Consider: Halakhah is based upon the Old Covenant. Do you think the Jew really knew of God in those times, and what if any did they really know about God?

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to me this question is irrevelant ; god , christ , jew , are all terms of a belief system .

we all have our own systems of belief , no one is right or wrong .


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blubird two

@ Blubird, since, we all have our own systems of belief, and if there is no right or wrong, then, why is this question irrelevant to you? Are you placing your values upon me, because you do not approve of this my question! Remember your words, there is no right or wrong! Bear aware, none of these questions asked on this site is directed to anyone in particular, it is all done with due respect! Please keep in mind we are a diverse group, and we must remember to respect everyone's cultural beliefs, and point of views, event if it differs with our own! Thank you for your answer.

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Great question Vee.

When Jesus was asked about the kingdom of heaven He said that it wasnt visible to the naked eye and that it WAS ( present tense ) within.

Now the interesting thing is that he said this BEFORE His crucifixion,before the 3 days He spend doing God alone only really knows what and before his rising from the dead and ascension.

Now when He said the kingdom was within the Jews were still under an old covenant. All of the priesthood,ceremonial washing,sacrifices etc etc were STILL IN PLACE as far as they were concerned.

Jesus then told them that the kingdom WAS within,NOT would be within after His crusifixion.

It makes me wonder just how much of the old testemant and its rules and regulation were actually from God. Jesus did specifically tell people the kingdom was within,the religious leaders would have said the kingdom was in their religion,their preisthood ,their temple and their various practises.

There still seems to be this problem today. People are looking for God in all the wrong places and missing ( sometimes ) the fact that Hes right under their noses.



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Monty Riviera

Very thought provoking answer Graham. "missing the fact" = missing the mark ( which is the real meaning of sin) maybe this is what Jesus meant by Sinning. Not so much as "doing bad" but just missing the point? Hmmmm

(12 Jan '11, 14:12) jim 10

Thats right Dude,i think their religious SYSTEM blinded and obscured the truth from their hearts. They got off on the system so much they ignored the system administrator!

(12 Jan '11, 15:22) Monty Riviera

@ Graham Cook you are right on mark with your answer, and I agree people are looking in the wrong places etc. I am happy that you like my question. Thank you.

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Excellent question Vee.

In addition to what has already been well said:

While the Jews were in captivity in Babylon, their leaders secretly rewrote their history, in an attempt to give them some hope for their future.

Then, when Jesus tried to enlighten them, their scriptures where so inconsistent with His teachings, that they rejected and ultimately killed Him.

This information is just now beginning to come to light in the news.

The irony is that the whole tragic business was simply a mistake.

All the more reason for ALL of us to be much more patient, before we rush to judgement.

Who among us is qualified to judge the worth of these courageous and noble people???


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The Prophet

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Your answer speaks volumes, and I am greatly moved by your last sentence! Thank you.

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