I noticed that people say that they were wondering something for a long time. However, when we ask questions, we get answers. So why does asking get answers and wondering leaves one wondering?

Even in college, I would have questions in math and ask the teacher after class maybe 3 questions. Of the 3 questions, I would answer 2 of them myself just by asking, and the teacher only had to answer one of them.

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Fairy Princess

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Reason? Many.

One of them being that wondering leaves the topic open, that people don't really care for answer, maybe because it's a pleasure area, a comfort zone, for their thoughts where they return anytime, providing them with a "false" sense of security.

But as I said, you ask for reason, and I can tell you that reason can be everything in the universe. Hopefully you don't want to get that listed. ;)

(22 Mar '12, 11:07) CalonLan
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When you ask a question, you have made a decision to know an answer.

Decisions cause life force to flow. A decision is a heightened point of focus and the focused intent brings a more focused universal response.

As an analogy, Wondering is like the broad, general rays of the sun beaming down on a pleasant day while a Question is like focusing the sun through a magnifying glass.

alt text

Another way of looking at it...when you are wondering, you are still deciding what the question is :)


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Hi Fairy Princess, Asking questions gets answers but wondering if done in the right way can at times get you unbeliveable insights. Asking is good but never stop the wondering of a curious mind for there is gold in that wonder.

Most of my most profound insights came from wondering after reading something interesting. In fact I receive deeper knowledge that I wouldn't have access to otherwise. Ask questions and yes you will get answeres but don't stop wondering about life and it's mysteries for you could get something much more than just an ordinary answer.


answered 23 Mar '12, 04:28

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Paulina 1

totally agree paulina there is always more then the eyes can see.

(23 Mar '12, 04:42) white tiger

@Paulina, That was a great answer, and I totally get. I could not really want the exact answer right away. I could ponder the whole of thin for hours. But mostly I am Ask Guy because right now I need the answers.

(23 Mar '12, 20:42) Tom

There are times when I just love this site

(23 Mar '12, 20:43) Tom
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the simple answer is because there is alot of truth in the absolute truth and you will learn and ask question for a while. why because even what you think is complete truth is still incomplete and is only the truth to your present level of understanding. so yes it is better to find the truth for your self. search and you will find. the truth will set you free. experience and enjoy.


answered 22 Mar '12, 11:50

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white tiger

Even I use "wondering" most of the times, but not sure why. I suppose it could be to have a comfort zone in communication, for making the other person understand that it is not compulsory to give answer, you can take your own time or mold the question as per your understanding.


answered 23 Mar '12, 03:08

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Does there have to be another person present to ask a question?

(23 Mar '12, 12:12) Fairy Princess

I think so - yes... Is there any other opinion on this?

(26 Mar '12, 03:28) Perfection
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