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I've been wondering about him for awhile and I would like to hear from him again. White tiger is a person that resonates with me even thought I know he is way way way way way way way ahead of me when it comes to spiritual knowledge, discipline and spiritual experiences. I gain some characters there with all the ways. Sorry English is my second language and it is kind of hard for me to write 1000 characters. ;)

white tiger message is always consistent he stress the need for self discipline and becoming a master of the selves. I like when he talks about his spiritual experiences and I wish he can go into more details when he writes about them. I know that his delivery rubs some people the wrong way but I think not only like me English is his second language and it can be the cause of some misunderstanding but that also based on his experiences he knows that we all can do it if we just take the time and work hard at it.

Wow, for some reason I do want to hear from this guy cause I have never before taking so long to write this much to ask about someone I don't even know. Thank you

asked 21 Jan '20, 14:27

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