Have you ever watched a movie and felt like when is this going to end? How about read a book and felt how much longer until the end? Have you ever listened to a song and thought I wish this would hurry up and just get to the end already?

I believe you probably haven't as I know I haven't. We like to enjoy the experience we are having watching that film, reading that book or listening to the song. We don't go on vacation to hurry through so that we can get it over with as quickly as possible, or hurry sleep so we can get up as soon as possible.

In all of this we want to prolong the experience, as a matter of fact we are not even thinking of that, we are just enjoying the moment. But now we come to life, we wonder how long have I to live, how many more years? We wonder about the earth when is the end coming? These are things we are enjoying and yet we seem as if in an anticipation for it all to end!

So my main question is, why do people put so much emphasis on when either they will die or the world will come to the end? I feel like we are here now so why not just enjoy being here and let tomorrow take of it self.

asked 18 Mar '11, 19:09

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Wade Casaldi

Good point Wade.When i go anywhere on my old boat the journey is far more enjoyable than the various destination ever are.When i do get to where im going i want to carry on.Movement is everything.

(19 Mar '11, 11:16) Monty Riviera

without changing the focus of life from getting to giving, we get caught with consumption as a main goal
in such a mind set the 'end of' is always present and feared.


answered 19 Mar '11, 10:21

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what if the end is not feared anny more because you can leave when you want and know there is nothing to fear?

(24 May '11, 05:38) white tiger

that would tip the scale of 3 and 1/2 towards the spiritual pole

(24 May '11, 09:28) fred

I am a fatalist, so naturally I take one day at a time, because in my opinion that is all we have, and if there is a tomorrow, I treat it like any other day that I wake up too. Since there are no guarantees in life, I make the most of each new day, for tomorrow remains in the future, until it becomes a new day in life!

On the subject of death, the price we pay for life is death, we were born to experience life, and die at the end; and although, we may not want to die any time soon, we do not have a choice in this matter of life, and death; therefore, I choose not to dwell on the subject of when death will come, but rather to believe that when the time is right the end will come surely. So, I salute life experience, and I salute death at the end!


answered 19 Mar '11, 04:14

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Inactive User ♦♦

They are displeased with NOW.

Any one who is satisfied with now does not look ahead or behind. They just look around and within.


answered 19 Mar '11, 08:06

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If the times are stressful I rather have it end soon; luckily I realize things will get better somehow and try to focus on something hopeful. If I feel good and am peaceful I can live in the moment easier without wanting an end. I will fast-forward a movie that is too stressful or boring yet I still want to see how it turns out.


answered 29 Nov '21, 19:18

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Chicken Little: "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

Yep, I think I agree with you about this! Everyone is obsessing about the end of the Earth-or the beginning of Revelations, or both...Even more, some people seem to want to hurry it up! Look at the Middle East....They seem to be unhappy if they are not fighting about something or other! It's a wonder they have not figured out that if they all actually got along, they would make a incredibly powerful nation with some pretty nasty oil leverage...(I hope they do not think of it LOL...!)

All I can handle is today! Today is enough to deal with for me. I have to survive today; let tomorrow take care of itself. Anne Frank shows us the value of today.

Thanks, Wade for a great question. Blessings and Great Love, Jai


answered 18 Mar '11, 19:21

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You agree with his response, but have not answered his question. Why DO people concern themselves with the end? Why NOT let tomorrow take care of itself?

(19 Mar '11, 01:51) Hu Re

I feel I answered the question. Thanks for your negative opinion. Do you know know all that I implied with mentioning Anne Frank? Was this deserving of your action? i do not think so.

(19 Mar '11, 04:04) Jaianniah

Everyone ? Not me and no one I know either. Otherwise it's a good answer.

(04 Dec '21, 15:24) ele
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I think the folks wondering and worrying about the timing and method of THE END are people who would choose to act differently if they knew they were going to die very soon. They are asking themselves if they are living the way they truly want to; they are asking themselves "what is really worth doing here, when I know it's all going to end?"


answered 19 Mar '11, 02:09

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Hu Re

Tomorrow is not promised ...

(04 Dec '21, 16:18) ele

well wade when you enjoy something you don't want it to end! but when you don't enjoy it you want to see the end come! and it is true that society make people not enjoy the journey and they put emphysis only on the target or the goal! and that is bad! you should enjoy the journey! the target or the goal you will eventually reach it! and once you reach it what will you enjoy now? you will find another goal or target and do the same it is a bad cycle! and will never make you happy! what is the value of achiving goal? in the end you will not bring money or material thing with you! so if your life is made only of goal and target what will you bring with you at death? i can give example in life also: the boss only saw the result of the number of item at the end! and was giving bonus to the best team of worker with the higer number made perday! he was to fix on profit! but i have seen that the worker giving the high number of item where butching and giving 2 inch by 22 feet more on each item! so i asked the forman if the number of item was better then the uniformity of the item!he did not answer! so i went to see the big boss and asked the same question and told him we can give all the same number of item in the same time but what about uniformity of the item 2 inch by 22 feet on 600 item daily does it give more then 500 item daily that are uniform? then he went and see the item and he decided that uniformity was better! so quality is better then quantity so slow down and enjoy!


answered 18 May '11, 00:50

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white tiger

edited 18 May '11, 01:16

Came across this quote again the other day and thought I would share.

"Our civilization is coming to equate the value of life with the mere avoidance of death. An empty and impossible goal, a fool's quest for nothingness, has been substituted for a delight in living that lies latent in all of us. When death is once again accepted as one of the many important parts of life, then life may recover it's old thrill and the efforts of good physicians will not be wasted." ~ David Ehrefeld

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answered 04 Dec '21, 15:34

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