07 Apr '11, 12:06) ursixx

Good point. To be honest i answer a lot more than i ask. However i do go back thru old postes/threads and find that most of my queries have already been answered.Also i feel a lot of people follow links from one thread to the next which can oftentimes negate the need for a question. I guess looking at it there are some who answer often and hardly post question and visa versa.Bit of a mixed bag really.

(07 Apr '11, 12:15) Monty Riviera

well monty what are my question telling you about me?

(03 Nov '11, 01:59) white tiger
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Yes, Graham, I agree with you.

I think the questions we ask define who we are.

I was practising a bit of channelling yesterday and one of the insights that came through was:

Questions are manifestations of desires. All desires are questions. Some may be verbalized into a language form that you would call a question, while others may just be unexpressed as far as that format is concerned, but from our perspective, they are still just as much questions.

So from that point of view, the questions that people ask are representative of the desires they hold - and the desires they hold are representative of who they really are.

One interesting observation I have noticed is looking at how people's questions evolve over a period of time.

If the questions become more self-empowered, open-minded and confident then the questioner is probably gaining from their interactions with others here, if they become more defensive, dogmatic and critical then they are probably receiving information they are not ready to hear yet, or don't want to hear.

If there is no discernible change at all in someone's line of questioning, then there might be something fishy going on ;)


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Good points raised Stingray.

(07 Apr '11, 12:09) Monty Riviera

I really like this enlightenment you have had here! Yes I suppose all manifesting is simply questions just not recognized as questions. In language it is searching for something not yet seen, and in physical it is searching for something not yet seen. They both have the same vibration quality just on different octaves.

(07 Apr '11, 16:41) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - Yes, that idea surprised me quite a bit when I read it back. But, on later reflection, I can see it's really quite an elegant concept. I like your analogy of the octaves - sums it up nicely.

(07 Apr '11, 22:11) Stingray
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Yes and no. It can tell you, but you can misinterpret easily also. Some questions are already asked, so many people won't ask it again, even if they would have asked if it wasn't already asked, so this would be missing information. Then there are those that ask anyway. Is it because they are lazy and don't want to look for their question, or is it because they jumped right in and were so eager to get started that they didn't even realize their question might have already been asked.

Another possible trip up is the fact that some questions are asked not to get answer, but so the questioner can answer because they already have an answer they want to share.

So I think you can learn some things about a person from the questions they post, as well as their answers. I don't know that the questions are more telling than answers though. Answers could be copied and pasted from other sites, in which case we would be greatly mislead if we thought they answered it themselves, when in reality, they copied it from somebody else.


answered 07 Apr '11, 13:32

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Fairy Princess

Couple of good points raised there. There are a lot of things on this site pasted from other sources.Im cool with this but wish people would fess up and include the link so we could all read the material and perhaps broaden our knowledge and enjoy the source of the material.I also think the point about already knowing their answer and wanting to share it is very valid.

(07 Apr '11, 14:08) Monty Riviera

Yes Graham our questions do tell a lot about us. But some are not always as easy to 'read' as others.

Take my freakshow for example. I might ask a sincere question for me one day then ask another question not pertaining to me but a question in a way a fisherman throws chum in the ocean for bait to see what people think about a certain subject.

A newcomer might read a question like the later scenario and think that I am 'about' that but all of you that know me so well know better and know my intentions.

So yes depending on how long you have been here the better you are or will be at learning what the questioner is about.


answered 07 Apr '11, 17:02

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Nicepoint about the chum.

(08 Apr '11, 08:19) Monty Riviera

A slightly off topic addition point I'd like to make is I think we always answer ourselves the perfect answer. not to say that we dont need a lift or guidances from especially the like minded here.


answered 07 Apr '11, 23:09

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