Have a question here which springs from a bit of fun i had with Tom regarding his recent question.

What man made object do IQ members think embodies the spiritual and creative within mankind.

I realise that all matter is spiritual but there are some works of art,paintings,sculpture or a series of musical notes which, to many people are from within the artists very being and spring from the divine spark within.They transcend function and reach for something deeper.

What MAN MADE created object stirs your soul and makes you look Godward,inward or just plain inspires you.


asked 20 Dec '10, 08:21

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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The "Coral Castle" by Edward Leedskalnin. @ www.coralcastle.com.


answered 20 Dec '10, 09:53

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The Coral Castle is amazing.

(20 Dec '10, 16:56) jim 10

Mysterious. Wonderful.

(22 Dec '10, 07:02) Hu Ra

alt text

Art. I love art.


answered 20 Dec '10, 08:49

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jim 10

Is this Michaelangelo or a Reubens?? im no art lover! Although it is beautifull. You could buy a lot of F40s with what this would fetch!!

(20 Dec '10, 14:03) Monty Riviera

And the winner is....Peter Paul Rubens "Union of Earth and Water"

(20 Dec '10, 16:27) jim 10

Cheers Dude....

(22 Dec '10, 12:51) Monty Riviera
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i believe it may be music,
unless i misintrepreted that it is any object made by man that most embodies the spiritual,
sound above vision and touch


answered 22 Dec '10, 00:11

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For me, these things represent the heights of spirituality and creativity within mankind in today's world... alt text

...and the people who have the ability to interact deeply with them are truly the modern day wizards and magi... "TechnoMages", you could say.

Maybe I see the world a little differently to others at times because I see no separation at all between technology and spirituality. To me, one is the pure physical manifestation of the other.

I've been telling people for years that computers (and related technologies) satisfy so many desires for so many things that humanity has craved for so long.

We take today's technology for granted yet our world has literally been turned upside-down without many of us even realizing it.

And it is opening doors (at an ever-increasing rate, it seems) to more and more expressions of human thought.


answered 22 Dec '10, 02:06

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Grand answer, Stingray! Attention to detail quickly reveals the individual personalities of every one of these machines we deal with every day! It's alive!

(22 Dec '10, 07:04) Hu Ra

I see the logic Stingray. My computer doesnt exactly fill me with waves of delight and appreciation thou....but i bet my life would be poorer without it.I think were so used to this stuff we wouldnt appreciate it fully until it crashed and we were without it for a while.

(22 Dec '10, 12:56) Monty Riviera

glad you put a picture of a PC and not an apple ...an apple would rile your soul and make you look away from God ..Just kidding folks merry holidays

(25 Dec '10, 18:42) ursixx
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Maybe it is a F40. I should know who the artist was, because I was an art major in college. The answer escapes me. It is a painting of Adam and Eve I think. I do know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That gal is a little on the pleasely side. You have to like potatoes with you meat hehe to call in the best example.


answered 20 Dec '10, 15:24

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My wife did a little art in college too. She think its a Michaelangelo or Rubens.Shes been out of college for a while now!Shes a little too wide across the bow for me too! ( The girl in the painting no my wife!) but i can see the beauty in the painting.Someone will no doubt fill us in on the details.

(20 Dec '10, 16:10) Monty Riviera

Anything done with love and style. Quality and excellence often reveal this. The spiritual is the invisible, the 'beautiful'. Spiritual embodiment comes from the whole of our love that we bring to appreciating anything asking for attention.

Nothing is created or destroyed (according to the law of conservation of matter) it's only rearranged. We are all condemned to eternal change, every one of our molecules will be a star again someday. What we do will wash away as well. Therefore, anything 'created' which embodies this eternal flow also embodies the spiritual and creative passions of HUmankind.

Quantum physics says that an observer changes the state of light between matter and waves. If someone looks at something, they bring it to life. So anything at all that receives any attention (energy) from any one embodies the spiritual and creative 'within' 'mankind'.


answered 22 Dec '10, 07:13

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Hu Ra

How bout the Romanian Sphinx and the Holographic Hall of Records under the sphinx left by an ancient civilization.

Love and Light


answered 23 Dec '10, 01:22

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