I'm trying to figure out if the meek shall inherit the world, as the bible suggests, or the ruthless and violent?

I overheard someone speaking and was talking about that in WW2 many people who were morally upright and lived wholesome lives were the ones killed and the violent lived.

What perspective do you think is true and why?

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You are actually comparing earthy strength to Godly strength. Those that are strong on earth are weak in God but those that are meek on earth are strong in God. The more we squash the small "i am" the more we let the real "I AM" through. The first is pure ego, with pride and self promotion a person that believes he is better than others so he can use and abuse others to his own benefit. We see this type of "strength" in the terrible atrocities in wars to on far less levels jealousy or envy that harms relationships and friendships. This type of strength "power of the fittest" eventually leads to ruin of some kind.

But now those willing to be meek and let God be in control, they have far more strength than any that thinks he can do it on his own. Those are the ones that save many lives, they get things done to improve peoples condition. Those are the ones that go into a burning building and pull out everyone and people say "how did you do it, why did you do it?", they respond "I just did what I knew I had to I didn't even think of my own safety I just knew I had to save those people." This strength unites it brings peace and love it forgives and heals this is why the meek inherit the earth because everyone says "that is a good guy if anyone deserves, it is him." These are people of compassion, caring and concern, they do get angry but put their anger to constructive problem solving. Like the man that gets angry seeing people staving on the streets and says "why doesn't someone do something for these people!", so he builds a soup kitchen for them. This is a man humbling himself to the needs of people he may consider below him as instead he sees the good in all people and equal value, some just have and some haven't but we all are still brothers and sisters on this planet. The thing is the meek will do this and not seek recognition for doing it, he does not do it to be famous but he does it because he lets God through.


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Wade Casaldi

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I would like to think we can be strong in both....

(28 Jan '11, 22:01) Back2Basics

affirm above, developing both our spiritual selves as well as our physical selves can and does occur.

(29 Jan '11, 00:21) fred

I think you are both talking about physical strength I mean mental and spiritual strength letting God be our strength is so much more rewarding and powerful. It conquers fears too when your courage is not your own to build but know you are with God.

(29 Jan '11, 02:41) Wade Casaldi
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I didn't interpret the phrase as meaning the meek inherit the material, physical world but rather the kingdom within.Those who are meek will realize their abundance is within.

I think it's important to remember that we all have to die a physical death sometime and in the greater scheme of things our life here is a mere flash in terms of eternity.If there is such a thing as a soul contract before we come into physical existence, then those who died during the war knew what part they came here to play and how they were going to exit. Maybe they chose that part to teach someone else a lesson ?


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I see, inherit the kingdom within is much different and probably the real meaning...

(28 Jan '11, 21:54) Back2Basics

I wouldnt mind knowing what the real meaning of the word "meek" means. There are so many differing bible variations and many differing spins that various translators put on things.

I feel sure the real meaning may be very different to what many would assume it is.

And this often puts a totally different slant to a verse.

Any translators of greek or aramaic out there?



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Monty Riviera

Maybe you can post this as an actual question, and attract someone who knows about the original Greek or Aramic.

(28 Jan '11, 20:39) Vesuvius

Who are the meek people? The meek people in my opinion are every one of us, and every one of us has inherited the world that we live in!

The bigger question is do good people sometimes do bad things, or is it only the bad people that do bad things to other people? So, my understanding is each of us will have to answer for ourselves when the time comes, given the fact that your meek next door neighbor could be a potential killer in the future!

But on a more spiritual note it is said: the pure in heart will enter into the Kingdom of God!


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good point......

(28 Jan '11, 21:58) Back2Basics
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