If so, were they responsible for the numerous pyramids and megalithic sites across the globe? Are they still here? and what is their purpose for being here?

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Did extra-terrestrial beings from other places in the Universe walk among humans on Earth?

Yes and they may have altered the DNA of the then indigenous beings, thus creating human beings.

If so, were they responsible for the numerous pyramids and megalithic sites across the globe?

Unknown, but they probably had a hand in it. Or maybe those builders knew ancient knowledge that assisted them with their task. Did you know that pyramids have been discovered off the coast of Japan and they have been tested, by dating the coral growth on them, to be between 5,000 to 12,000 years old. Those pyramids are the same design as those in Egypt. Google it...

Are they still here? and what is their purpose for being here?

I believe they are. There may be multiple purposes or reasons for them being here at this time. For instance: to assist with balancing the earth's energy and thus offsetting some of the violent natural changes that will occur during the evolutionary ascension process. Or merely to observe the wonderful enlightening process as a whole species, us, ascends and awakens to the reality of the simultaneity of existence and then to observe as we take our equal place amongst our cosmic brothers and sisters :)

Insight: If you had the ability to travel back in time, even 200 years back, wouldn't you be compassionate enough to want to enlighten all of those people on the basic facts of hygiene?

Note: Full contact will not occur until A) we stop worshiping individuals and B) earth is no longer a war zone, take a clue 8-)


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interesting eddie i have read that the great sphynx is a time marker and was facing the leo constellattion 12500 year ago. and that each 12500 year the planet shift on its axe and the poles moves. the 3 pyramid next to the sphynx represent the constellation orion. experience and enjoy.

(08 Aug '11, 07:28) white tiger

The answer to this question depends on how we define what an "extra-terrestrial being" is, and also what is meant by "other places in the universe". We tend to think of E.T.'s as coming from planets far away, i would suggest that it is not a question of distance as we know it, but rather of parallel universes existing here and now on different subtle energy levels.

Consider this ... that all us humans have an extraterrestial energy counterpart from another "world" that we are trying to tune in to match our human vibrational structures.

Information passes from one subtle level to another often in a symbolic fashion. Living humans obtain their knowledge by intuition from these other "worlds", enabling new constructions to be built.


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of course they did. here i will let one tell you himself


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According to a lot of people from many walks of life, they are. (Shirley MacClaine is one, for example). There are many strange things on our planet that cannot be easily explained any other way.

The problem with this is that if they are here, why not be open about it? Why hide from us? So we go back to the logical, but hard result that these things must have been constructed by advanced humans, with or without help. And therein lies the mystery. We know about a lost race of people who lived before the time of the Bible- the Indo-Europeans, who founded the basis of modern language. We do not know what happened to them, or where they went. There are great mysteries even with cultures we know much more about, like the Mayans.

I guess you would have to say I am a proponent of both ideas. I just cannot believe those amazing and huge pictures carved into the ground in Central America that cannot be appreciated except from the height of a plane or spaceship...

Our world is full of mysteries and wonder- I think we are standing on the threshold of a New Age, but haven't fully realized it yet. Maybe then our visitors would show themselves.

Blessings, Jai


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well first of all even with technology from today it would be hard to build the pyramid. second of all the drawing in the nazca plain can be seen only from the sky. so why would they go in to all that trouble to make huge things like that? and how did they make it? so either they weir more advence back then in technology and something happen and destroyed most of civilization or we got some visit from extraterrestrial. another thing how many people would freak out if they see alien? people killed jesus because of ego what would happen to alien? so it is easy to understand that alien on the planet would hide ( that they are good or bad does not change this). well experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

I totally agree with you White Tiger.

(12 Dec '11, 21:53) LeeAnn 1
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