As all past, present, future already exists and infinite parallels universes. Has these alien races spoken of the humans future advanced robots? ...or any other advanced alien race with robots?

Surely our future self has advanced robots :)

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Aren't the stories for the transformers, star wars, star trek and exterminator movies, or for that matter any book or movie, technically channeled accounts of events in parallel universes? Why do you regard Daryl Anka as a legitimate channeler but not George Lucas? You want to hear about robots in a parallel universe, just rent a movie.

(21 Mar '13, 18:02) flowsurfer

Thanks flowsurfer ... very good point indeed!

(22 Mar '13, 05:00) ALI6NMENT
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The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective have spoken a few times about the interstellar race that they refer to (for our benefit) as the AI's...AI presumably referring to the words "Artificial Intelligence".

From what they've said there came a time in galactic history where consciousness began incarnating into machines (for the novel experience of it, I believe) thereby creating a race of hybrid conscious machines...the AI's. I presume these were android/robotic beings.

However, some other organic-based races refused to accept them as normal living beings and conflicts broke out...the galactic equivalent of racism :)

I think the 9D Pleiadians have said there were some interstellar wars and the AI's were forced to relocate to another sector of space. They've specifically mentioned which star systems and alien races were involved in the conflicts but I can't remember just at the moment. I can probably relisten to the relevant bits and let you know if you are interested.

It may all sound like science-fiction (and I'm still not sure what to think of it myself) but the 9D Pleiadians have also pointed out that the concepts for science-fiction do not randomly come out of nowhere. They are "inspired" from these kinds of incidents and activities that have occurred and are occurring at the galactic level. The writers of science-fiction have a gift for "tuning into" these existing concepts and translating them into stories.

They also pointed out that many of today's fantasy movies/TV etc. are inspired by 5D realities that currently exist and since we, as humans, are moving towards a 5D reality ourselves, we are seeing a great prevalence of them in our mainstream media.


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Thats very interesting Stingray.

Yeah it makes sense where all the stories of the movies are coming from through out the years. I never thought of taking them more literally though. As im reading more and more especially after reading Trebs book, it really does open your mind up to what could really be going on out there and here, that we are not aware of.

If anything my imagination has sky rocketed to depths I have never known!

Thanks Stingray, much appreciated :)

(22 Mar '13, 05:15) ALI6NMENT

@Stingray Interesting points. One thing I don't understand. All those channeled entities say that earth is a master class because we experience so much limitations. So other civilisations seem to be shocked that anyone could experience such a limitation as "I am not loved". It seems that other civilisations know without doubt that they are "source energy in physical body" and that they are loved unconditionally. If so, how could there be something as "galactic racism" or wars in general?

(22 Mar '13, 05:16) releaser99

@releaser99 - The 9D Pleiadians have said previously that the entire 3D/limitation experiment was necessary because 5D is a mess, not quite the joyful idyllic place we think :) From what they've said, it's not that that dimension doesn't understand concepts of "love" etc, it's that there is a kind of ruthlessness to it. Because it is clearly understood that you manifest what you are a vibrational match to, then when someone gets...

(22 Mar '13, 05:54) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...something they don't want, there's an attitude of "You attracted it. Deal with it". They say the 3D (Earth) experiment has introduced the idea of compassion into the mix. So the reascension that is going on is bringing that idea of compassion to create a new "kinder", for want of a better word, 5D. Just because beings are in "higher" dimensions doesn't mean they don't have different perspectives and when you know you are free to do what you what, it can get...

(22 Mar '13, 06:01) Stingray

@releaser99 - messy as you can create manifested havoc on a galactic scale:) The 9D Pleiadians have likened them to a bunch of children throwing toys around the room without any sense of responsibility. They've said that there just came a time when there was a general consensus that the room was now too messy and something had to be done to clean it up...hence the idea of the mixing pot of Earth ( ) to deal with galactic issues in a more measured manner

(22 Mar '13, 06:05) Stingray

@Stingray I am very confused now...but in a positive way:). I have to ponder those ideas first, especially those in your link:). I find it quite funny because somehow I thought that other civilisations figured that "simple" things out already. All I can think of right now is that our monkeys in zoos are 2.0 versions of 4th-5th dimension beings, because monkeys have compassion by nature:). And "earth experiment" reminds me of south park Probably I'll ask many questions soon:).

(22 Mar '13, 06:40) releaser99
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I heard Bashar say that his ship is conscious, that it's an extension of his higher self.

Says that when we are able to create a complex enough matrix it would simply get consciousness, an extension of our higher self.


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Thats another way of looking at it, that I have not thought of... Thanks Notgonnatellyou :)

(22 Mar '13, 05:03) ALI6NMENT
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