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I was just wondering how everyone else feels after prayer. For me it feels like Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah Alright WooHoo!!!! Like I just slam dunked a basket ball and won the game for the team!

I feel like celebrating after the prayer for whatever I prayed for, like I just prayed for a huge amount of money to fund a retreat center Jai and I will have soon, and I feel like celebrating!


It is just so amazing to me and exciting I am on a huge high right now, WOW!!!!!!!

How do you feel after you pray for something?


asked 04 Mar '11, 07:25

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Happy for you and Jai! Blessings...

(04 Mar '11, 09:18) daniele

@Wade Casaldi - I feel really great also. Even a split second of Unity is incredible!

(26 Sep '12, 20:08) Dollar Bill
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Relieved and contented.

Relieved that I've handed the problem or desire over to a higher power.

Contented, knowing that my prayer will be answered in the best possible way for all involved.


answered 04 Mar '11, 20:10

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I don't call what I do as prayer. I think good thoughts about things events people. And never thought about how I feel .Never really reflected on it.
I fall asleep when I try to meditate (focusing on positive thoughts) or just get distracted.But there is a feeling of harmony in the times after these naps .


answered 04 Mar '11, 15:30

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After prayer,

When all is said and done,

God and I have communed:

We are truly One!

After prayer,

When I have said "Amen!"

The angels gather 'round me:

And directions fly from He'en!

After prayer,

My heart is filled with Love,

It soars above the Poconos,

It manifests Above.

After prayer,

I have made my Holy vow

With speed and might and promise,

God answers, "It will happen Now!"

After prayer,

When I lay my heart at rest,

I feel filled with Spirit:

I can see the future best.

After Prayer,

When I have claimed God's Will,

I feel tremendous! I feel High!

And my soul, with God, does thrill!

Blessings to all, may God provide the answers to all our prayers, Jaianniah

Please join Wade and I in Prayer in our Dream to Create the Country's first completely handicapped-accessible retreat center! Believe and it WILL be so!


answered 04 Mar '11, 21:44

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Jaianniah! that was Absolutely beautiful! A prayer had been sent your and wade's way!

(06 Mar '11, 16:50) daniele

Thank you so much, Daniele! Prayers are much appreciated! Thank you! Blessings to you, Jai

(06 Mar '11, 18:21) Jaianniah

Jai, that really IS beautiful! Did you write it? Touches me deeply.

(26 Sep '12, 20:06) Dollar Bill
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During prayer, I feel like my entire being is lit, sorry, I can't describe it any other way. And once I end the prayer I feel like my being is switched off, again I have no other word to describe it. But the feeling is Good! A feeling of gratitude, serenity, and accomplishment comes over me.

Thank you, namaste


answered 04 Mar '11, 09:18

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I feel like I wasted my time, sorry, my observation of prayer has been that it doesn't change me or anything around me. Really makes me feel worse,actually.


answered 09 May '13, 13:17

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I can't ever remember praying and honestly, I don't really understand what it means. I don't intend to criticize anyone, but I, as many others do, live in the real world. Rather than wasting time on some silly little prayer, I go out and DO things. If I need moeny, I actually go out and WORK.

If a car doesn't start, a prayer isn't going to help it. Get out and see what the problem is or get someone who knows how to work on it.

If it makes you feel better to pray and that works for you, then that is your business and none of mine. Again, I am not criticizing your way of life, I just think that it is a negative way to go thru life.

I would never dream of telling my son that if he wanted something real bad, then he should get on his knees and pray. Pray to some non-existent do-da in the sky and your prayer will be answered and all is good. Really? I say, if there is anything that you want in life, you have to go out and work for it.


answered 25 Sep '12, 06:55

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GOD the Alien


Of course you were voted down, I voted you back up. All the dreamers just can't handle the truth.

(09 May '13, 13:19) zotac

I'm down right outraged! WHAT? Work for it? What a pitiful way for obtaining things. Just go and get what you want by lying, cheating, stealing. No Problem. I mean, they'll surely be alright. Either they will work for them again like you, or pray like other folks in here. Haha.

You don't intend to criticize, yet you do just that. You think you're right, and they are wrong. You're wrong in all your righteousness as well. Think your life is any more real than other folks like? Ha.

(10 May '13, 03:44) CalonLan

And I'll downvote you down once again. From the power given to me by the universe itself, I shall keep the balance of upvotes and downvotes forever! lololol

Just kidding, I'm simply evil.

(10 May '13, 03:46) CalonLan

lol. Made me smile.

(10 May '13, 03:54) Snow
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