The Bible teaches: that no one has ever seen God, but he created Jesus Christ in his own image, and likeness.

Do you think that God also has a physical body? If so, why has no one seen God, or have we seen him and do not know him, and do not know that he is here dwelling among us in his physical body; what do you think?

asked 06 Feb '10, 05:00

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Inactive User ♦♦


I see God everywhere I look.


answered 06 Feb '10, 15:28

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Very simple, and very beautiful answer! Love, Jai

(06 Feb '10, 15:38) Jaianniah

Sometimes the simplest answers are the best.:-)

(06 Feb '10, 15:45) Michaela

Agreed very much.

(06 Feb '10, 16:58) Wade Casaldi

So true! thank you, namaste

(08 Oct '10, 14:53) daniele

double vote sir

(25 Feb '11, 08:38) you

Beautiful answer and a great instruction for all!

(26 Feb '11, 21:23) The Traveller

Amazing, Vesuvius.

(02 Jul '11, 16:38) Aphrodite
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Well, I never expected that God would have a physical body, in fact, I always believed that God is in all things, including ourselves...I like to think of God as the Universe - neither man nor beast but omnipresent and as Vesuvius says - everywhere you look...


answered 06 Feb '10, 16:19

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He truly is everywhere and he loves us so very much.

(07 Feb '10, 09:20) flowingwater

How can the molecule see the matter?
It can only realize this by interfacing its limited viewpoint "I am molecule" with the greater viewpoint "I am also matter"


answered 10 Feb '10, 22:17

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The Traveller

Jesus message in a modern interpretation! I like this! :-)

(11 Oct '12, 04:59) Wade Casaldi

Each time you look in the mirror, you see God, only you have forgotten who you are looking at. Every time you see someone else, you see God, only you have forgotten who you are looking at.

When you remember, you will be one with the Father.


answered 19 Feb '10, 00:06

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Awaken to Spirit

If God is omnipresent, then there is nowhere that He is not. So, He is the universe it's self. God is too big for us to see Him in His entirety. We see Him in all of His creation.


answered 25 Feb '11, 02:06

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Fairy Princess

I agree, thank you.

(27 Feb '11, 07:16) Inactive User ♦♦

yes is creation is like is physical body.

(01 Jul '11, 04:45) white tiger

Neither humen nor any other creature in the universe is able to see God.However,HIS attributes are seen everywhere.a completely sin free person is able to feel GOD in himself.When you dout HIM ,he increases your dout,When you beleive HE increases your faith.

When you commit sin,you block your access to GOD.When you do good for humanity and other creatures,when you talk with flowers,when you see a smile of an innocent baby,you are opening chahnnels to feel GOD in yourself.

according to Quran,Man has been granted some qaulities and attributes as God,so he is responsible to justify his deeds and actions before God on the day of judgement.


answered 25 Feb '11, 04:40

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Well said, thank you.

(27 Feb '11, 07:17) Inactive User ♦♦

God is everywhere and all things including people. That person you helped cross the street, that is God, that guy you flipped the bird to because he pulled out in front of you that is God. Luckily for us God has a sense of humor plus we are God ourselves so we are really making God flip himself the bird to which God must watch the whole show and get a laugh saying "bless them they do not yet understand."

Matthew 25:40 (Read all of Matthew 25)

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Now that golden rule thing is starting to look pretty good hum?

Here is a story that was circulating the net, I am going to try to remember it as much as I can but if not it will be very similar and have the same message.

