In this nanosecond you feel as if you are on to something great, may be a glimpse of the mind of God. This has happen to me several times and it has been while reading or studying metaphysical or spiritual material. What is it and how do I get it back? Maybe I wasn't clear enough. At this nanosecond I feel as if I have discovered something of great importance, but it leaves me before I can grasp it.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

clear the veil of the mind and you can see it clearly!

(24 Jun '11, 02:01) white tiger

Just once....and I was in my car outside of a shopping center. I just started the car, letting the engine warm up for a few moments, and was looking around at all the people coming and going. I had been a particularly good mood all that day, but still, it was just an ordinary day.

I saw a homeless person looking through the trash outside of one of the stores and instead of being worried or disgusted my mind seemed to see things differently, "from a higher level" for just a second....I was filled with love for everyone and saw that everything was perfect. Perfect! That the things we see as imperfect, in the big scheme of the universe and timelessness, are nothing at all to be concerned about and that EVERYTHING was working for good.

If only I could live in that frame of mind more often!


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LeeAnn 1

yes you could leeann enjoy the experiance!

(24 Jun '11, 02:09) white tiger

when you go into that "nano second of clarity" deeply and that nano second turns into a few seconds...everything calapses. Life, as you know it, ceases to be..yet you, not the individual, remains.


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It sounds like you had a moment of being fully in the present moment or experiencing a glimpse of the transcendent. It is not something that can be forced or controlled but rather a gift from God. Being in the stillness or meditating can help us quiet the mind enough so we become more likely to experience these fleeting moments - you can't make it happen. I think if you accept it as the beautiful gift it is - it's probably more likely to happen again.


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Thanhs for your reply. I pretty much feel the same, but it has never happen while meditating.

(18 Feb '10, 17:27) DJ

This happened to mw today. And yes the one word that stands out is collapses. For at first a second I felt like I truly understood "emptiness" and had a truly unforgettable experience. THE REAL DEAL I thought right after I came out of it with my eyes very moist.

The moment of clarity opened up, my body went limp my eyes closed and immediately dropped into a meditative state with out planning on it. All at once it was like a "Hey you just figured it out". I all of the sudden in my mind became an incredible diamond bright being of light that vibrated and remained so for a few minutes. I knew I was here and not here. I was at the ultimate HOME. I felt very welcome at a familiar but not familiar place. I was here and there at the same time like I was in 2 dimensions at once. So calm (HEre is where the no words can describe part) It was a little like a ride. Voices said welcome (they were female) Then said do not worry ,like I'm in a new club and they would always look out for me. I never felt so UN AFRAID. Part of me knew it would not last for long and eerily part of me was afraid that though it was the"home" and it is pure joy, but not ready to stay there.

All of this happened with in I think 3 minutes maybe 5.

I was in a daze for a couple then felt very light then just fine.

Something happened for sure. Unbelievable!!

Not sure I'll evr know but I think I kind of do.



answered 26 Nov '10, 03:36

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jim 10

What an amazing experience Michael!

(26 Nov '10, 14:53) daniele

enjoy the experiance jim and stop doubting!

(24 Jun '11, 02:04) white tiger

(please forgive my lack of caps...still in hospital)...yes, this has happened to me...i was driving down a country road back in Illinois, and i could see all the way to the horizon...suddenly, i felt God...his enormity, majesty, power, and love! i was immersed in the whole scene- the sky, horizon, cornfields, all of it....absolute clarity was there, along with a sense of was very moving and beautiful, and i will never forget it...all was clear for that time! i have had a few similar moments- they are to be treasured....i have never found a "trick" for making it happen, appears to me to be a gift of God's grace.

blessings, jai in hospital


answered 15 Feb '10, 22:09

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Thank you for your answer. It must have been a wonderful feeling. I do hope you recover quickly from your hospital stay.

(18 Feb '10, 17:31) DJ

enjoy the experiance jai!

(24 Jun '11, 02:06) white tiger

This happened just once for me ... I had been listening to a biaural tape and after a few minutes I (unintentionally) rested my eyes onto the heel of my hands.. instantly I felt like I was inside my head, and outside in the middle of the Universe, and everywhere about there was a golden white light.

No thoughts, feelings, knowledge, just was. It was the most beautiful experience.

I have tried to repeat it but just can't do it.


