Consider: And what would we need to rewrite about this most challenging movie that we are we are currently facing in our life right now?

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great question on Oscars night

(27 Feb '11, 18:39) ursixx

It's funny you should ask that. Just recently I have been reading about Bashar, an entity similar to Abraham who Stingray has mentioned before, and there was a paragraph that may answer your question:

As you change your present (by changing your present beliefs), you are "shifting" into a different parallel reality and that different parallel reality has its own "future" and "past". Said another way, when you change your present, you are likewise also changing your past and your future. That is, you are shifting to a totally different hologram which contains its own "past" that is consistent with its "present", and also its own "future" which is likewise consistent with its "present". As I believe Bashar says: "You create the past and the future from the here and now."

Continuity is an "illusion", just like the continuity in movies is an illusion, since it's really 24 discrete pictures per second. Therefore, continuity is optional. The past progressively leads to the present, but it does not cause the present. And just as movies can suddenly shift from one scene to a totally different scene, likewise you can too - since continuity is really not necessary.

I understand the bit about shifting into a parallel reality with it's own future but i'm not sure I get how you can shift into a parallel reality with it's own past. Does anyone else understand this? Maybe I should ask this as a separate question...

By the way, here is the link to the page I got this info from:


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You'll have to explain a bit more about what your confusion is. From my own experience in understanding this, it all started to make sense when I understood that all those parallel realities have different versions of me in them...they are actually different people with different lives that I choose to coincide with for a brief moment in time.

(27 Feb '11, 22:44) Stingray

@Radius: Thanks for the great information. I like reading Bashar's stuff.

(28 Feb '11, 00:28) Inactive User ♦♦

Hi Stingray, I asked this as a separate question so I wasn't hijacking Vee's post.

(28 Feb '11, 16:57) Radius 7.25
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We can rewrite the script of our lives by changing the perspective from which we experience life. When you change the filter from which you view, everything changes. What if your perspective was that; Everything is God, and God makes no mistakes? I think this view of life would certainly change the narration of your movie as would any belief or perspective.

I love life and life loves me.


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Good point, thank you.

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it may not be a matter of rewriting but just letting the reel continue
if not happy with the script or plot or drama, ponder on the options remaining for the protagonist


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I hear you, thanks for the answer.

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Isn't the movie actually a real time ad-lib documentary. With an ever changing non-written script. They (the producers) said Lights camera action when you were born. And from that point on it was your show. you are the director,writer and there is no rewriting its all ad-lib!



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Interesting point, thank you.

(28 Feb '11, 00:34) Inactive User ♦♦

Thank Vee glad you liked it and appreciate your comments :D

(28 Feb '11, 12:55) ursixx

We can change the direction and the outcome of the movie any time we want. By changing our thoughts, we change our perceptions and how we feel, thus changing what we attract. As the inner world changes, the outer world will change in accordance.

We don't need to rewrite anything because we make it all up as we go along, and the results we produce will depend on our stage of awareness.


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I like your approach to answering the question, thank you.

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Yes i believe we can. Im not saying we will,im not saying everyone will,but i believe we can.

Its there as a possibility.Your question points to the fact that your meaning changing something that happening right now ie" currently facing in our life right now"

We cant re write the past. Even God doesnt do that. But we have the tools to change the now.

In fact we can only ever really act in the now.Now is all there is,its all there ever will be.Time is an illusion. Without space time wouldnt mean anything.

I would add that without the ability or possibility in some way to change the now,life would be fairly pointless.

Without that possibility we really would be robots and automatons.Locked into a definite life in the same way a machine is destined to repeat its same actions over and over again to infinity.



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Love your answer, thank you.

(28 Feb '11, 22:35) Inactive User ♦♦

There is an advance EFT version called Matrix Reimprinting. I am just starting to study it, waitning for the book I ordered. But the basic idea is, you can go back to a traumatic memory and do the tapping while playing the movie in your mind. Tap on the emotions that come up. When the event is no longer charged, and you can get through it without having negative feelings about it, then you go back and talk to the self in the memory, while tapping, and rewrite how you want it to go, or tell yourself what you need to know there in that memory. What I did is combined that with the person peace procedure where you go back and make a list of everything bad that happened or that you wish had never happened. Then do this process on each of those. I am doing this alone and my list is very long and not complete yet. I have 140 items on my list and have done some of them. Some are so similar, I can combine them. I might have to redo some also, it might take a few tries. Karl Dawson and Sosha Allenby are the founders of Matrix Reimprinting and Gairy Craig is the founder of EFT if you want to look them up.

I read the book, and basically, you go back to the traumatic event and work with your past self. I tried it their way, but wasn't really successful. So I went back to a traumatic event, and introduced myself to the younger me. I asked her what she wanted me to do. She said that she just wanted me to hold her. So I held her. I told her how much I love her and how beautiful she is, and how everything is going to be ok. We just sat there holding eachother for awhile. It was over a year ago, so I am sorry, but I forgot most of the details.


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Sounds interesting, I hope you let us know how it goes :)

(27 Feb '11, 20:51) Radius 7.25

Thank you for the info, will try it!

(28 Feb '11, 00:40) Inactive User ♦♦

I will. You're welcome.

(28 Feb '11, 00:49) Fairy Princess
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Sure u can! But u will be the one & only movie star actress. The rest of the movie cast had already moved on.


answered 13 Jun '12, 13:07

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