Christ refers to this "kingdom of Heaven " many times.

Is it a reference to Heaven itself, or perhaps rather an ideal state of spirituality? What do you think?

Happy New Year 2011, and Many Blessings,


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"The Kingdom of Heaven" to me is a state of being that can only be accessed through present moment awareness. It can only be found in that Now moment that seems to elude most of us because we spend our time caught up in those imaginary mind projections, constantly waiting for that moment that will never come because it's right here, right Now.


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@Michaela, you are so right as always, Happy New Year!

(01 Jan '11, 23:25) Tom

This is going to take awhile. Yes I have recently received an epiphany on this very matter. Yes, seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all other Kingdoms shall be given to you. So HP (Higher Power) or God, what is your Kingdom? I have heard that it is love that binds the universe, yes my son. But HP I have loved people things and you and have felt pain misery even though I felt love. You are created in my image and have my Love within you. But It is thinned down to fit you human experience. If I were to give you all my Love and Power of Love all at once you would experience the Kingdom of Heaven for a second then your hart would burst. Do you understand this my son? No. The way for you to receive my Kingdom is through Joy. So my son, all you have to do is seek Joy and all other Kingdoms will be yours. HP I gatta know is this really it, Joy? I have to know for sure because I am going to base my life on it. Yes my son. I mean I don't mean any disrespect, but do you swear to God it's Joy. Yes I swear to God and I am God it's Joy. There is nothing for you to guard against you are in an absolute state of well-being and joy. Say this over and over until you are the evidence of it, until you are it. And that is your Kingdom God? Yes my son and now it yours. I burst into some tears of joy over this. Thanks God (Tears of joy burst through again). Many Blessings! and Happy New Year!


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Thanks for sharing this. Very inspirational

(01 Jan '11, 23:12) Drham

I only really know 2 things about it.

Its within every human being.

It cant be seen by observation, Although there are millions of people who are waiting and looking for it,when its already here.



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Monty Riviera

The Bible speaks in parables: therefore the interpretation may mean different things to different people. So my question is what does the Kingdom of Heaven means to you, and if you can answer this truthfully, then, this is your perfect answer!

Personally, the Kingdom of Heaven means a place to reside, and commune with the spiritual aspect of things unknown to us!


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