I am presently on lesson 4 of The Master Key System.

I love the readings. However, I find it difficult to believe that in only four weeks time a person is expected to accomplish quieting their mind and changing or letting go of whatever emotional state they are in during meditation.

More power to those that can, but I am certainly having difficulty. So I don't know if I should keep reading, or stop and try to accomplish the level of meditation he's suggesting before going on to the following chapters. I dont feel like I deserve to go on. Help.

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I would think that majority of the people will probably never make it past Lesson 10... myself included

(29 Jun '11, 03:39) kakaboo

But I would personally think that the main crux of the whole system is in the first few chapters - meditating

(29 Jun '11, 03:47) kakaboo
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I think that both "The Master Key System" and "Dynamic Thought" are tools to be used throughout our lives. So slow down , if a lesson takes weeks or months even so be it. It doesn't matter how long it takes us to understand ,just the trying and persaverence will help us to get to where we want to be eventually.Enjoy the journey!


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You will probably go through this book more than once in a lifetime, so don't worry if you are not making the exercises at 100% perfection. Just take some time daily and meditate, 15 to 30 minutes. If you can only make 20 on a sit thats okay, if you can make the 30 minutes, better.


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i too have just started , i'm on lesson three

if you find the going is too fast then slow it down

just stock the lessons in memory without readind them

only open them when you feel you are ready


answered 14 Jan '11, 05:59

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blubird two

Ever read the parable of the Hare and the Tortoise ??...simply this...just go at a slow and steady pace and you will get there in the end...however long it takes... what's the rush anyway? just focus on the prize at the end of the journey.....I am there with you too...just started lesson 3 today :)


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well this is interesting they are starting to realize things i have know since i was a child and meditation i have achive naturally with out anny teacher or book. if this can help you use it. though and emotion that distub you are veils in the mind and the only way to get rid of them is to understand the meaning and put them to rest. in doing that your focus and peace of mind and heart will increase. i could give you example of this like your mind and the way you perceive things have all those belief and concept things unresolve emotion unresolve. some though and emotion are linked together and it is like a big window or canvas that the i as to see through. and the more though and emotion veils in the mind that are there the more you have problem seing. it is like a storm in your mind and you need to clean that storm. that is how you let go by understanding what those though and emotion means once that is done they will be put to rest. once put to rest they will stop to bother you. also know this the resolve you have will help you in your meditation. meaning if you want to achive it and you decide with high level of resolve.example of resolve: i will achive this to try it out. (low level of resolve) i will achive that nothing will stop me even if i die.(high level of resolve) this will help you achive faster depending on your level of resolve. think of it as a mountain if you say i will try to climb it you will climb it slow. if you say i will climb this mountain even if i die and start climbing it you will climb it alot faster. think also about though in this way example: you never saw a tree once you see the tree the though about seing that tree go away it is resolve now you understand what is tree what tree means that though is put to rest. and you can move to something else. well i hope it helped you. take care good luck.


answered 29 Jun '11, 04:00

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