There was a women she was poor and she received a revelation in a vision, it said to her "Tammy I will be having dinner with you later today love Jesus." Tammy was shocked, she went to her cabinets and there was no food, she checked her refrigerator again no food! She checked her wallet and had enough to buy a loaf of bread and a bottle of water for her guest. She went to the store it was a cold dark night, she was poor so she walked she hadn't a car for transport. She bought the bread and water and she was walking home, there was a homeless couple even poorer than she was, they asked could she spare some money, she replied "no I spent my money on this bread and water for a very special guest." They asked "could she spare some bread and water for them." She said "no I am sorry but as I said this is a very special guest" They said "we understand it is okay thank you anyway as they turned away." As I said it was a cold night out the women was shivering cold she noticed, she then said "hold it right there you turn around here take the bread and water and here you take my coat too." they asked "what of your guest?" She responded "you can come eat with us and get warmed up I am sure he'll understand." they responded "you are too kind and generous are you sure?" She said "yes, it is too cold out here." they said "okay maybe for a little bit at least thank you so much!" They ate together she gave them food clothing and water, When they left she felt sad because Jesus never showed up, "maybe it was because she had these others but he should have understood my compassion if anyone would have?" She was weeping at her table and another vision came to her but this time it was the two people she helped she saw a flash of light and Jesus was there again, she said "Jesus I have been waiting for you, I am sorry there is not much bread left or water." Jesus responded "I have had my fill already thank you, I was tired, you gave me rest, I was cold you have given me clothing, I was thirsty you gave me drink and I was hungry you gave me food thank you so much I will reward you well for this."


answered 06 Feb '10, 17:14

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Wade Casaldi

edited 06 Feb '10, 17:53


Ah! This is so great I remember reading this story circulating and it was a little different but this is close enough and the point is still the same and Oh! so great!!! Stories like that almost bring tears to my eyes and heart how people help one another and through that Jesus is there among us so very important note that we forget a lot. Thank you so much for this wonderful story Wade Casaldi. Have a lovely day.

(07 Feb '10, 09:07) flowingwater

You are very welcomed, it has a good point that matches Matthew 25:40 perfectly, it really touched me too so it left an impression on me, i know there are differences, try remembering a story word for word. lol I did enjoy bringing the story back to life here maybe as a new story slightly different but still sharing it was worth it. :-)

(07 Feb '10, 09:53) Wade Casaldi

"The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao The name that can be named is not the eternal name The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth The named is the mother of myriad things

Thus, constantly free of desire One observes its wonders Constantly filled with desire One observes its manifestations

These two emerge together but differ in name The unity is said to be the mystery Mystery of mysteries, the door to all wonders"

As I was reading this Question and the answers. I reflected back to Tao te Ching And if you replace Tao with god/jesus, budda all.ah. source ect.. If we look deep in ourselves.We should see god/source If we are made in his image we just need to look in the mirror..If we are source... And if you don't you need to ask yourself. Why not? talk is cheap I dont believe in christ. I believe in being christ like


answered 10 Feb '10, 09:39

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yes we are very similar to him made in is image we are part of him but not him even if we are gods our self.

(01 Jul '11, 05:06) white tiger

I see in every strangers eyes.

I hear in the gaps between my thoughts.

I breathe in every breath.

And sense with all of my being in every eternal moment.



answered 25 Feb '11, 03:49

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Your words are full of wisdom, thank you.

(27 Feb '11, 07:22) Inactive User ♦♦

If someone did see God would they recognize him? God is within all things. We fail to "see God" everyday because we take him for granted or we fail to see the bigger picture as we are all but small pieces in this infinite puzzle. Similar, but different. Each piece has a place in the picture. No piece can fill another's place. I see God within us all. Within the birds and the bees and within the trees, and within the people who cry to be free. I see God because he is within me.


answered 02 Jul '11, 14:27

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Indeed we are the product of God, therefore we are of God. Excellent answer, thank you!

(03 Jul '11, 00:12) Inactive User ♦♦

If we are referring to the scriptures, also Arjuna from Hindu scripture Bhagavad-gita saw a God.

If hundreds of thousands of suns were to rise at once into the sky, their radiance might resemble the effulgence of the Supreme Person in that universal form.


answered 06 Feb '10, 18:25

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yes the biggest ball of light.

(01 Jul '11, 04:58) white tiger

we have all seen God he exhists with in every one of us. We just choose not to look.


answered 06 Feb '10, 18:55

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J hansen

The fact is most choose to know God is in them but at the same time almost acknowledge he is sleeping in them or just hanging around doing nothing in particular. That is not the message repeated again and again in the Bible. The God that lives in me is powerful and active. We need to know this, who we are, Jesus said who we are but few will listen.

