In other words is such an individual someone who has lost the emotional relationship between elements, objects, individuals, principles and events?

asked 24 Aug '11, 13:56

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blubird two

To define it as such infers that we have no control over our emotions. We always have control and to believe otherwise is to hand our power over to something or someone outside us.

We are always in a relationship or interconnected with objects individuals principles and events within our environment but we choose how we interact and what our emotional responses are :)


answered 24 Aug '11, 18:51

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yes we do we have free will and can experience what ever we want. experience and enjoy.

(24 Aug '11, 23:14) white tiger

An "unconscious belief system" is merely a mind structure and I believe that every individual has control over their mind... some choose not to exert that control and thus play the 'blame game' of ignorance. We all have the power within to expand our awareness and to believe otherwise will keep one trapped and believing that they have no control. :)

(26 Aug '11, 14:18) Michaela

@blubird...I choose to believe we all have that capacity, some unconsciously choose not to use it:)

(01 Sep '11, 20:51) Michaela
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possibly as a temporary rupture or fracture in culturally acceptable decision making
that may contribute to an exceptional behavior


answered 25 Aug '11, 00:49

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(25 Aug '11, 04:54) blubird two
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