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did anny one ever notice the treasure in the divine plan? i will not elaborate more i will let you do the talking! i want you to make that search!

asked 23 Apr '11, 20:31

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white tiger

edited 24 Apr '11, 04:03

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It would help if you do elaborate more in your questions so that others are clear what your questions are about. Please refer to our FAQ ( ) for guidelines regarding asking questions. Thanks

(24 Apr '11, 04:03) Barry Allen ♦♦

Isn't that what we're all searching for ? I think we've all had glimpses of it but living from that perspective 24/7 is what this journey's all about and I think very few have mastered that yet :)

(08 May '11, 13:31) Michaela

you are right michaela not many have mastered it yet! maybe if they would see it the world would seam less grim!

(09 May '11, 01:51) white tiger
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Oh yes, the divine plan is filled with riches, and so is your heart:)

Love and Light


answered 24 Apr '11, 00:24

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edited 24 Apr '11, 02:04

Riches beyond belief, some say that the Divine plan is still only an extension of yourself, but yet when you get there you lose all concepts of self, so how can this be?

love n light,



answered 24 Apr '11, 02:05

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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I think it's about integrating that self with that Divinity :)

(08 May '11, 13:32) Michaela

thank u !!! love n light

(08 May '11, 15:54) TReb Bor yit-NE

it is about becoming aware of it! Michaela how can you integrate something to the self that is all ready you and notice the child the father and the plan of the father! did you notice that perfection?

(09 May '11, 01:56) white tiger
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