for example, a bicycle is different to a that difference a virtual force?

asked 29 Jul '11, 13:27

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blubird two

interesting question, different things are what they are,
a bicycle is different than a pencile,
as a triangle is different than a circle,
each organization of its own, if that is what you refer to as virtual


answered 29 Jul '11, 23:12

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bluebird, all forms exist on the spirit-matter spectrum,and it is said that there is no spirit without matter and no matter without spirit. all are differentiation of energy.

(30 Jul '11, 20:33) fred

@fred Dr.Ibrahim Karim specialist in biogeometry summarizes the concept of the energy science of sacred geometry "energy into shape creates function" putting it otherwise energy can be programmed to carry out a specific function , make use of a specific force, by mirroring the natural energy movement sequence. A pencil follows a characteristic natural movement following it's author, a bicycle follows a characteristic natural movement following it's director.

(27 Jul '15, 02:25) jaz

Everything is symbolism. when you see a bycicle it represents something to you as a concept. colors represent ideas, alphabet letters are symbols of language. stop lights or signs represent a concept. Every, sight, sound, taste, touch and smell become concepts in the mind and symbolized through language, objects, and emotions.


answered 29 Jul '11, 23:31

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yes even your self have a different shape form and colors depending on your feeling and what you think. experiance and enjoy.


answered 30 Jul '11, 01:21

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white tiger

thank you blue bird but it is only the truth anny one that have done samadhi or seen people interior in the physical plain know that.

(30 Jul '11, 07:30) white tiger

Nowadays we have the science of bio geometry that deals with the energy of shape, here are two articles explaining a little about it;

Tetrahedral geometry within a rotating sphere seems to apply to all electromagnetic phenomena, from infinitely small to infinitely big ...

and the merkaba fits in perfectly

to the star tetrahedron.

Here are a few notes that i'd like to share, that were gleaned from the servranx book "ondes de form et énergies" (shape waves and energies) ...

All objects and phenomena in nature emit characteristic subtle energy radiations containing information necessary for their identification ; dimension, force, energy etc. ... all this is globally inscribed into the radiation of each object. For example, the chair that is next to you carries inscribed into its radiations, its height, and all the other dimensions that gives it form. These measurements however are not modulated in centimeters and millimeters, this dimension is global.

To analyse this global energy radiation and obtain the individual characteristics, we could use a graphic separator such as a sectioned disc graph very similar in construction to The Focus Wheel in conjunction with a pendulum or other means of detection.

have fun :)


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blubird two

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talking of virtual forces, geometric shapes, graphs, symbols ... how about crop circles

(27 Jun '14, 03:36) jaz
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I remember from my studies a very similar story of two ancient Greek philosophers. One said how form determines function so for the story he said the shape determines its buoyancy a hollowed out bowl shape will float on water while a solid cube shape object will sink to the bottom.

This "logic" was proven wrong in a big public display when another philosopher came with a solid cube that he had made out of a lighter material capable of floating on the water. He made a big public display in front of the other and challenged him saying repeating his own philosophy and asking if that was correct. The other said "Yes that is correct, a cube will sink!" He first put a lead bowl on the water, it sank to the bottom! Then he put his cube on the water it floated! The other philosopher was devastated he was proven wrong.


answered 13 Jan '12, 12:45

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Wade Casaldi


well wade it is sure that if you put to much weight for the form it will sink . and if you take a form that do not float and make it lighter it might float. it does not mean that the first guy was wrong. it only means that the second guy found another truth to add to it.

(13 Jan '12, 21:09) white tiger
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