I remember when my first BIG Question was answered in such a superbly synchronistic way that I knew without a doubt that i had taken the first few steps along the path.

It has been a mere nine months since then. This morning, at 3 am, as i lie calm and awake with moonlight in my eyes, i was prompted to gratitude in the form of an account.

So many good things have come and are on their way.

How about You?

:) :) :)

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Meeting and sharing with all of you at Inward Quest :)

(14 Jan '11, 03:48) Eddie

we seem to be in tune

(14 Jan '11, 06:17) blubird two

I second that Eddie

(14 Jan '11, 16:12) all2gethernow
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I have been into this stuff as far back as I can remember starting from my childhood.

And so naturally, there have been many "turning point" moments along the way.

One such turning point that is relevant to this forum happened, I think, about 10years ago.

I was reading everything that I wanted to know about and trying to really absorb the meaning within the information.

And I was struck by the "How do I know if this is what I am supposed to know" question.

Not only that, I was also trying to find a method by which I could trust a particular understanding upon which I could relax my consciousness without being burdened by the "how do I know if this is right" battle raging endlessly within myself.

Intuition was starting to open up and I could recognize it, but didn't know if It was "Me" that I can trust, or if it was deception, perhaps from some other source pretending to be intuition.

And so I surrendered with all sincerity and yearned for guidance and a sign that I could trust.

I don't remember for how long I yearned for this guidance, but one day I felt and electricity like energy coming down my spine, like a spark.

It was brief, but it made me shiver all over, not in a bad way, but in a good and comforting way (friendly)

The timing was so obvious that I slowly asked within my mind "is this the sign of guidance" and right away I felt it again.

Of, course. I wasn't satisfied right away with this, for I needed to be sure.

So I tested this sign over the next approx. 4 months at various times by asking specific questions and asking for guidance. And it never showed up every time I asked.

But here's what's amazing. The sign showed up every time I needed guidance and I was a little bit un-sure.

But not at the surface of my presence. On the surface I was pretending to myself that I knew what I was doing. But many levels deep within myself, deeper than before I could think about it, whenever there was a need for "hand holding" this sensation of energy would show up, to reassure me that I'll be OK with that decision.

They were little moments like going on a long trip somewhere, and getting lost and not knowing if the idea that popped into my head to "go that way" could be trusted. Whenever I had doubt about "is this OK? Should I do this?" and when the need was really sincere, and not a superficial game to test if this is coincidence, this spark of energy always came through like the loving embrace of a gentle guide.

It never leads me down the wrong path, but it took me a long time to trust it unconditionally. I kept asking for a long time "how do I know if you are not deceiving me?"

Then I began to trust this sensation unconditionally for it never failed to bail me out or put me in danger.

But it never showed up when I commanded it to guide me. It always knew when I really needed help, and in that moment, it always was my companion of re-assurance.

Now it is a normal part of my life and has been for about 10 years.

But I can feel that this is just a glimpse of what is humanly available to us.

How do I know that? because when I quietly feel within myself "I know this is just the tip of the iceberg" this sensation sends this re-assuring energy down my spine (I felt it right now as I am writing this) as If to say "why do you doubt yourself? You know that that thought is correct"

Much of my confidence in what I hold on to comes from the fact that I was fortunate to stumble on my own source of guidance to lean on and didn't need the "If others also believe this to be true, then I know this is true" method of arriving at a certain understanding.

I guess I am sharing this to encourage others to find their own way to trust the self within for guidance, and that if need be, one can ask for a clear and dependable means to be awakened instead of falling back on endless analysis and comparison with the outside what must be sought after on the inside.


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That's so encouraging. Thanks for sharing, Traveler.

(14 Jan '11, 16:10) all2gethernow

Good question.

For me, the more BIG questions I saw answered it made me think that maybe I was at the later part of a long journey, only then to realize that this journey has really just begun. And I love it



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jim 10

How much a like we are, yet different in our values, and beliefs, but that we all bring a great wealth of knowledge to the round table to support each other questions, and answers!

It is a new way of learning, enriching, and enhancing ones intellect, knowledge, and experiences in life. It is the vibration of life wisdom overflow, and the attraction of liked minds to commune together for enlightenment!


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