In a related question We were asked about positive effects of a mass broadcast.
but theses days there are many things that are broadcast to the unknowing about their reality, climate changes, economics and many other things that influence people around the world.I try to avoid the news on tv and don't read the papers.
I know what I think is what I create.
But what about those who don't? Who are affected by the stream of unhelpful information? If we weren't bombarded with gloom and doom would there be gloom and doom?

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The thing that helped me the most with this idea is the idea that everything already exists and it’s up to each individual to decide, choose then focus on what’s wanted. In other words all of creation already exists as potential and by our attention to it we activate it in our lives and make it real, make it our reality.

So the bottom line is each of us creates/activates our reality by our attention to the idea of it.

But what about those who don't? Who are affected by the stream of unhelpful information? If we weren't bombarded with gloom and doom would there be gloom and doom?

If we look into the idea that absolutely everything is contained within All That Is, then yes, gloom and doom and every other negative idea we can imagine exists; while equally and at the same time every positive idea also exists.

Your act of ignoring the negative projections broadcast by anyone is the very best and probably the only thing you or anyone else can do to influence others. Focusing on positive ideas naturally raises your vibration and this in turn affects others in a positive way. Thanks for being on the team :)


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I would say that I choose not to watch rather than ignore. I know its there it's kind of peripheral.Hard to miss glaring headlines. but at the same time process the information so that its not part of my reality/now.

(02 Jun '11, 07:06) ursixx

In order for something to be continued it has to be accepted. Gloom and doom being bombarded is not the problem. Do not accept it and it will not affect you. Why do bad things happen to good people? Because they accept it. You cannot tell another person what to think or feel but you can send them positive thoughts that they will learn that they don't have to react to their situation that they can decide what happens to them.
There is not enough history about climate to know if we are experiencing climate change or this is just another cycle of weather. Become part of the solution and not the problem.


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I believe that the effect is twofold.

One is to psychologically stare at gloom and doom as a deer would stare at the headlights. In other words, it is a de-focused acceptance that it is real and un-avoidable.

But a larger portion of the effects maybe connected to our obsession to avoid it. As we try to embrace love and peace are we doing it to avoid the opposite of it?

In most cases that is exactly why the individual starts professing their interest in peace.

So reality will show you what it is that you are trying to avoid.

I think non-judgment is probably the best place from which to NOT involuntarily give momentum to that which we do not want.

The above statement is in a way an oxymoron because it is practically impossible to "think" and be "non judgmental" at the same time.


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The Traveller

Given the fact that knowledge is power, you have in your possession the opportunity to choose what you want from life, Gloom and Doom!

Furthermore, it would be in your best interest to know what is going on around you, and when there is an emergency to act on, and what is required? Given these facts, it would be an injustice for you to find out at a later time, especially if it were a matter of life and dead. Gloom and Doom!

There is a saying garbage in, and garbage out, so naturally you get to throw out the garbage that you do not want, but you will always be faced with some garbage in your life. Gloom and Doom!

So in essence, there is nothing wrong in learning, or knowing what is happening in the World that you live in, and is a part of your responsibility to know how to care for, and to protect yourself in the time of need! Gloom and Doom!


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I do believe that people project and then perpetuate fear. I have to remove myself from it every time I get involved with the news. I know I need to know what's going on, but there are so many people making mountains out of molehills and molehills out of mountains, that it gets very stressfull. I guess I need to do the EFT on the emotions as they come up so I can hear the news for what it is and not be so affected by the emotional charges they send out with it.


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