I get hunches about a couple of things I want to manifest badly. I have strong feelings that I know exactly how something is going to play out, or hunches about things going on behind the scenes so to speak so that they can play out. It happens when I think about it consciously, and alot when I'm not even thinking about it. Sort of like a "you just know" type feeling, but very strong and vivid if that makes any sense.

Then when I start letting go of these things I get hit with sign after sign, then I get excited and start obsessing again. I mean there is no mistaking some of the signs either. They are so apparent, that my friends who know my wishes are completely blown away in disbelief when they see them happen.

The problem is I want these things so badly, that I start doubting that my feelings or "hunches" are real and that it may be just wishful thinking. I also know that this way of thinking is probably slowing the manifesting process too. Thank you in advance for any advise or input :)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

so long as you feel happy about it, just " go with the flow"

(28 Jan '13, 11:34) blubird two

I'll be interested to hear answers on this , I've had signs and noticed they have come when I have been in a relaxed happy place but then I don't know what to do next , and so seems to go no where , a bit like a tide coming in (excitement , it's on it's way )then receding ( zilch )

(28 Jan '13, 19:28) Starlight

how ones defines 'real' as in real hunches impacts answers. sometimes the balance scale of selfishness is crossed with the scale of justice. what influences where you choose to mete the power of Creation within you. your answer is individual

(29 Jan '13, 04:48) fred
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I get what I call ""nudges". They feel very different than a hunch- these nudges different than hunches. It is the difference between a soft wind (hunch) to that blast (nudge) you get when someone opens the front door during blizzard. When I get nudged, I act, no matter how crazy it may seem.

Last fall, I was stretched out on the bed when my attention was caught by a stack of Wade's notebooks on his desk. I got "nudged". The Angels of Nudge said, "Tell him this...What he has long been looking for is there, in those notebooks." I asked Wade, "Hey. what's in those notebooks on your desk?" He replied that it was just writing and notes. I then told him that I was directly told by Someone?Something? to look there for what he had been seeking. He gave me this, "Huh???" look, but got up, and went to the notebooks. The first contained nothing of note (forgive the pun...). But the second....The second contained some long-lost school documents that he had been missing for years.

We have learned to pay attention to my "nudges". They do not come often, but they do come. Just today, Wade misplaced his earpiece for his cell phone. The Angels of Nudge told me this: "If you sit down on the couch, you will find his earpiece." So I sat down, and the earpiece was directly to my left, hidden between the couch cushions...

So, in answer to your question, I would say this: You need to figure out a way to differentiate between "nudges" and hunches, which may be just subconscious wishful thinking. It is a Spiritual thing that I find hard to describe. The closest description I can give you is a feeling that an Angel takes my elbow, and points to something, and says, "There. That is what you have been looking for..."

As I said, there is no mistaking it. It is the difference between that breeze and a winter blast.

This is a good question. I hope other people will step up and respond!

Blessings, and Welcome,



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To begin with, I took to heart the advice given here on IQ to ask my higher self to please bring to my mind anything I may need to know, at just the right moment I will need to know it. That absolves me of the responsibility of being constantly on the look out for signs, clues, queues, and hunches; that way, I can just trust that all is well, and I can relax, and forget about it.

Then, I have learned to sort of cast myself as this character in my life who recognizes these things, and acts on them wisely. My self-talk used to center around past failures, losses, and missed opportunities. When I learned that I am whoever I believe I am, regardless of the doubtful evidence of some "history" that doesn't even pass as reality to me anymore, I changed my inner dialog to suit who I really am, which is, essentially, whoever I want to be.

So, understanding that we are always telling ourselves the story of who we are, thereby creating our own reality, I tell myself I am a vibrantly aware, intelligent, wise and graceful woman. I am warm, serene, connected to Source, gentle, kind, and balanced. Because of this state of being, I feel keenly the various waves and nuances of energy around me, and can easily discern which is a flow I want to act on, and which I want only to observe.

Playing this character's attributes in the back of my mind leads me to think like her, feel like her, be her. And now, I am she. It felt a little ingenuine at first, but when you think about it, you really do get to decide who and how you are from moment to moment - you're doing it now. I am nowhere near perfect at this, don't get me wrong, but it's easy to pick it back up when I have abandonded these ideals to throw a fit or a pity party, because I've promised this to no one but myself, and I forgive me easily. ;)

I figure, I may as well be someone I actually want to be. And as it turns out, it is a very authentic way to live, because all I'm really doing is concentrating on the very best aspects of my own character and personality, which of course are very much genuinely my own.

Whatever you focus on, grows, so this is what I choose to grow into; the facets of myself I choose to develop. This makes the discernment you are asking about possible in my life, among many other, wonderful things.

I do realize I've rambled on a bit. :) I hope at least some of it makes sense, and may be helpful to you.

Love, Grace



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@Grace ,very eloquent ramblings at that !

(29 Jan '13, 01:18) ursixx

@ursixx - Thanks! In a mood to express myself last night, I guess. It felt good. But I think we may be the only two people for whom this makes any sense. Figures... Weirdo. :)

(29 Jan '13, 19:34) Grace

@Grace and @ursixx-I am watching you! ;) Tee Hee♥♥♥ Jai

(30 Jan '13, 02:10) Jaianniah
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