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The message is clear and I mean it.

Yesterday on my way home from work, I found myself on my motorbike heading straight into a side a car.

I was on my way home, going 50-60km/s. It was two lanes road and I was in the right lane. There was a tram stop on the left side of it and a crossroad a little bit ahead. On the right side road of that crossroad, a car was standing and logically I assumed he's waiting for me to ride by. I thought Everything's safe, no-one crossing the street, that car has stopped.

The moment I released that thought, that car moved forward fully blocking the right lane. The next thought popped into my head was ..what an irony.

I hit the brakes and see myself heading straight into middle of that car. To my surprise I found myself rather calm, thinking ..Hm, so this is how it's gonna end

I assume, subconsciously my survival mode went berserk and I hit the breaks even harder locking both of my wheels. And I started to slide sideways as the rear wheel has tendency to run ahead of the front wheel if it gets locked on supersport bike.

To my surprise, and I can only assume, it was the slide effect that pushed me a little towards the left lane,... my jeans kissed the front bumper of the car and I thought interesting as I was passing the hood of the car.

I released the breaks and continued on my way home. I wasn't angry at that guy, I thought everyone makes mistakes, it's alright. I wasn't shaking, heart wasn't beating like mad, I didn't felt the need to scream. It didn't left me terrified or scared.

But later that night, I went to play billiard with a friend of mine. And every nudge was a joyful experience, colors were brighter, I enjoyed every single tone of the music that play there.

And I woke up this morning with a smile on face.

It was a great reminder I got. Even the most secure situation can turn into a disastrous one in a blink of an eye. Being afraid of dying is one of the worst excuses not to experience stuff, not to do this or that. Don't let it hold you back.

I know now I'm gonna put much more things onto my bucket list. In words of "The Ark" band...

...There's a lot to be said and to be done today Cause one of us is gonna die young Before they put us in a coffin I've got things to say One of us is gonna die young... :)

asked 21 Aug '12, 09:00

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Yep nothing on this physical plane is's all impermanent and will pass away eventually.

"Because you're not gonna survive anyway"...that one I choose to believe otherwise. Who I am, as a personality in this physical body, may not survive. But allowing that personality to die while still in this physical body leads to the realization that who I Am will always survive... I have no beginning or end.


answered 21 Aug '12, 20:39

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@Michaela, indeed, you're not gonna survive physically. But may survive as a spirit. But the point stretches across all the forms you may take. If you don't live fully in this physical one, you won't live fully in other ones. Because after all, the body is just a tool, and is guided by the ever lasting spirit. So it's more of freeing that than the body.

(22 Aug '12, 01:43) CalonLan

Wow I have had close calls like that myself but you were on a motor cycle! Mine the worst that could have happened would have been a fender-bender to my car.

I agree not to be mad, calling the guy some name or giving the bird. No I just say "Whoa that was close!", then drive on and forget about it. :-)

One incident I had was very similar to you. I was at the end of my block making a left turn onto pine. I noticed a car sitting parked on at the side of Pine that was running but sitting. I had no idea whether he/she just pulled over or was preparing to leave or sitting waiting for someone. I looked and no cars were coming so I rounded the corner, all go so far but wait! Just as my car was near the back end passing the parked car, the parked car decides to pull out onto the road! As he/she pulled out I had to swerve over into the wrong lane to avoid being side swiped by the car that the person driving obviously had no idea I was there! Now I had a new challenge, being on the wrong side of the road along side this car there was an on coming car heading straight for me at a distance so I had to speed up and get around this car that just pulled out and back into my lane. This was no country road but a town block so you know how dangerous that was.

My reaction after it was over and no-one hurt was "Wheew that was close!" Then I just forgot about it since no-one as hurt it was no big deal. We all missed to be upset over almost getting in an accident instead of celebrating we didn't get in an accident seemed pointless. We all make mistakes, I know I probably shocked the other person seeing my car having to swerve into the oncoming lane because he/she didn't see me at first.

I feel God was watching out for me, this could have been much worse had that oncoming lane not been open for me. :-)

Praise God you are alive, he must have more plans for you here, you're not through yet.


answered 21 Aug '12, 10:53

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Wade Casaldi

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