I have wondered about this philosophical problem on and off my whole life. I have a cousin who is a pedophile, and he does not seem to understand that he is doing anything wrong, despite therapy and intervention. If he is free, he does it. Period. He has an inoperable brain aneurysm, and I have often wondered if this is the cause of his behavior. If so, then perhaps we will find genes for criminal behavior. It does change our definition of evil, doesn't it? Is my cousin "evil", or "sick"?

Thanks in advance for your answers! Blessings and Love, Jai

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The way I see it is that these behaviors are not "evil" or "criminal", they are coping behavior patterns to deal with painful emotional states.

Anyone interested in the rest of this answer should probably read Why are people mean to each other? for a background understanding of what follows below.

Just as there are diseases that relate to habitual negative emotional states, there are behaviors that relate to those same states to.

For example, let's say that someone is feeling hate and wishes to take action as a way of coping with the pain that the hatred is bringing them. For some people, this might be to quietly seethe and fume, for others it might be to openly seek some kind of revenge against the apparent cause of the hate, for others still it might just be to make a joke of it and move on.

It's the same emotional state of hatred for each person but their coping strategies are different. i.e. the actions they feel they need to do to cope are unique to them.

Your cousin's condition may well have manifested a physical element to it but he is still experiencing a painful emotional state of some kind.

How do I know?

Because no-one who is feeling good about themselves (i.e. in a state of alignment with their Higher Self) would ever want any other living being to suffer pain. It's just not possible. Sure, you will get stories passed around about serial killers who were laughing and smiling as they murdered but, from my experience, that's media hype.

If one was to really investigate the matter, I think one would find that any apparent positive emotion during those situations was really the release of the previous painful emotional state for a less painful one in the moment.

An example of this would be, for example, someone seeking revenge on another for some perceived misdeed. In the moment of taking the revenge, there will be a momentary release from the lower emotional states of hatred, jealousy, guilt and depression. But it will be a short-lived release unless something happens, or is done, to cause a permanent vibrational shift to a more positive emotional state.

The various popular Batman movies are all themed around this idea of the emotional release that revenge brings. It's about making yourself experience the feeling of power when you feel powerless. I think those movies (and others like them) are so popular these days because many in today's society do feel powerless and identify with the struggles of the main characters.

alt text

So, coming back to the theme of your question, those people we label as indulging in criminal behavior are not evil, they really just have a different conception of good - and their version of good is doing whatever helps them to deal (or overcome) with the painful emotional state they have habituated to.

Until we educate (or remind) others how to move into more positive emotional states, we are going to have those who indulge in behaviors that society deems unacceptable i.e. "crimes".

Stopping them committing the crimes is never going to help because those people will then have to find other ways to deal with the emotional states they are trapped in. So there will be other behaviors coming forth that eventually society will label as "criminal" or "evil".

On the other hand, once the need to indulge in those coping behaviors is gone - because they have learned how to predominantly feel good within themselves - the "criminal" or "evil" behavior automatically vanishes.


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An excellent answer as usual, Stingray! Thank you so much. Blessings and Love, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(16 Apr '11, 15:18) Jaianniah

I will respond to this not just to do what i always do by answering it but it's because I have been down this road myself. Our soul needs to experiance all fasits of life and even the ones most see as neggitive. I myself had the "criminal issue" for along time and the fact is it is nothing more than selfeshness.I understand that my experiances with stealing and violence are not the same type of "psycology" as child moloestation, but it is very similar, a crime is a crime, there are victoms in both casses. I want to do what I want to do and therer is nothing wrong with it as long as I am ok with it. As far a the issue with your cousin it is hard to say. digging in anothers mind can be painstaking to say the least but the thought i would immagine is there is a primal erge to dominate others sexualy and the children are aften the easiest to do this to . You have seen the trials and heard the storys where all of these molesters have gotten off because the childs testimony wasnt enough. Also when you do it the first time ther is an addiction just like drugs. when i did them i never used a needle to "shoot up" because i knew if i liked it better than takeing them oraly i might like it and that would be a long dark road (as if the other wasnt) . I truly believe this is the issue and the persons ego is so interested in keeping ones mind away from their inner self that they refuse to see these atrocitys for what they are. thats the best i got. i hope it helps. love n light, rob


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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Yes, Rob, it helps a LOT, actually! Thank you for sharing your perspective. I should mention that my major molester was his father- so is it any wonder??? To top it off, my cousin is just plain CREEPY...Many blessings and my love to you for sharing!!!>>>>>>

(16 Apr '11, 22:09) Jaianniah

you are welcome and i do hope that their actions will be stopped , perferably when their own geart will lead them to that, bu t if thuis is their life, then this is what will happen, it is unfortunate but it is what it is, and we can never change someone wwhen they are being who they truly are!! love n light 2 u !

(16 Apr '11, 22:39) TReb Bor yit-NE

It is a combination of many factors interacting. Nuture v Nature, genetics, experiences that created false beliefs.

But does our knowledge of it's origin help us in a positive way? Does learning of its cause bring us peace? Maybe through the discovery of how we "deal" with different kinds of people we can then have greater compassion for all.

I find it harder to be compassionate for one and not another. I do not think we have the right to pick who we get to feel compassionate about.

I am sorry about the pain your cousin has caused your family. I hope for peace of mind for each and every one of us.


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I am borrowing this answer from Neale Donald Walsch's book, Conversations with God, Book 2.

"For Jesus knew that for some the fastest path to Who They Are was the path through Who They Are Not.

He did not call this an imperfect path and thus condemm it.Rather he saw this,too,as "perfect"- and thus supported everyone in being just who they wanted to be."

Hope this helps Jai, Love and Light


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Thank you!>>>>>>>>>>>

(16 Apr '11, 22:11) Jaianniah

Gooday. your cousin is no different than anyone else on this earth. Before conception a human is like a computer, neither good or bad. From the first day of conception the unconscious brain and connected parts of the body take everything said, heard and felt. All of these are stored and later put into practice. Like installing xp in your computer. If things are said of a type to cause the unconscious to feel it is unwanted etc,it will spend its life trying to get attention etc even if it kills the person, thats because its installed in the hard drive. There is no hell or evil it is what is installed in the infants unconscious parts that then turns him into a murderer etc, as far as he is concerned he is doing no wrong. This can be altered by a couple of processes to remove the wrong installed programme in the person and installing another programme and then he is fine.


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Yes that is something that needs to be looked into more, reconditioning the brain of people deemed fit for this medical procedure. Not like lobotomy but some how brain washing to normal. This was seen in a movie called Clockwise Orange, I believe it should for humanity be looked into to help these people. If a mass murderer had his brain reconditioned I believe he would be happy.

(17 Apr '11, 06:33) Wade Casaldi

why is he criminal in the first place is it by choice! is it by habit!is it by circonstance! it makes lots of difference!



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white tiger

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