China has been embracing Christianity so rapidly in the last 10 years, that many people feel they will soon become the full-fledged spiritual leaders of the world... My concern is: Where will that leave the moral philosophies of Europe and America?

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The Prophet

Don't you mean the Christian leaders of the world? I'm not certain that Christianity can make the claim that they are the spiritual leaders of the world (although I'm sure they try).

(05 Jan '11, 16:32) Vesuvius

You like to argue about semantics, don't you?

(05 Jan '11, 19:01) The Prophet

Who/Where would you consider the spiritual leader of the world at this moment?

(05 Jan '11, 19:05) Back2Basics

That's a good question... I don't know.

I appreciate Christianity for the information about Jesus -- even though so much has been left out of the records... China has a strong spiritual history, but there's still a lot of repression... I like to study metaphysics -- understanding the life-after-life growth process.

I spend a lot of time writing articles about 'The Crisis in Leadership', and trying to help business people create and/or find better, more-affordable marketing alternatives.

What do you think?

(05 Jan '11, 19:36) The Prophet

I would say there really isn't a country leading it right now. I think the only way there would be that in the world is if one country militarily dominated another country and pushed it's beliefs...

(05 Jan '11, 22:54) Back2Basics

What you recommend seems to be inviting a major confrontation... I'm inclined to think that the world will eventually become joined by the spirit of entrepreneurism... Right now, New Standards for Global Alliances are being forged, that promise to put many more home-grown businesses owners in power... That direction, I'm inclined to believe, will insure that politics, at all levels, will tend to become more subservient to the needs of those individuals who do the most valuable work.

(06 Jan '11, 14:30) The Prophet
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Im not sure about Americaa,but im pretty sure with a church going population of less than 5 % ,the majority of people in Britain couldnt care less.

I would say that new thought spirituality is on the increase but the established church is dead on its feet. There are dozens of churchs in our county that are empty and being sold off to develop.

If the Chinese want their religion let them have it. Although they do have a few ancient belief systems of their own.



answered 05 Jan '11, 15:52

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Monty Riviera

I can begin to see where you're coming from...

China has had something powerfully spiritual in their culture for more that 10,000 years... Europe, we all know, could care less about anything except their pensions... America's record is not much better... I thought this site was about spiritual discovery.

If you're afraid that I will contradict your presumed superiority and intelligence -- why don't you just say so, so we can get on with it -- without the sputtering.

(05 Jan '11, 19:05) The Prophet

Neil,i will always answer your questions AS I SEE FIT TO ANSWER THEM.If you only want your point of view why ask? This site is all about that concept.You decide to ask whatever question you want..your choice mind, i and others get to answer their way.I still want you to ask away Neil,its your right to do so. And i will continue answering my way EVEN if it rubs you up the wrong way.Now youve said twice now that i think im more intelligent than you. And youve every right to think that. Am i more intelligent than you? I dont care if i am and i dont care if im not.

(06 Jan '11, 12:55) Monty Riviera

That's the spirit...! I'm not wanting to criticize you -- I'm trying to drag a civilized communication process out of you... In our short experience together, your comments have been so brief -- and make so many assumptions about what you think has been said, that it sometimes takes on the appearance of a high-minded judgement... I SEE FIT TO ANSWER your questions and comments with useful information... God bless the truth-loving and sometimes faulted-cantankerous individuals He made us to be!

(06 Jan '11, 14:48) The Prophet

Indeed Neil,The Lord did indeed make us all different and often faulted. However as for getting a civilized communication from me....Nope thats not going to happen. BUT what you and God will get from me is my point of view,very much the way i see it. I feel Gods happy with that set up, i also have the feeling your probably big enough to settle for that also. As for my high mindedness,well Neil thank God you dont have to live with me! Enjoy this site Neil,its given me SO much over the last 4 months.Arguements..yes, but also many new ideas.I hope you stick with us.

(06 Jan '11, 15:12) Monty Riviera

Graham, Thank you so much for the invitation -- and your thoughtful recommendation of this site...! It looks like we're on the same (truth-loving) side after all... It's a challenge, but I think I'll stick with you... Dare I say: God bless you!

(06 Jan '11, 16:25) The Prophet

You may Neil,and i will accept any blessing that anyone has to offer me. Hope the site fullfils expectation. There are some people on here that frankley i used to think were as mad as a march hare. Funny thing thou,after i actually examined their beliefs i found my mindset had changed. Its what keeps me coming back i suppose.