(11 Oct '12, 05:08) Wade Casaldi

What you call God, I refer to as universal conciousness or non-physical source energy which we are all extenstions of. It runs through all things including us.

I believe that source energy is not something that can be interpreted visually, but rather vibrationally. In other words, it is more something that you can feel, rather that see or touch. And the way we communicate with this source energy is through our feelings and emotions.


answered 07 Feb '10, 11:25

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Pink Diamond

grace of god golden light.

(01 Jul '11, 04:56) white tiger

The Bible teaches: that no one has ever seen God, but he created Jesus Christ in his own image, and likeness.

Do you think that God also has a physical body? If so, why has no one seen God, or have we seen him and do not know him, and do not know that he is here dwelling among us in his physical body; what do you think? one has ever seen God 'and lived' is what the bible says from memory. Could the experience blow the physical mind and body - like a nuclear blast?

2..God did not create Jesus Christ in his own image and likeness - "Then God said, 'Let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth..." (Genesis 1:26). In the bible God is plural (?) and man(kind) is plural. If God is described as plural maybe it was something else that was being described and there were many of them? Fallen angels? Alien beings? Why would angels want to co-habit with women!? This would certainly explain a 'jealous' god.

3..On one hand is God did make us in his image then the commentary could only be referring to our Spirit - the bible teaches that God is Pure Spirit-Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. How can God limit Himself if he is everywhere..? Jesus did say "I am in the Father and the Father is in me" .. maybe the same holds true for us. We can't see God because he is invisible to our physical eyes and too grand for us to comprehend ?

4.. On the other hand "What you do unto others, you do unto me" -- maybe we have seen him but failed to recognise the significance of what we saw.


answered 10 Feb '10, 02:32

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Inactive User ♦♦

1.some see god. in the flesh the light is to hard to sustain.2. we are all gods all son of the mighty father. 3 yes the container is not the essance the i am. 4. yes of course he healed people he took the burden and gave it to god. so of course if you hit someone and he heals them he is going to feel it.

(01 Jul '11, 04:54) white tiger

i have seen god. some people decide with their free wills not to see him. and it is their choice. also you need a pure heart and mind to see god.


answered 01 Jul '11, 04:38

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white tiger

edited 01 Jul '11, 08:08

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I like the part where you said, “I have seen God.” Would you like to share your experience with us: what it was like to see God? Thank you for your answer!

(03 Jul '11, 00:20) Inactive User ♦♦

of course vee this is not new and you can see it in my question or answer. here is one link that will tell you alot about it.

(03 Jul '11, 01:15) white tiger

well it is a place full of light. each light is someone and can talk to you by sending light through the golden light the grace of god. god is the biggest light in that place it is a huge ball of light bigger then the sun.

(03 Jul '11, 01:56) white tiger
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Imho, God is quality rather than physicality - it is here, and now and hence there and then. It is less about seeing by eye, but more about realizing :)


answered 11 Oct '12, 04:30

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In that context, you will never see God, or God could not be God. Perfection needs imperfection to exist. We are here to transfer information and energy. We are free to build the dreams of God as an expression of the One.


answered 13 Oct '12, 04:16

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The Knights Alchemy

Well no one has actually seen the true form of God is because we as humans are just not on his level simply put. God is the almighty creator and he is of pure nature, something humans are of not. So we as a human not having the pure nature which God possesses disallows us to see him or majority of the times even HEAR him. His nature is to pure to correspond with ours, for the time being anyways lol.

The only real way to sense God or "hear" him is through prayer and meditation, cleansing the body of all that is unsure, that way in a sense we can relate to him if you understand?? Also if God is made up of pure energy then we as humans have to also purify ourselves so that we can really be able to connect to him.

