I use crystals as an adjunct to my Reiki Healings. I run into many people who think crystal healing is hogwash. As I said in the other answer about crystals, they interfere with our energy field and can help balance chakras.

Have you noticed that crystals affect you? Perhaps you have a favorite ring that has a beautiful stone; this stone might be helping your energy field- that is why it feels good to wear it.

What do you think about crystal healing? P.S. I am a Certified Crystal Healer and a Crystal Reiki Master...

Blessings, Jai

asked 18 Jan '10, 13:31

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After reading Edgar Cayce's readings on crystals, years ago, I purchased several and used them in my meditation room. I even had pyramids made of various gemstones and crystals, however, everyone is different and for me, they were pretty but didn't seem to change anything. Maybe I didn't understand how to use them properly? Now, with that being said, that they didn't seem to change anything for me, I will add another story....

Years later, I brought them to work (the gemstone pyramids) and placed them on the reception desk, at the building where I was security coordinator. Wow, people were so drawn to those crystals that I was astonished. They would pick them up and just cradle them in their hands or even press them to their faces at times. I believe it was the combination of the stones and the pyramid shapes they were in. No one could keep their hands off of those pyramids! I realized that people were so drawn to them and that it made them feel better for even just a moment.

In time, I left the job but didn't have the heart to take the pyramids with me, since they were such a comforting attraction for everyone. Years later, they are still at the building. So there is "something" to this! But what?

Perhaps Jaianniah and others will give us more information. I'll be reading with great interest!


answered 18 Jan '10, 15:32

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LeeAnn 1

It's interesting that people are drawn to the crystals...Perhaps that explains much of their healing effect; what you describe almost sounds like an emotional bond.

(20 Jan '10, 00:50) Vesuvius
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