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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks for sharing, but my experience was more of enlightment where I understood the mechanics of how the universe works and then it was gone just as fast as it came.

(18 Feb '10, 17:38) DJ

I remember Shirley MacLean describing what you went through and one other person whose name excapes me for the moment. Awesome.

(19 Feb '10, 05:26) Inactive User ♦♦

golden light grace of god!

(24 Jun '11, 02:07) white tiger
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yes, i have felt moments of absolute calrity. One time I was trying to study while driving. I had a test to get ready for within an hour. I had to memorize 150 parts to a machine. i had only ten or so memorized, when i had this moment of absolute clarity. I had this feeling of knowing more than I should or being able to solve things in my mind. I looked down at the paper I was trying to study and one by one i started to memorize the machine parts like I new them by heart. I tried to take advantage of this moment for it was the third time it had happen and i had planned on solving something during this moment ,when i thought or should I say asked for "what is the cure for cancer". The cure came in the form of words i did not know, like a formula. it all came together and made since at that moment. I tried to get a pen and paper while driving but could not and im sorry to say I never wrote it down and forgot. The thing to do is to be prepared for these moments for there is something special going on during this moment, like a door in your mind has been open to another level. Allowing you/us to see what we are capable of doing. Like the door opens the brain to the other 90% we dont use or opens the minds eye.

Duration of my moment of clarity. 15-20 seconds.

Good luck to everyone


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David 2

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being in the light david? enjoy the experiance!

(24 Jun '11, 02:11) white tiger

I have experienced this feeling of absolute clarity 3 times. Once as a child and twice as a young teenager.

Each time I felt that I had complete understanding of absolutely everything. I urgently wanted to tell my family (or anyone!) my suddenly acquired answers to the 'meaning of life and everything', how everything is connected and came to exist. I knew my own purpose and was filled with excitement and joy but also overwhelmed by the amount of information I wanted to sift through and share.

This wonderful feeling, and regrettably all the answers that came with it, lasted but a few seconds. On the last occasion I was able to call out and run to my Mother but the feeling and all the great knowledge evaporated as soon as I caught site of her.

We talked and she told me that she had also experienced these brief feelings of 'absolute clarity' during her adolescence. Maybe the brain can overdose itself with happy hormones she suggested.

I am not a religious or spiritual person (neither was my Mother) but I also struggle to accept some of the scientific explanations especially the "over enough time it is mathematically proven that any complex, structured, life form can evolve" cop out. But I am somehow happy in my non-understanding and quietly hope this feeling of absolute clarity will return once more upon my death.


answered 09 Feb '14, 04:53

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Mark Heath Jonson

yes it happenned to me also i was thinking about god and the universe and in a flash i have seen god and the universe from the alpha to the omega and the meaning and perpace! it was beautifull and perfect! so experiance and enjoy!


answered 24 Jun '11, 02:15

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white tiger

Once, and only once. I was in a cafeteria and I looked into this girls eyes. She was beautifully stunning. And in that second, time stopped, and everything made sense. Me, my life, everyone, the earth, space, the past, the present, and the future. I understood it all. And my only regret....was moving before I could talk to the girl that changed my life.

AND FYI, am an atheist. Before I get any god answers.


answered 11 Nov '11, 04:57

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Phil 3

Thanks,Phil. This is more in line with what I'm looking for but the beautiful girl had nothing to do with it, its internal. Its very brief and you have complete understanding of how everything (the Universe) works. However, its gone before you can commit anything to memory.

After your experience are you still an atheist? DJ

(12 Nov '11, 17:35) DJ

Some clarity moments are personal awakenings of which the details are often remembered and can be relayed to others. Other moments are actually for raising the frequency of mass consciousness (or our reality) where the experience is remembered but the information or details are not able to be retained or explained. Although it may be frustrating to have the clarity moment & not be able to bring the information forward, it is not necessary to be consciously retained. This information contains much higher vibrational frequencies than we currently reside within & our brains cannot instantly process this level of information (but it is contained within on some level, so never lost). The "download" or allowing of these frequencies through the brain for just that nano second, sends those higher frequencies rippling out into our reality & mass consciousness, elevating the vibration of the whole. Like a drop of water dropped into a pond sends out ripples throughout the whole surface and the new drop becomes one within the pond. This is how Human consciousness raises, or is ascending as a whole. One drop at a time, one person at a time.


answered 20 Dec '15, 12:14

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