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From User Tools if I select Authentication Settings I receive a 500 internal server error!

Also, I am unable to upload images any more - they are broken after being uploaded.

How else do I change my password?

How else do I receive technical support? There is nothing in the FAQs about help/support etc... and no other links for help or support anywhere...

Placing lorem ipsum below to get past the minimum character count:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed volutpat enim id turpis semper, quis elementum tortor aliquet. Pellentesque mattis, ex id eleifend tincidunt, metus justo feugiat risus, at hendrerit lorem elit et eros. Morbi sollicitudin malesuada purus ac fringilla. Maecenas bibendum, purus ac tincidunt molestie, odio turpis consequat justo, sed porttitor dolor nisi eget urna. Nulla venenatis, lorem nec euismod pretium, urna libero placerat mauris, a porta ligula urna eget felis. Nulla porttitor lorem at leo volutpat, eu consectetur metus luctus. Proin varius venenatis lectus id rutrum. Nulla feugiat tristique tortor, quis tincidunt libero laoreet quis. Donec eget ante non velit auctor blandit eget ornare ligula. Nunc eleifend libero vestibulum bibendum tempus. Aliquam volutpat dui vitae vulputate rhoncus.

asked 16 Sep '23, 05:39

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edited 16 Sep '23, 05:40

@SR7 We'll look into it

(16 Sep '23, 06:33) IQ Moderator ♦♦

Hi, any update? :-)

(17 Oct '23, 07:53) SR7

@SR7 It's going to require some reworking of the underlying software, which is quite old now. There will be an expert taking a look at it in due course. Apologies for the delay

(19 Oct '23, 13:56) IQ Moderator ♦♦
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