Anyways that is what I truly do believe in but again it's only a belief so I can be wrong lol. Ok peace 4 now



answered 06 Feb '10, 06:31

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The bible tells us that God is too powerful for us to look upon him with our fleshly bodies but Moses wanted to see God and God covered his self and allow Moses to see the back of him and God had his hand up I am assuming the brightness and the greatness of God mighty powerful self would destroy a mere human flesh body to be able to look upon pureness in its natural purest form. Now our spirits can look upon him but not our flesh. Moses is the only one I know who came as close to seeing God while in his fleshly body as any man can but he only zone him a little for God was pretecting him.

Mebb talk on his pureness as well.


answered 06 Feb '10, 12:29

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You are right our spirit can look upon him, but not our flesh. Thank you.

(27 Feb '11, 07:21) Inactive User ♦♦

we are very limited here in physical body. it is not the same in body of light that are not limited by time and space. you can still see the light in the flesh but it is very hard to sustain.

(01 Jul '11, 04:43) white tiger

I believe the answer lies in the different planes that each inhabit- God is completely of the spiritual plane, while we are not. Those who have had Near Death Experiences report sometimes of being in the presence of s great "whiteness": a light so brilliant it cannot be described by Earthly means. If, when we die, we become completely spiritual, like God, then I think we will able to see Him, as well as His angels and all the denizens of the Heavenly realm.

Blessings, Jai


answered 06 Feb '10, 13:40

Jaianniah's gravatar image


edited 25 Feb '11, 04:11

You can see the angels now as your spiritual eyes sees what your human eyes cannot.

(07 Feb '10, 09:09) flowingwater

There is a great possibility of us seeing God, when we are in our spirit form. Thank you for your answer.

(27 Feb '11, 07:27) Inactive User ♦♦

jai you are all ready a god we all are. death does not give you annything. death is when the body cannot keep you in this world and you shed the body. what give you something is what you experiance and do and the use that you make of your free will in this life.

(03 Jul '11, 01:43) white tiger
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم In the name of Allah, The Most Compassionate Most Merciful.

Allah (God), The Creator, The Lord, The One and Only, created us and gifted us with a mind(knowledge) which will lead us to recognize Him and come to believe in Him, all the creatures are a manifestation of His existance and a reflection of His Arrtibutes. The real thing is to see Allah (alone, with no partners and ascribing no false equivalents) with your heart, and this belief will be your admission to seeing Him in the hereafter. If you missed out on seeing Him with your heart, because your heart was blocked with Pride, Arrogance, Superficialities, Falsehood,,,etc., then you will miss out seeing Him in the hereafter and enjoying the everlasting bliss.



answered 15 Oct '12, 15:59

springflower's gravatar image


Quite frankly, when I read some of the quotes from some you religious cult members, it scares the hell out of me. It scares me that people that aren't locked up in a looney bin actually roam the earth and believe some of this nonsense.

What in the hell happened in your childhood or in your life that made you so fn crazy that you believe in this bs. Seriously.

Actually, now that I think about it, I kind of feel sorry for you. Such a sad sad life that you must live. With no mind of your own. Growing up with this Stepford wife mentality. I think about how I like to study and learn and constantly grow in my beliefs and with my mind, and knowing that there are people cluelessly roaming the earth with bible in hand, mumbling about the little golden lights that you have seen.

Yep, I feel sorry for you, not that I still don't think that you are as crazy as a loon.


answered 09 Oct '12, 14:04

GOD%20the%20Alien's gravatar image

GOD the Alien


it never have occur to you; why you cast those stones? do you know everything? are you still learning? how will you feel and what will you think if one day you discover that people where telling you the truth all along? you might say impossible right now out of your own self-rightenous,but i am telling you right now it will happen if not for the dead one for the living one. you that like to learn and know the truth,i will give you this advice keep learning and do not cast stone and judge other-

(11 Oct '12, 00:30) white tiger

,did you not yet learn that they do the same? remember in this place of the dead where everything pass away and change what material or carnal thing will be left with the passage of time?

(11 Oct '12, 00:34) white tiger

I feel sorry for you that you do not know Him!

(13 Oct '12, 06:18) Jaianniah
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