(06 Jan '11, 17:41) Monty Riviera
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From reading the response I can assure you if China were to become the Spiritual Leaders of the World, we would be marching backwards, and forwards ten times per day trying to figure out whose ideas it was Eastern, or Western.

For me this idea appears to be too far fetched, although nothing is impossible in life. So if there is any truth to this we will have to wait and see what happens overtime!


answered 07 Jan '11, 04:11

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Inactive User ♦♦

Christianity is sell everything and follow me. This is not a western idea, it is an eastern idea.


answered 05 Jan '11, 22:44

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That is one idea in the Christian Bible, but it is hardly the only one, and it is certainly not the principal idea that defines Christianity.

(05 Jan '11, 23:14) Vesuvius

I'm with Vesuvius on this one -- but I can see why you would want the incessant 'selling' to go away...! It's downright embarrassing that the church seems to think that Jesus wants them to sell his religion... But the misunderstanding is not either Western or Eastern... All of us are equally stupid if we choose a church doctrine over the Truth that we know in our hearts.

(06 Jan '11, 14:59) The Prophet

@Vesuvius, This is one of the main principles of Christianity. Sell everything give it to the poor and follow me. He taught his apsotles to go with no thought of provisions. You need only trust in me or God.

(06 Jan '11, 22:05) Tom

You do not need these things that the Gentiles seek

(06 Jan '11, 22:28) Tom

@Tom: Matthew 19 is not the only chapter in the Bible. If you read more carefully, I think you will find that it is the worship of money that Jesus speaks of, not being wealthy. There are several righteous figures in the Bible (King Solomon, for example) that were wealthy. The story in Matthew 19:16-30 is a cautionary tale of what happens when money becomes more important than God. See also here:

(07 Jan '11, 03:31) Vesuvius
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I think the point of the scripture about money, is as Vesuvius put it, is not money, but the *love of money.* The love of anything that gets between us and God, Source, Universal Mind, The IS, or whatever you want to call It.

The Love of anything else is a distraction. We are here on the Plane of Physicality, of the Space-Time School, and we can have a lot of fun with manifestations. I sure do! But as we do, we begin to sense there is something missing. Something that only God can fill. Something that calls us home, to Him.

God is Love. Divine Love under the Will of God.

We can, momentarily lose sight of this when we get caught up in struggle, in fighting to create on our own, instead of co-creating with God. But there is, as the I Ching says, no blame. The word "sin" meant "missing the mark." When we 'miss the mark' we feel bad.

That is all there is to this. Feel good = connecting with God. Feel bad = we pinch off our connection with God. There is nothing else, simple world, huh? Simple universe.

I have studied the Bible in original languages, in the context of the times it was written. My interpretation is that God does not get mad. Anger is a human emotion. It is crazy to me to think we can make God mad, though some theologians profess this belief. No, we can't make God angry.

God has allowed consequences. He does not punish. He does not take sides. The people who say, to the exclusion of other beliefs, that God is on their side, are mistaken. God is above sides. 'Sides' indicate duality. God is above duality. God defines duality!

In order for good and evil to exist, there MUST be Something above good and evil to say if it is one or the other. Good is connecting joyfully, evil is pinching off that connection.

Sin is 'missing the mark.' It was used in archery. An archer would fire off an arrow at a distant target and the judge would yell, "sin' if it failed to hit the target.

So God did not punish Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. God said "If you eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (of duality) you will die." The consequence was that Man and Woman were born on earth to experience duality and will remain here as long as it takes to understand that. No blame. No punishment. Consequences!

Are there consequences to have a deep attraction for things other than God? Sure. Are these consequences dire? Fatal? No, just momentary distractions. Will you feel better if you connect with God in a joyful way? Yes. It is what we came here to understand.

Can we pinch off that connection and feel bad? Yes, but I assure you, in the grand scheme of things, it is, it MUST be - momentary. It takes effort to pinch off your connection, and you, like me are beginning to understand that truism.

The above are words and concepts that I did not have consciously in mind when I picked up my keyboard. I feel the words are a melding of my mind, IQ and Source.

They are private words I am writing to me, and the various other Me(s) -- but since they are a composite, a co-creation of my connection with IQ -- I make them public.

My wife just asked me what am I doing? I told her, "Writing to mySelf." and to You.


answered 22 Mar '12, 08:34

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Dollar Bill

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