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A lot of knowledge and helpful insights regarding Law of Attraction, MetaPhysics,Parapsychology and OBE'S etc etc can be obtained from this website.

Hope this would be of much interest and beneficial for all knowledge seekers.

With Love.

asked 29 Apr '11, 05:50

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thanks for the link , very useful

(27 Jul '11, 03:13) blubird two
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Your link is the best one that i've found on this website.

Thank you for having been of service.

I pray that great spirit continues to shower you with health, love, guidance, and goodness.

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answered 17 May '11, 22:54

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you are welcome matter.thank you for your kind words n prayers.

(19 May '11, 08:08) Zee

my same prayers are for you and for all those kind people who share their valueable knowledge,experiences and spare time to answer the questions asked at I.Q.

(19 May '11, 08:20) Zee
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