It occurs to me that people gravitate towards the things they are good at. You can debate whether or not that is because they are born with innate talents, or that they simply became interested in a subject when they were very young, and pursued it vigorously while their minds were still growing up.

If you pursue your talent, there will be no shortage of people who will tell you that you're being impractical; that you should play it safe, and find a career that is secure. There will also be no shortage of challenges. Many of those challenges will come with pain or discomfort of some sort.

I have been thinking a lot about the notion we occasionally float on this board that life should not be difficult, that the pain we endure is resistance, and always of our own creation, that things should come to us effortlessly because the universe provides.

But isn't it true that the greatest learning in your life occurred when you were most challenged, when things seem the most difficult?

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Yes, the idea does get floated around here that life should not be difficult...probably by people like me :)

But, in my case at least, I certainly would never say that life shouldn't be challenging.

I live a general lifestyle that many materially-focused outsiders would consider unstable, insecure, risky and probably a bit chaotic, if not downright mad, at times.

Without an understanding of the Law of Attraction ("your thoughts create your reality"), it wouldn't make any sense not to stick to a life experience that is built on safety, security and the approval of others.

But with an understanding of reality creation, you know you cannot fail no matter how things look to other people...and then life becomes the excitement-filled living-on-the-edge experience that it was always intended to be.

(How you define excitement is an individual matter, of course.)

Abraham, in one of their many profound quotes, once summed up the state of being of someone tuned into who they really are, and it's a phrase I really love.

Simply this: You become a loving being who feels invincible

I agree with you - you learn (I would use the word experience) most when you are challenged but if you undertake those challenges with a background feeling of fear, it is a very different experience to when you do them with the backing feeling of invincibility.

Live life with an invincible attitude and you naturally start to seek out new desires and challenges just to see where they take you.

And your life starts twisting and turning in unexpected directions as you gain confidence in following your intuitive impulses no matter how bizarre they may appear to others.

Sure, there are times when dancing on the cliff edge can lead to you falling off the cliff. But it's always a soft landing because, through understanding reality creation principles, you realize that regaining your balance again is only a matter of stabilizing your thoughts again. And you always gain something from each experience, not least a growing confidence in your own abilities to mold your reality.

Yes, difficulty in life from resistance is unnecessary, but difficulty in life from a challenge is where you truly find out who you are.


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Wow! What an inspiring answer Stingray! Thank you for not only giving your answer, but for also sharing your "attitude" You flipped a switch deep within me and I appreciate you for that. Thank you!

(04 Mar '10, 17:25) The Traveller

You're welcome, Traveller. I'm glad I could flip that switch for you :)

(04 Mar '10, 18:40) Stingray

I like your response. Its all in our attitude and we have absolute control over that. I am going to adapt that "invincible " spirit".

(05 Mar '10, 15:53) Drham

@Stingray- this answer is a bit 'different' to your usual answers, a great discovery of me to find!! After reading this I'm seeing myself as invincible- all these 'bad' things in my life are pointless! Hell yeah I'm going to launch like 1000 concrete new desires now :)

(29 Feb '12, 19:02) Nikulas

@Stingray You said -> "Yes, difficulty in life from resistance is unnecessary, but difficulty in life from a challenge is where you truly find out who you are."

But I thought that a challenge shows up only when there is already some resistance within us? Ain't it true?

Am kinda confused there. Would truly appreciate if you could clarify that a bit further :) Thanks :)

(28 May '12, 16:20) MagicalUniverse

@MagicalUniverse - Sorry only just noticed your comment, better to ask things like this as new questions or they may get missed. Your Higher Self is always seeking new experiences...that's what causes new desires, that ongoing intent of the Higher Self. Resistance is what the Lower Self perceives when it fights those experiences. If you embrace new experience instead of complaining about it, you start to enjoy the experience becomes a positive thing. See

(23 Jun '12, 03:40) Stingray
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I have to agree with you that we can learn the most when the challenge is greatest. That also happens to be the time when we put up the greatest resistance. I feel like I am being dragged kicking and screaming like a child. I am going through a challenging situation right now and I am putting up a fight. I think the resistance is because we are being urged out of our comfort zone and its feels very uncomfortable. But for growth to occurr something in our life must change. I like to quote Einstein who said that "insanity is when we do the same thing everyday and expect a different result? Even those of us who are spiritually conscious need to continue to grow. Sometimes we think that we have "arrived" and the Universe has to create an experience to help to remind us that its time to move on to higher level of consciousness.


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true that is! :)

(28 May '12, 15:58) MagicalUniverse

Undoubtedly the greatest growth we can experience is when we are faced with challenges and difficulties and don't succumb to the fear that usually arises during such times. The challenge then becomes a wonderful gift, when we can perceive it as an opportunity for growth. Instead of shrivelling in the face of adversity we can look for the lesson contained within it and come out of the experience a much stronger person. Trying to stay present and learn the lesson can be very challenging when part of us wants to run and hide and pretend it's not happening. It is the challenges that shape who we become. Wishing it away is a waste of time and energy as the same lesson will be presented at another time in a different guise - may as well learn the lesson 'Now' - thanks Vesuvius for the question, writing this was actually therapy for me right now.


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WE are given to inertia generally speaking. Play it safe, keep it comfortable, don't step outside the (perceived) boundaries, etc.

We seem to need a good boot in the backside with a sharply pointed difficulty to get us started sometimes. Blunter difficulties are more difficult to determine, are they our ring pass not (butting the head against the wall) or are they the ladders we need to climb to get over the wall?

Abraham Lincoln lost 16 elections before he became President... I would have misinterpretted those difficulties as 'head against the walls' - fortunately, for us, he didn't. For him?


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Inactive User ♦♦

great answer! thanks! :)

(28 May '12, 16:00) MagicalUniverse
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